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3x3 My review of the Gan 356 X: Is it worth the money?

Is the Gan X worth its price?

  • Yes

  • No

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  • Why would you even buy this?

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GAN 356 X

Aug 10, 2019
Somewhere in the cubing universe
Gan is well known for its top of the line cubes that are endorsed by top cubers including Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, and many others. As of today, they are renowned for their for their unique and groundbreaking innovations, such as their GES nut and GMS systems. Their most recent cube, the Gan 356 X, follows the trend of high prices and new innovations , and topping off at $88 (all values in AUD), is a distant dream for many cubers. Only recently, I bought the numerical IPG version from speedcube.com.au, and have since been using it daily over the Moyu Weilong GTS2M.

So, is it worth the extreme amount of money? Perhaps.

A quick overview:

-stickerless and stickered
Corner cutting was great, the reverse in particular. Comes with GES nuts and GMS interchangeable magnets. Best for beginner to advanced solvers, although beginners shouldn't invest in such an expensive cube

OOTB: 9/10
Corner cutting: 9.75
Flexibility/stability: 9/10
Customisation: 10/10
Setup: 9/10
Speed: 6.5/10
Control: 10/10

Out of the box:

This cube came dripping with lube, which coated my hands within seconds of use. The settings were set to the default green nuts installed, and the strongest magnets inside. The shades were very vibrant and contrasted well with each other, the black internals making for a unique look.

Corner cutting:

Corner cutting is unrivalled on these cube. With the right amount of force, it will pretty much cut from anywhere, par one spot right between where it reverse cuts and forward cuts. Reverse corner cutting is just about the best on any cube ever, and even though I have only used 4-5 3x3's ever, one of which is a flagship, the others budget options, I am backed up by the many reviews I have watched and read on the internet and on YouTube. Smaller cuts are effortless, and make a nice, sucking sound when properly lubed.


The Gan 356 X boasts a high amount of flexibility, which is mellowed down by the strong magnets available. Setup with the magnets on null, the flexibility is made well known, almost unbearable as it catches and deforms in the hands.


As it comes with both of Gan's newest innovative systems, the 356 X offers high customisation potential. It is the only cube to date that has interchangeable magnets, which come in different coloured capsules for easy identification. Both the Moyu GTS3M, the WRM and itself are the only cubes today that you can change the springs and tensions with ease, and although Moyu's system is easier, the Gan 356 X is still a breeze to swap out.


I setup my cube with weight a mixture of silk, compound x, and weight 3 spread throughout the cube, and after playing with the settings for a while, finally settled on the default settings that came with the cube. The compound x added an awesome smell (imo), whilst the weight 3 and silk made the cube even more smooth than before, which has lasted me several hundred solves in.


There is not much to say here except that the speed is pretty good, slower that the GTS2M's and faster than the Yulong.
6.5/10 (1 being a Rubiks Brand and 10 being unbearable. 6.5= faster than standard)


The Gan 356 X when equipped with the above settings, is very easy to control and is a joy to turn

Is it worth it? The bottom line:

Yes and no. Aside from offering huge amounts of customisation and days oof use, this cube is damaging to your wallet. If you have $88 dollars to spend, sure, use it. If you get this cube it will last you many years, until better options come out. Because of the customisation, it is likely you will find a setting you enjoy.
Sep 14, 2018
My Desk
I feel like the gan x is not worth $88 but I did get one for $47(USD) on cube Depot, and I set it up and have since done several thousand solves on it. All in all my options are mixed. On one had it rewards smooth turning, but also punishes crunchy turning.


Aug 7, 2019
Victoria, Australia
I have only done a few solves on a gan x, but the time I had it in my hands it felt amazing. It was incredibly quiet, smooth and the only places it couldn't corner cut were when you did a slight F' and then tried to do a U, but this happens with most cubes I have tried, and that little spot between reverse and forward cutting. I wish I could customise one myself, but I don't have that sort of money. Even if I did, however, I don't know I would buy it, but if I got it cheap I would snap it up immediately


Sep 26, 2018
Overpriced and bad
Also, you say the yulong is slower than the gan x, when the yulong is so much faster than the gan x.


Feb 19, 2019
imo gan cubes are only worth it once you start averging sub-10,because that's when minimal differences in 3x3s today mean so much more
nowadays most cheap magnetic 3x3s are good (YLM,mf3rs3)