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  • Okay, that's fine. I wasn't really wondering anyway, it was more my friends, as I said, and your dad was saying something about a school excursion I think? Doesn't really matter too much. Anyway, hope you have fun at that, and maybe I'll see you at AusNats if I end up going.
    What method do you use/how do you solve 4x4 and 5x5 cubes? I know that the answer can be pretty long, but if you could find time to write ít, I would really appreciate it.
    Sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my native language :)
    Quick question: are you going to register for the Sydney Autumn 2012? Both you and your dad said that you could make it for the 21st, and that's when it's on, so... just wondering. It's fine if you're not, it's just that I've got some friends who really want to know.
    Hey Feliks. I'm one of your fans. You're so awesome when it comes to cubing!! How long did it take until you got sub 10? I'm new on this website. And just to inform you that our birthdays are just 1 day apart. LOL. Take care always my master..
    Hello Feliks, I started to learn the Fridrich's method a couple of days ago and I wanted to know, is it very helpful to learn the F2L algorithms? If not, any tip you could give me? I'm doing the F2l in like 50 seconds...
    hi feliks

    im currently about 35 seconds ish and i take a long time to find f2l pairs

    sometimes i stop for like 5 seconds after cross looking for a pair

    any tips?

    Hi. Do you want to help the WW Video project?

    I guess I'll make a short video-presentation of what I want to create. It'll be great if you download it on your channel to make lot's of your subscribers watch it
    Hi again Feliks, did you mod your Dayan 4x4x4? If you did, what mod did you do? (Sorry, I'm just really curious) Thanks.
    Hey Feliks, when are you going to visit the next competition?
    Anything, that you practiced hard and any goals?
    Thanks. I have another question: How long did it take you to sub-10? Thanks again! You're awesome!
    Hi Feliks, I'd like to ask you a question; How much did you average when you started becoming colour neutral? Thanks a lot. :D
    Ok, thanks Feliks! It's Ok if you take a long time, because it's already very dazzling to me that I am communicating with a Multi World Record Holder!

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