1. Dylan Swarts

    Intermediate 4BLD X-Center Method

    Going to start off by saying I got the idea for this from a tutorial Adrian Debski did here. I basically just took it and switched it to UFR instead of using UBL, since this way you can use this method and slowly start learning 3 style, like Orozco. I also had to find ways to deal with the combo...
  2. the best d1mnd

    [Help Thread] how to customize my 4x4 for bld?

    I decided to start practise 4bld so i bought aosu gts2m (really good cube for bld i guess). But sllice moves in my one are a little bad. I tried to use Maru lube but im guessing i did something dumb cuz it's not working (im total idiot in customization). I watched some youtube tutorials but ppl...
  3. Julio974

    4BLD and 5BLD Mo3 recognized by the WCA in 2019

    This will be the latest change since 333ft changing from mean to average! Announcement: https://github.com/thewca/wca-regulations/issues/681 Commit: https://github.com/thewca/wca-regulations/commit/8b3a38bf71836c42eab409f574612daee6a124f4 Discussion...
  4. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 1 Year Delayed 4BLD Solve - Part 1/2

    I posted this yesterday on my YouTube, so apologies to those who have seen this already, but I figured it was about time I tried this:
  5. Ollie

    [Unofficial] Live 4x4x4 Blindfolded on stage

    UK cubers did a performance to encourage new cubers and I contributed this! I also managed a 3/3 Multi and a successful 3BLD (but also a DNF somewhere :P) Edit: execution only
  6. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 4BLD 1:51.94

    r' L' u F2 u L' U2 B2 F u' U' R' L r' F U2 u2 F2 D' B2 R' D' f' B2 F2 U2 L D F L r F2 R' f2 B R2 f' L2 B2 R'
  7. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 4BLD Mo3 2:12.73

    Spent half an hour trying to get a sub-2 (before turning off the camera and getting a relaxed 2:02 :( ) so have this for now.
  8. Ollie

    [WR] Oliver Frost 4x4x4 Blindfolded 2:18.65

    Execution starts at 0:37, done at Cuthberts Open 2014. Thank you Chris :) B2 U2 B2 D L2 U2 B2 R2 L2 U' B U' L2 D' F' L' B2 D' U L' F Uw2 B' R2 L B' Uw2 Fw2 F Uw2 R' F' L' F2 Uw' Rw2 R F2 U B' Fw Uw R F Rw Uw' Rw2 x' y' [U2 x R:[U, R' D2 R]] // ULF -> UFR -> UBL (11/11) [R D': U' R' U, L2]]...
  9. C

    How to increase success rate in BLD solves?

    hi. i was thinking about increasing my success rate in BLD solves. usually i get 1 DNF in every 5 solves on avg. so, avg12 is so rare for me. one way could be reciting my Letter Pair list. i can also recite my algs to make it handy. but you guys may have some more tips on improving success rate...
  10. Ollie

    Tutorial - Freestyle 4BLD center solving

    A couple of points to clear up before reading these. By freestyle I don't specifically mean '3-style' or speed-optimal 3-cycles (which this does indeed use) but I mean using a range of techniques including solving from fixed and floating buffers in the same solve, using a 'pseudo fixed buffer'...
  11. Ollie

    [WR] Oliver Frost 4BLD 2:25.27 (and 2:35.63 Mo3)

    Special mentions to Chris Wall who filmed and Adam Greenwood who organised a faultless first competition (but most importantly who twisted my arm to come!) The times for the full average were 2:32.11, 2:25.27, 2:49.48 = 2:35.62. I went for sub-WR mean on the last solve, but the scrambles and...
  12. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 4BLD Average of 5 2:34.26 (completed in 14:42.xx)

    So training for Nottingham begins :) Pretty sure I can beat this.
  13. Noahaha

    [NAR] Noah Arthurs 4x4 Blindfolded 3:31.22

    Practice pays off sometimes. Thanks to Kevin for letting me use his AoSu!
  14. Ollie

    [Unofficial] 4BLD 2:13.02

  15. Noahaha

    Noah's 4BLD Tutorial

    I made another loltorial. Feel free to ask for help or critique or whatever. Part 1: Part 2:
  16. Ollie

    Official 4BLD 2:50.22

    Memo was 1:05. Done at Guildford Open 2013 - such a good weekend :)
  17. Iggy

    [Unofficial] 5:28.76 4BLD

  18. Ollie

    4BLD Mo3 2:42.12 (part of the Ao5 UWR of 2:42.12)

    Not sure if Mo3 is UWR as well.