1. lucaspcuber

    Average moves per solve?

    I was wondering what the average amount of moves used per solve is in correlation with a person's average time? I average about 15-17 seconds, and use on average 55-65 (63 ao12) moves per solve. What about everyone else? If I get enough responses, I might compile this into a table for everyone...
  2. rybaby

    [WR] Rami Sbahi - 20 FMC single Crazy...
  3. A

    The Skewb Efficiency Thread

  4. L

    Which 3x3x3 positions require at least 20 moves to solve?

    I know that any rubik's cube position can be solved in 20 moves or less, but which are the allowable moves? I'm assuming it includes FBUDRL and all of their inverses (i.e., F'B'U' etc.). What about F2B2U2...? What about fbudrl and their inverses and doubles? And what about xyz? Thanks...
  5. K

    Request - Fridrich Setup Algorithms

    Sorry if this question has been answered already, but I have searched all over the forums, wiki and popular cubing websites. I want to learn Fridrich F2L, OLL and PLL algorithmically. But, to practice each algorithm, I need the setup formulae for each of the cases. Dan's cubestation had them...
  6. RussianWhiteBoi

    what is your 7x7 movecount breakdown ?

    Hello! I've used the search function and haven't found an answer to this. Can you help out and tell me what your movecount breakdown is for: -first four centers -last two centers -tredges -3x3 thank you :)