gan 356 x

  1. sillyturdle

    27 puzzles, 8 magnetized, 8 lubes, $180 Shipped

    I want to sell my (almost) entire collection of cubes et. all because I have other interests now. I know that 180 shipped is waaaaay lower than what all this is worth but if I don’t get any takers at this price than I will go lower. AS OF RIGHT NOW I do not want to price invidually, this is for...
  2. R

    Selling 356X, Moyu Aofu Gts m 7x7 and Qiyi/X-man Spark M 7x7

    Good condition for all of the puzzles, they are all stickerless and include original box and accessories (Including GES nuts + Magnets ect). Puzzles are decently lubed, tentioned and broken in From Australia Prices are negotiable, but right now they are around 69 AUD - GAN X (Numerical 50 AUD -...
  3. M

    Setting up GAN 356X for OH

    Hey guys, i've been using GAN 356X (Numerical IPG) for quite some time now. Recently i've decided to pick up OH solving and i need your help. I don't know if i should keep my cube tight with yellow nuts and strong magnets or if i should loosen it up. Also if you have any tips for picking up OH...
  4. Iwannaganx

    Buying cubes at comps.

    I wanted to buy a new 3x3, and I have decided on a Gan 356X. (I will make a new speedsolving account and call it 'ihaveaganx') I wanted to go to, the physical shop, about half an hour away from my house. But then my NON-CUBER mother told me I should save my money and when I go...
  5. GAN 356 X

    3x3 My review of the Gan 356 X: Is it worth the money?

    Gan is well known for its top of the line cubes that are endorsed by top cubers including Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, and many others. As of today, they are renowned for their for their unique and groundbreaking innovations, such as their GES nut and GMS systems. Their most recent cube, the Gan...
  6. GAN 356 X

    Gan X: IPG v5 or numerical IPG

    What is better, numerical IPG or IPG v5? Although the IPG v5 is not as expensive, the numerical IPG version is newer and easier to change. IPG v5 offers more choices but is harder to swap out. So, what's better?
  7. Crazykid13

    Trade for a GAN 356i

    Hello, I have a GAN 356x stickered I want to trade for a GAN 356i, preferably a black one, it will come with angstrom gravitas and dignitas which is still full. If that doesn't cover for the price of the 356i, I have other puzzles I can throw in. if you have one and would like to trade let me...
  8. A

    Stickered Gan 356x or stickerless

    The Gan 356X is really good. But some people say that stickered Gan cubes are better and others say Stickerless is better. Apparently, Stickered has more grip and easier to control, but the stickerless is a tad bit faster according to some people. Also, I'm still relatively new to cubing (8...
  9. dominoboy

    GMS Magnets Strengthening?

    Before purchasing my Gan X, many reviewers stated that the strongest (clear) magnets weren't very strong. I prefer stronger magnets in my cubes (such as the GTS3 M magnets) but decided it would still be worth trying it out. After playing with the Gan X, I realized the magnets were quite weak...
  10. T

    [Help Thread] GAN 356 X Feeling So Loose

    I have recently received a GAN 356 X. When I got to customizing, I put on the Purple Springs and put the Center Piece Travel to 0.6 on all of them. This should be the tightest setting. When I stretch the cube, it is tight. When I start solve however, it feels so loose. Even when I do the sexy...