1. N

    Ultimate Lubix Zhanchi or just Dayan V Zhanchi?

    I just ordered an Ultimate Lubix Zhanchi, but I have heard it is veery sluggish... Should I get the regular one or go hardcore speed cubing with my Ultimate? By the way... Zhanchi is FOR THE WIN!
  2. Riley

    Selling/Trading Alpha CC

    Brand new, only did three solves. Idk how things go here, I'm also on a penspinning board where I have +25 positive feedback, so I'm unsure who sends first here. I'm willing to sell for 15 USD including shipping, but you can negotiate. Or trade, you can offer stuff. One offer I'd like is an...
  3. Hovair

    [Unofficial] 3x3 solve 41.44

    hello everybody this is not one of my best solves but I wanted to post it. I hope you like it. ninKr4hj61M
  4. L

    Ball Bearing Rubik's Cube

    Hello, I was just wondering is there any cube which has ball bearings? I don't mean something like the mf8 legend but a cube with actual rolling balls inside and it wouldn't have to be lubricated? And if there wasn't then whould ball bearings be TOO frictionless?
  5. D

    Doubts on Maru Lube

    Hello everyone! So I've had my Ghost Hand II 3x3 for about six months now. I'm much of a beginner, in fact, this was the first cube I ever bought. After six months of working amazingly well, my cube started to slow down A LOT. It can't cut corners AT ALL and it often locks. I assume that's...
  6. C

    Selling Large Cube Collection

    $5 Cubes! - Large Collection I will post pictures, or quote shipping by request. I am finally selling off my cube collection. I just want to get rid of them, and I need the money for university. This is not all of my collection, merely what I can find, and for the most part identify. More...
  7. M

    Good Memories from Cube Tournaments

    The best, worst, and most memorable experiences from cube tournaments, or just cubing in general.:cool:
  8. bilal

    [Unofficial] 5 Year Old Boy Solving 3x3 Cube Just Over A Minute

    5 Year Old Boy Solving 3x3 Cube Just 1 Minute 7 Seconds
  9. T sells all kinds of cubes with great price

    Hello dear Speedsolving menbers, is a online shopping site based in HongKong, we mainly sell consumer electronics, toys and many other gadgets, fancy stuffs. We have many kinds of cubes with great price for you to choose, all products on are worldwide free shipping. We...
  10. DylanReynolds

    A Good Cubing Shopping List?

    I've Recently Brought Some cubes off speed cube shop and I just want a second opinion on if my choices were okay im an average cuber (3x3x3 PB 59.86) The List: QJ Pyraminx MF8 Megaminx V II (Was Tiled A Good Option?) ShengShou 2x2x2 Alpha V-f ShengShou 4x4x4 I Just Want To see how...
  11. thomasbomb

    Black or White?

    I want to know what you think about the color of your cubes and other puzzles. I personally like the white (with black stickers instead of white, obviously) but I know many people prefer black.
  12. bluedasher

    Lunar | Cubemovie by jsn1der

    zRJVbrEswrw&feature=feedu Very cool cubing video!:tu
  13. CuberKyle


    If you could take one cube with you on a lonnnnnnggggg trip, which one would it be and why? :D
  14. MagneticCube

    Magnetic Dice Cubes and Do-It-Yourself Kits

    There's been a lot of discussion regarding the magnetic dice rubik's cubes. Check out my site at where you can get the cubes or the kit if you want a fun weekend project.
  15. SoupFlies

    Lubix Ultimate Disgraced by "Cuber"

    Last night I found a video on Youtube, of a kid who thought he was fooling the world, by doing a set scramble, then undoing it. Trying to pass it off as a legitimate solve, which was under 10 seconds, calling out Dan Cohen and making no big deal of his "Sub 10 times". What caught my attention...
  16. Magix

    Upcoming good cubes?

    I currently have a Ghosthand I, and I'm planning to change it out at one point, but I haven't been into cubing for long and I don't really know how often these new improved cubes get released. Every month? Every year? So if I was to buy like a guhong now, would it be pointless because something...
  17. dacubeful1

    [Review] LanLan 4x4x4

    This thread is for reviews of the LanLan 4x4x4. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the puzzle...
  18. Magix

    Silicone, Rubiks Cube

    I just bought the Rubik's brand 3x3x3 cube and it it's so stiff my hands literally get tired from solving the first cross.. So obviously I need to lubricate it, I went to a hardware/construction store thing, when I told them I need silicone lubricant they just looked at me with dumb faces and...
  19. Eminem

    The weather outside

    How is the weather today? ¿ :tu :cool: :( :confused: ?
  20. Eminem

    Cube Lube

    What do you all use to lube your cube if you do lube your cube?