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    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    How are you defining growth here? I'm guessing number of people who competed in feet in the distinct calendar year 2018 vs 2017, and the same for 3x3? My guess is that this stat might be similar for other events as: many of the WCA competitors are one-time 3x3 competitors, and competitors who...
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    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    The vote was for whether feet should be an official event -
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    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    Yes, there are 29% more 3x3 WF results now, compared with the end of 2017. Over the same time period, the number of WCA competitors has increased by at least 25% (can someone provide the exact number? - my browser doesn't like it when I query all results on the rankings page). Adjusted for WCA...
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    3x3 With Feet Getting Removed

    You called? Fantastic to hear that this event is on the way out. 1. The puzzle adds almost nothing new in terms of puzzle solving techniques, the only new 'skill' here is being able to manipulate the cube with your feet. 2. Not only is it difficult and time-consuming to run, it also requires a...
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    Nope, sorry. This is just a 'save the date' announcement.
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    WCA World Championship 2019-Melbourne Australia July 11-14

    Time to remove that question mark in the title! :)
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    Speedcubing in Melbourne

    ^Don't feel like you need to give it away, I did that because I received most of the puzzles for free. I thought I should also flag that I'll be bringing another entire box of puzzles to sell at SKC Spring - the proceeds will go to Speedcubing Australia. If you come along, feel free to put them...
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    Max Park 4.78 and Seung Hyuk Nahm 4.99 (Skillcon 2017)

    If you take the average of our 2017 official averages (a better measure), I'd bet that Max is a bit faster.
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    [WR] Feliks Zemdegs - 43.21 5x5 WR average

    Honestly, I don't think I've been quite as nervous as I was for that 4th solve in a while - I was shaking a lot during centers, and freaked out even more once I saw that 2 entire edges were solved after centers. I promise my first 2 42s were a lot nicer :p 5th solve 3x3 stage was also really...
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    [Official] Feliks Zemdegs - 4.75 3x3 single

    I'm terrible at inspection/planning in competition :p
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    Famous Cuber Watch

    Now this is dedication!
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    [OcR] 25.01 4x4 Average - Feliks Zemdegs

    27 was PLL Parity.
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    North Queensland 2017, Australia

    Yep - it's just important to make sure that potential interstate visitors find it easy enough to get to. If you make it easy enough for people to attend, people will come, but at the moment it seems like it would be quite difficult to get to, logistically. For example, after a quick google...
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    North Queensland 2017, Australia

    Yeah, could potentially come along! I'm sure you could definitely get 20+ if it's announced early enough - the Adelaide comp this year had ~70.
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    6.80 avg 5 - Anthony Brooks

    Haha, we also might have slightly different preferences because I typically try to set up to T ZBLLS since I know so many of those and not as many for other cases. EG for the case with headlights on the right, I'll do U' R U' R' U' R U R' U R U R' to get a T. For the most part, I'll use [U'] F'...