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Jan 15, 2019
Hong Kong
I looked at mine and didn't think I could get magnets to fit. Which magnets did you use?
The inner layers have more space than the outers, so it can fit in larger magnets. I simply used 5*1.5 for the inner layers, and it feels quite strong (note that the magnet strength of 5*1.5 magnets are basically the same as 4*2 magnets).
As there are not much rooms to fit in magnets in the outer layers, the magnetisation of the outer layers are much more trickier. There are 2 pairs of magnets in the outer layers in my self-magnetised yuxin gigaminx.
The first pair of magnets in the outer layers is in the position where we normally place magnets into, where I believe is the place you are talking about that regular magnets do not fit in. I used 3*1.5 magnets in the corners, which can barely fit in to the slot. Then I actually used 2*4 magnets (not 4*2 magnets) in the outer edges, where I think that this is already the largest magnet possible to be fitted in here (I actually had to order 2*4 magnets as I don't think this can be useful in any other puzzles and I didn't own any magnets with such weird size). However, after magnetising this pair of magnets, I found it way too weak. Even though the plastic is already quite thin which is good for magnetisation, 2*4 magnets are just too weak (they are actually weaker than 4*1 magnets which are commonly used in inner layers of even layer cubes) that they can only barely hold each other together. Then, I decided to add another pair of magnets into the outer layers.
As this is a gigaminx, which is a large puzzle, there are actually some spaces in the corner pieces and the edges near the core of the puzzle. For the second pair of magnets in the outer layers, I used 3*2 magnets for the corner pieces, which can barely fit in the slot. Then in the edge pieces, I used 3*1.5 magnets with 4*1.5 magnets stacked on to it to add on some magnet strength. This set of magnets can just fit into the pieces well. Luckily, as this pair of magnets is much stronger, the outer layer magnets are now moderately strong, being slightly weaker than the inner layer magnets. This is a reasonable magnet settings as we always want the inner layers to be able to stay together without turning when turning the outer layers.
Just when I have finished magnetising all the pieces and trying to put the pieces back together, I noticed that there is some plastic in the inner edge sticking out which overlaps with the position of the 5*1.5 magnets in the inner edges. If you have a yuxin gigaminx to compare with, you would probably notice that the inner edge pieces in the photo below have the sticking out plastic part being cut down. I simply push the inner edge pieces to a hard surface, forcing the sticking out plastic part to be removed.
After 7 hours of work, the yuxin gigaminx is finally magnetised. I am very satisfied with my self-magnetised yuxin gigaminx that this is probably the largest puzzle I have ever magnetised. However, to be honest, If you are going to magnetise your yuxin gigaminx, I would recommend not doing the first pair of magnets in the outer layers, as it is waste of time and money buying the 2*4 magnets that would never be useful for any other puzzles, and I think the magnet strength is way too weak that it is almost useless with the presence of the second pair of magnets in outer layers.
WhatsApp Image 2022-11-12 at 12.34.01 AM.jpeg
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Jul 11, 2022
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YJ MGC EVO Pyraminx will be launched on 25/11!
Wait what? I remember seeing this on YJ's facebook page on April Fools Day.