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[WR] Rami Sbahi - 20 FMC single


Apr 3, 2013
Houston, TX
This is Rami on Sammy's computer. Here's a quick overview:

2 move to pseudo 2x2 found on normal. Ryan (got 28) also found this, but didn't see much better after it. I switched after these two moves.
6 move 2x2x3
16 moves to AB3C
4 moves cancelled during insertions

WARNING: Before looking at my solution, please try it yourself. It might not be so obvious if you do it yourself. Some of you will probably find it, but some of you might not. Just try it first before "hating" please.

Scramble: U2 L' D L2 F U2 F L2 U' R2 D2 F2 U2 L2 B' D2 L2 F R2
Inverse scramble: R2 F' L2 D2 B L2 U2 F2 D2 R2 U L2 F' U2 F' L2 D' L U2

R2 B' // pseudo 2x2x2
switch to inverse (B R2 premove on inverse):
L (preserve pair)
D F L2 // 2x2x3
F2 R' F' R // woah
U F U F' U F // AB3C

skeleton on inverse:
L D F L2 F2 R' F' R U F U F' U F B R2

skeleton on normal scramble: R2 B' F' U' F U' F' U' R' * F R F2 L2 F' D' L'

Insert at *: R U R' D R U' R' D'

final (20): R2 B' F' U' F U' F' R' D R U' R' D' F R F2 L2 F' D' L'
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Jun 23, 2015
London, UK
Damn... GJ Rami!

Here I sit, hoping to make FMC my thing... Guess that'll need much more practice now...

But seriously, well done, I'll make sure to analyse your solution and learn from it ;)