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Selling 3 3x3 speed cubes!

May 17, 2015
Colorado, USA
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Hello I'm selling 3 Used 3x3x3 speed cubes:
A Lubix 54.6mm Fangshi(White with black caps),

A Force-Cube YJ Yulong modded, stickered and lubed a lot similarly to a camcuber zhanchi.

And an over-modded guhong v2.

Right now these cubes are about 12-30 USD each. Yet, I am always open to bargain.

Here are the specks and descriptions of each cube, and why I am selling it:
Note: I will send a free sticker-pack with a purchase of any of these cubes.
#1 The Lubix Fangshi

This is a fangshi illusion bought from LubixCube.com. The stickers are... okay, recognition is fine and there isn't too much peeling but they aren't in mint-condition.
It is a lubix fangshi, not much else. The only reason I'm selling this is is really just because I don't really need it, and my recognition on black-capped cubes is pretty bad. xD

The price of this cube might be about $12

#2 The Yj Yulong

This is 6 YJ Yulongs I force-cubed to make a stickered one. The stickers are about the same quality as the fangshi with a bit more chipping on the yellow side. I did a lubing method similar to a "CamCuber Zhanchi", when you pick this cube up it will feel like a rubik's brand loaded with PVC glue, but after a few solves, it will become RIDICULOUSLY fast. Which goes into the reason I am selling it. When it is in it's fast state it is just a little too fast for me, and I think the speed will suit a more experienced speedcuber then me at the moment.

Because of the amount of lubix and yulongs used, this cube will start at $30. (Note: I CAN BARGAIN)

#3 The Over-Modded Guhong v2 (White)

And finally I'm selling the over-modded guhong. It has been heavily modded to the point to where if you take out an edge, it looks like a totally different product. The main reason I'm selling it is because I personally don't like a feel of it. It is silky, buttery smooth when turning it slowly, with a slight bumpy feel. yet when turning fast it has a grindy-clicky feeling. Note: The most it can corner cut is 45 degrees, and more and it will pop.
This took me 6 hours to mod, xD so the price will be about $20. The stickers are near-perfect. I just don't like the feeling is for me, but there are people who will love it.

I will make a deal, you can buy all 3 of these cubes together for only $40 with a free sticker set and free shipping.
Here is the sticker quality of the cubes from best to worst.

Over-Modded guhong
Lubix Fangshi
Yj Yulong(Chipping on the yellow side)

If any of you are interested please email me, thanks!

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