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[Member Intro] Hello and Help!


Jun 17, 2020
I have questions regarding scoring.

I started implementing Leaderboards and Achievements... I would love your input. (Btw. if anyone wants to play on Android, please let me know. It works much smoother than WebGL, plus the GooglePlay Leaderboards are almost there. I will create iOS version after I finish Android)

Here is my thought:

1) Each level will have a separate leaderboard.

2) Since every scramble is different, it probably would make more sense to post an average time of several games, rather than the exact result of a single play. If so, an average of how many games should be reported? 3? 5? more?

3) Should the score be reported automatically or should there be a button for reporting scores?

4) Should there be an alternative scoring system for the least number of moves instead of time?

5) Should I allow reporting scores of games that were played over and over many times?

As to achievements --

a) the first one would be a badge for simply playing multiple games (After how many plays do you get a badge?)

b) 3 more badges would be after hitting certain low time averages (with different setting for different levels)

c) 4th badge would be for solving the 3rd level for the first time.

d) Solving the Layer 4 does require a mastery so this would be a big one. (I still was not able to do this -- the closest I've come was withing 3 misplaced tiles. I will need to create some training settings for level 4 as I did for level 3)

Any thoughts?