1. Twisted Cubing

    SpeedSolving In September

    I am going to be hosting a huge forum competition in September, hence the name ‘SpeedSolving in September’. This competition is not associated with SFCA. There will be no prizes and registration is free. Registration closes 28th of August! Enter your times in the forum, the way you enter the...
  2. Clock_Enthusiast

    Cubes and Also Non-cubes Competition || Registration ends August 21st!

    Beginning on August 21st at 12:00 EST, Timona and myself will be hosting a forum competition! Registration is open until that date, then round one will begin. All WCA events will be offered, though they require a minimum of four competitors to be included. There will be no prizes—this is all...
  3. hyn

    Race to Sub-x on 2x2 (2022)

    Welcome to the Race to sub-x on 2x2! This will be a weekly thing, probably every Monday around 7-8am GMT, but I'll put up a poll for preferred days. I will put up 12 2x2 scrambles, and to compete, just solve and post times in the format below: Goal: Cube: Ao12: Times: If you reach your goal 3...
  4. dllema

    Cubing Talk, get anything you need to get off your chest. Cubing related, not a therapist :)

    what the title says,
  5. Kiwi_Cuber

    6 PODIUMS!!! North Shore Cube Day 2022 VLOG

    Here is my vlog of my recent competition, North Shore Cube Day 2022! Would appreciate if you gave it a watch
  6. Luke Solves Cubes

    Online Cubing Competition May-June 2022, 3x3 2x2, OH, 4x4, 3BLD, Skewb, Pyra, Mega

    Hello, I am a speedcuber and I want to host an online cubing competition in June of 2022. There will be no prizes and it is free to enter. There will be the events that are listed in the title. Please leave the events you want to do in the section, and I look forward to seeing all of you...
  7. teboecubes

    My First Competition In 2 Years! | Florida Spring A Vlog

  8. teboecubes

    Cubing But I Lose $1 For Every Mistake

  9. Ultimatecuber0814

    Online Home Cubing Competition 2022

    Yooo Cubers! This is an online comp called Online Home Cubing Competition. Rules: -Start at 12 January, End at 15 January. -Come to this thread on 12 January and forms will be provided in the comments. -Certificate of achievement to the 1st person of the event. -DO NOT CHEAT -Follow ALL WCA...
  10. CornerTwisted

    Online cubing competition! Cuber's central 2022

    *This event will be held on discord Hello! I am hosting a nonWCA online competition, with events from 3x3 to kilominx to 2gen solving! I would love it if you were to make it! Details Time: 1:00-9:00 January 8-9 US Central time, but if you can't make it to an event, I can...
  11. cuberswoop

    Cuberly Monthly Bracket Challenge

    This will be a Cubing Bracket Competition. There is no limit to competitors, but there must be at least 4 people participating in 1 event. You will sign up at the link at the bottom of the page. The scrambles will be posted in an email to you, as well as a form for you to enter your times in...
  12. CubeRed

    | CubeReds progression | Road to sub 15 3x3 against CFOP INC | Journey to sub 1 4x4|

    PROGRESSION Road to sub 20 Day 1 Today, I am posting a progression thread to keep my practice regular and plan what to learn and improve. My competition is a day ahead, so I am going to be prepared as best as I can. I will be updating this thread every day Plan: Review all the PLLs I learnt...
  13. Sub1Hour

    Controlling Nerves - A Guide

    Since Competitions are returning after over a year of nothing, I have decided to create this thread to assist in nerve control and mental toughness. Thankfully I have been able to gain a great understanding of this topic thanks to the experiences I have come across during my lifetime. There are...
  14. Cool Cube Merch

    COOL CUBE MERCH - The ultimate cubing clothing and merchandise shop!

    COOL CUBE MERCH - Best selection of cubing-themed shirts, pillows, socks, and more! PRODUCT CATEGORIES (with links)
  15. Jam88

    Permutation League! Season 2 Cancelled. :(

    Hey there guys, it's Jam88 again. So yesterday, watching some LaZer0MonKey, I had an idea. It was to make a "monkey league" but the qualification requirements are that you have to have a small cubing YT channel, not be really fast and have set NR/WR's. For more rules etc...
  16. V

    Speedcubing Competition : i.Cube 2020

    Hey Cubers, While everyone was at home during the lockdown, people blamed the pandemic for unproductivity, while we saw it as an opportunity to improve our cubing skills. While people moved from ludo to tiktoks to reels to among us, we stayed focused. We kept turning edges faster and faster...
  17. S

    Uncommon Method Competition | Payout and an Apology

    Welcome to the Uncommon Method Competition ! This is a competition to see who can get the fastest time with non-Big 4 methods ! There will be 160$ in prizes and we hope you will participate. This competition will be running until Feb 28th 2021. Format: The competition is split into 2...
  18. R Prime

    Online Competition !! (Prizes)

    Hi Everyone, I'm hosting an online comp in a week, All the info is on this sheet here: Thanks for competing
  19. Sub1Hour

    Upcoming WCA Championships

    This thread will be dedicated to the discussion and announcement of new championships. Notable championships include those released by the WCA recently on July 20th. Very exciting that Asian Champs is being held in Kazakhstan. I didn't think that Asain Champs would be held outside of the...
  20. CharlesSub20

    The Cubing Club - Weekly Competition

    Hello! This week The Cubing Club is hosting another weekly comp with prizes, as we are sponsored by TheCubicle. We have a lot of different events and you can compete until this sunday. Link to the server: All info for the competition is on this page...