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[Help Thread] Gan 365x 101

Apr 16, 2019
47°11'29.9"N 52°50'13.8"W
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Hello fellow cubers! Today I am making an basic guide to the gan 356x, so I will cover the magnets, GES nuts, and combos of the two and how they feel.

The GES Nuts:

When you get the cube, it comes with green nuts, and white magnets, the Green nuts are the second strongest. It goes Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple.

The Yellow, depending on what spring compression you have, can make your cube feel really tight and limit corner cutting abilities but it will be a little more stable.

The Green Nuts will make you cube feel pretty average, just kind of in the middle of loose and tight. The spring compression doesn't really make a noticeable difference to me.

Then the blue nuts, I currently use these, the cube is loose and springy. Although the cube is prone to corner twists, it is more suitable to cubers who have a fast turning style or use the Roux method.

The Purple nuts are just an amplified blue nuts, the cube has popped for me using these but I personally don't like them cause of his uncontrollable the cube feels.

The Magnets:
Just like the Nuts, there are multiple strengths, Null, weak, medium, and strong.
The null makes it so there are no magnets, they are clear and have not visible magnets.
These honestly suck, I have never met someone who uses these seriously and the cube feels like a gan R.

The strong, not to be confused with the nulls, clearly have silver magnets in place of the magnets. When using these, I recommend a looser or weaker GES nut setting and a medium spring compression such as 0.8 and Blue nuts. This combo makes the cube feel cushioned but also controllable. it has crisp corner cutting and the turning is effortless.

the Medium magnets also go well with Blue, and even Green nuts. But if you use these nuts I recommend a 0.8 or 1 spring compression. This combo makes the cube a little less controllable but the turning is super fast and the corner cutting ability makes it extremely easy to do algs quicker.

Next are the week magnets, These feel really nice with Green or Yellow nuts because it balances the tight and stiff felling of the cube with a less snappy magnet feeling. This combo also feels pretty good if you have a more accurate turning style and like to do plenty slow solves. The cube will feels a little soft depending on lube choice but also will have a minor bump/click due to the magnet strength.