1. SH03L4C3

    Dayan Guhong V4 Mod Service!

    Hey! I hope you are doing well! Im starting a guhong v4 Mod service. I strengthen the bottom of the centerpiece to help prevent cracking as many guhong users have experienced. This mod keeps performance the same, and increases the weight to only 67 Grams! PM me if you are interested! Or Lemme...
  2. camcuber

    Your Most Trusty / Reliable Cube?

    I looked around and didn't see a thread on this topic already and thought it would be fun for everybody to post what cube they consider to be their most trusty or reliable. Personally, I always find myself going back to my CC GuHong II or CC ZhanChi if I am going to be competing but will use...
  3. KeshatreCubing

    Selling 3 3x3 speed cubes!

    Hello I'm selling 3 Used 3x3x3 speed cubes: A Lubix 54.6mm Fangshi(White with black caps), A Force-Cube YJ Yulong modded, stickered and lubed a lot similarly to a camcuber zhanchi. And an over-modded guhong v2. Right now these cubes are about 12-30 USD each. Yet, I am always...
  4. Ultimate Cuber

    Cube Wars - Zhanchi vs Guhong Which two cubes should battle next?
  5. Maccoboy

    POM Guhong and Lingyun v1 for trade

    Hey i have a pom guhong and lingyun v1 that i'm looking to trade. Both are in white and used but in very good condition. I'm looking for: rare dayan 3x3's (pink ones but not the guong, orginal plastics, transparent, pom, prototypes etc) other rare or hard to find cubes
  6. Teencuber

    Trading Dayan Guhong V2 No Torpedos

    Trading Dayan Guhong V2 Hey guys, so I have a Dayan Guhong V2 that is stickerless and has no torpedoes. It does have a small scratch on the yellow side that has dirt inside of it, but other than that it is is very good condition. I got it Last christmas and have loved it ever since. It is...
  7. BadProP

    [Help Thread] Is my cube / puzzle a dud?

    Hi Everyone I recently bought my first brand new Dayan Zhanchi 3x3 from a supplier on E-Bay. When I received the cube within the first few seconds of play it popped. I re-assembled the cube and a few minutes later it popped again. After numerous pops I approached google, Youtube and the...
  8. Ross The Boss

    [Official] Offical 17.48 ao5

    Super sexy slow solving.
  9. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] 17.02 Average of 12 (16.36 Ao5)

    Notes I like these solves, they are mostly sub average and I think they look sexy :D. -I'm proud of my FB, and L6E look ahead + TPS. -I notice that I didn't do L6E as optimally as I could have for a lot of these (lol dots). Doing more slow solves should fix that. -I know most of the CMLL...
  10. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] Average of 5 with Pink Guhong (Lightning Dust Guhong)

    This is not a good average, it's just the first few solved i did with the cube after i did some mods. this is my new main cube and it will take me a while to get used to it, but i still like it because it feels awesome and pink is sexy! i named the cube the "lightning dust guhong" because i...
  11. P

    Lubix Guhong vs Lubix Zhanchi vs Lubix Lingyun

    Hey, I know that this question has probably been asked a billion times.... But anyway, I need your suggestion on a question of mine. What new cube should I get? I am new to this site, I have an average of 43 and fastest of 27 with Fridrich. I'm trying out ZZ but I don't know if I will...
  12. C

    New Member - CooperB

    Hey guys! I am new to this forum. I have been cubing for about four years now, but just recently began speedcubing with the Fridrich method about nine months ago. My best time on a 2x2 is 5.23 seconds. 3x3 best time is 22.16 seconds. 4x4 best time is 3:54.16, 5x5 besttime is 6:25.16, and my...
  13. X

    [Unofficial] 16.65 fcane avg of 5

    so anyway, i thought i would post an avg of 5 video of myself. cube is a guhong v2, and this is a decent avg of 5 for me. pb right now is 10.86s.
  14. KobaltKour

    Shock Oil vs Diff Oil

    Hey guys, when looking around on the forums to find out if I should buy shock oil or differential oil for my GuHong, I couldn't seem to find a thread so I decided to make one. From my knowledge, differential oil is much thicker and more viscous than shock oil, but which is better? What are...
  15. sneaklyfox

    [Unofficial] 3x3 Average of 5 - 20.22 (my first on video!) Yes, I know... not very smooth. Need a better look ahead and recognition... too many pauses. But mainly I want to know whether I should practice not turning the cube in order to look at pieces in the back to find matching pairs. Should I do a bit of guessing...
  16. KobaltKour

    Guhong edges scratching each other?

    Hey guys, I got my Guhong two weeks ago and have been very happy with it. I've lubed it twice with 3 in 1 silicone spray which has worked very well for me. However I noticed that the edges always seem to have scraped off plastic, leaving a white residue. It has also lost some of it's glossy...
  17. mazter2010

    ZhanChi weirdness?

    I recently picked up my zhanchi again, in an effort to make it one of my mains. I adjusted it and it turns just the same as my guhong(main) But, it is still overly loose. i.e. i pull apart the layers a little and it explodes everywhere, and pops/locks up! And if i tension it so that it...
  18. brandbest1

    [Unofficial] Rubik's Cube Average of 5: 19.57

  19. T

    How many people would be interested in buying a worked on Guhong?

    If I where to have a Guhong II and thoroughly and carefully mod it with many successful mods out there, lube it with my lubix, and sticker it, how many people would be interested and what price would you recommend it sell for?
  20. Axiys

    Selling Some Cubes.

    I have these cubes for sale: Mefferts Bandage cube black(like new) $5 QJ Skewb black (used) $3 Type D (has stupid stickers)(like new) $3 Eastsheen 5x5 black (used, but good) $5 Mefferts 4x4 black (good, bad stickers) $15 YJ 5x5 black (like new) $12 Dayan + MF8 4x4 (new, lubixed) $17 QJ 4x4 (new)...