1. CubeRed

    | CubeReds progression | Road to sub 15 3x3 against CFOP INC | Journey to sub 1 4x4|

    PROGRESSION Road to sub 20 Day 1 Today, I am posting a progression thread to keep my practice regular and plan what to learn and improve. My competition is a day ahead, so I am going to be prepared as best as I can. I will be updating this thread every day Plan: Review all the PLLs I learnt...
  2. Sub1Hour

    Controlling Nerves - A Guide

    Since Competitions are returning after over a year of nothing, I have decided to create this thread to assist in nerve control and mental toughness. Thankfully I have been able to gain a great understanding of this topic thanks to the experiences I have come across during my lifetime. There are...
  3. Cool Cube Merch

    COOL CUBE MERCH - The ultimate cubing clothing and merchandise shop!

    COOL CUBE MERCH - Best selection of cubing-themed shirts, pillows, socks, and more! PRODUCT CATEGORIES (with links)
  4. Jam88

    Permutation League! Season 2 Cancelled. :(

    Hey there guys, it's Jam88 again. So yesterday, watching some LaZer0MonKey, I had an idea. It was to make a "monkey league" but the qualification requirements are that you have to have a small cubing YT channel, not be really fast and have set NR/WR's. For more rules etc...
  5. V

    Speedcubing Competition : i.Cube 2020

    Hey Cubers, While everyone was at home during the lockdown, people blamed the pandemic for unproductivity, while we saw it as an opportunity to improve our cubing skills. While people moved from ludo to tiktoks to reels to among us, we stayed focused. We kept turning edges faster and faster...
  6. S

    Uncommon Method Competition | Submissions Open ! 160$ in Prizes ! OP for Details

    Welcome to the Uncommon Method Competition ! This is a competition to see who can get the fastest time with non-Big 4 methods ! There will be 160$ in prizes and we hope you will participate. This competition will be running until Feb 28th 2021. Format: The competition is split into 2...
  7. R Prime

    Online Competition !! (Prizes)

    Hi Everyone, I'm hosting an online comp in a week, All the info is on this sheet here: Thanks for competing
  8. Sub1Hour

    Upcoming WCA Championships

    This thread will be dedicated to the discussion and announcement of new championships. Notable championships include those released by the WCA recently on July 20th. Very exciting that Asian Champs is being held in Kazakhstan. I didn't think that Asain Champs would be held outside of the...
  9. C

    The Cubing Club - Weekly Competition

    Hello! This week The Cubing Club is hosting another weekly comp with prizes, as we are sponsored by TheCubicle. We have a lot of different events and you can compete until this sunday. Link to the server: All info for the competition is on this page...
  10. G

    Atlanta Competition

    I would like to get a competition started in Atlanta Georgia. Atlanta is a great hub in the south east of the US with many great venues and hotels. i work in the event industry during the day so im very familiar with atlanta and the surrounding area. The southeast needs some more competitions...
  11. teboecubes

    My Solves From Cubing Online

  12. Filipe Teixeira

    should 3x3 be removed?

    here are 5 reasons why 3x3 should be removed: 1. feliks zemdegs 2. there is only one good method 3. 3x3 is inside other events: blindfolded, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, one-handed and fmc. 3x3 is redundant and should logically be removed 4. too much luck involved. 5. hardware is too good, stealing the...
  13. Llewelys

    [Help Thread] Looking for a cubing buddy?

    My latest avg 100 is 23.xx, so I’m looking for someone with a similar average. The goal here is to create a healthy competition and see who’ll reach sub 20 first (a litteral race to sub20). We’ll talk via PM of our progress, difficulties and of course share advice. I’m working a full time job...
  14. L

    CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts

    We are happy to announce that CubingUSA Northeast Championship 2020 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts! The competition will be taking place at Boston University over May 22-24, featuring all 18 (or 17 :( ) WCA events! We hope to have a website up within the next couple of weeks with a...
  15. Reddy

    Anybody in Guam know how to organize a competition?

    Micronesia is one of the most empty areas when it comes to cubing. We are one of the places that have never had an official competition in the area since the founding of the WCA. Since I am not an adult, will anyone please give information that I can use to organize a competition in the future...
  16. KillerCuber

    The FMC competition

    Let's find out who can do the fewest move for this 3x3 scramble.The scramble is: D2 F2 L' D L R2 D' U' R L U2 L' D' B2 D' F U' B F' U B R2 U' F2 L. Red is f and yellow is u
  17. 2018AMSB02

    Race to Sub-X on Redi Cube!

    This thread is similar to Ciparo's Race to Sub-X on 3x3. Every week I will post 12 scrambles for Redi Cube generated by cstimer. Anyone can join, just set a goal, and post your times and ao12. Every week I will post a list of graduates who have met their goal three weeks in a row. Good Luck...
  18. iLarryTheOneLung

    Mini Personal Competition!

    The competition will be closed in a week and I'll post the results! This is a competition kind of like the forum ones, but it only has certain events, listed below: 2x2 3x3 Pyraminx Skewb Redi Cube (Moyu/csTimer scrambles) Kilominx Post your times with a reply and please use the scrambles...
  19. emilia84

    State championship cubing competitions

    The Georgia Cubing championship competition is coming up in December, and I would like to go. My question is, do you have to be very good at a puzzle to go to a state comp? Or can cubers of any skill level attend state comps?
  20. cubeninjaIV

    MCC Alpha 2016 - Ann Arbor, MI: March 26-27, 2016

    The Michigan Cubing Club is pleased to announce their first competition of 2016! MCC Alpha 2016 will take place in Ann Arbor, Michigan on March 26th and 27th, 2016. Visit the competition website for full details! There will be no competitor limit! As with our previous competitions, a $10...