1. teboecubes

    My Solves From Cubing Online

  2. Triangles_are_cubers

    Weekly Clock Comp (Week 1)

    Hello, this comp is for fellow clockers to compete, podium and/or win! To compete you will have to use an online timer or a stackmat and fill in ur times and averages in a google form. Here's the link to the form: .
  3. R

    Pyraminx Race to sub-??

    I mean there hasn't been a post on the last one in awhile, and I can get on like every week, so... let's go! Put what amount of seconds you want to reach, and once you pass that three weeks in a row, you pass, and you can try a different goal. Pretty self-explanatory. (I will also try to make a...
  4. Noahaha

    CCFC Winter 2014 (2/1 in Norwalk, CT)

    Hey guys! I'm hosting the second CCFC competition on 2/1/14. All information is here: See you there!
  5. Coolster01

    Speedcubing Competition Trainings!

    Alright, so just for reference, click here (a sport stacking competition training, which finds your overall). I've been thinking about how sport stacking has competition trainings, while cubing has no direct preparation for competitions. It could surely add some fun to cubing if we had...
  6. antoineccantin

    NCR 2012 Ottawa, Canada Competition

    Date: Saturday May 19th 2012 Address of the venue: 1535 Du Parc Avenue, Rockland, Ontario Google map...
  7. antoineccantin

    Unofficial Competition Thread

    You can use this thread to promote/advertise/just talk about any of your local unofficial competitions. Personally, I just came back from one which I helped organize/run. It was pretty much only people from our school, and there were 25 competitors which is good I guess. The principal even...