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GMS Magnets Strengthening?


Apr 19, 2019
Bristol, England
Before purchasing my Gan X, many reviewers stated that the strongest (clear) magnets weren't very strong. I prefer stronger magnets in my cubes (such as the GTS3 M magnets) but decided it would still be worth trying it out. After playing with the Gan X, I realized the magnets were quite weak, but not strong for sure.

After looking it how the magnet replacement system worked, I realized there are very large hole, presumably where the magnets in production were inserted through, on the GMS magnets. So could I buy stronger magnets which I can place into the 'null' magnet inserts to get stronger GMS magnets?

I've tried researching into what magnets Gan have used in their GMS magnets, but I've had no luck. Spare GTS3 M magnets are too wide to fit and I don't have anymore magnets just laying around.

I can't be the first person to realise this, so if someone knows if it's possible/what sort of magnets to use, please let me know. I not too diverse in types of magnets