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Favourite WCA events list


May 6, 2017
1.pyraminx-I am pretty good at it I started practicing after I got nr at my second comp
2.2x2-same reason as pyra+I like how fast it is
3.3x3-I got addicted to 3x3 after switching to the valk and roux
4.squan-its fun
5.4x4-I like my 4x4 and its fun to practice
6.skewb-I dont care lol I just do solves
7.5x5-I find it boring to scramble but its fun to solve but dont have time now
8.mega-its fun but you need good lighting or its hard to look ahead
9.oh-itss meh
10.bld-I like it
11.feet-I find it hard but I like it
12.fmc-its boring
this are all the events I do/I have (I dont own a 6x6,7x7,clock and cant do big blind)


Aug 15, 2016
Thought I'd revisit this, as my opinions have changed quite a bit.

I still don't do 5BLD, clock or sq-1(I've ordered one though)

15. Skewb: boring, don't bother practicing
14. 2x2: see above
13. Pyra: see above
12. 4BLD: too lazy to practice
11. MBLD: see above
10. 3BLD: idk why but i've gotten bored of it
9. FMC: cool but takes too long
8. 6x6: solve is great, hardware isn't
7. 7x7: similar to 6x6 but hardware is better
6. 5x5: shorter than 6x6, yau works better
5. Mega: very fun solve, turning is fun
4. 3x3: the classic
3. 4x4: magnetized my cangfeng recently and started practicing again
2. OH: turning one handed is so much fun, lookahead is quite easy
1. Feet: tons of fun, i'm actually getting decent at it


Feb 13, 2017
Once again (it's so fun to compare with my older lists)

1. Multi-blind // The event I do well in (NR holder and reasonable chance to podium in Euros for example). Chasing a high world rank motivates me practicing.
2. OH // Had an arm sling for a month, what a surprise that I started practicing OH during that time. I got tremendously faster and started to like the event.
3. 5BLD // By practicing multi, I was able to get fast in 5BLD with very few solves. NR speed is close, on the other hand my success rates are awful.
4. 4BLD // Doesn't require much time to practice, learning more advanced tricks is always fun.
5. 3BLD // Why not
6. 6x6 // My favourite big cube really, centers are much more pleasant to build than in odd layered cubes.
7. FMC // Still finding it relaxing to grab a few cubes, a pen and spend an hour with fmc. I need to learn more techniques to get better.
8. 4x4 // Staying the same, haven't practiced much lately
9. Clock // Hmm... kinda fun, easy to podium
10. Pyraminx // I'm finding it really difficult getting faster at the moment. My biggest issues are with my turning style (turning faster means lockups)
11. 5x5 // Faster 6x6, a bit less interesting
12. Feet // There's some potential, just need to practice a bit
13. Megaminx // Too annoying to turn, always turning sides I'm not supposed to
14. 3x3 // Stuck
15. Square-1 // Needs constant practicing to keep all the algs fresh (they are VERY easily forgotten). I haven't done it in couple months, let's see when I'll refresh (I'm not happy at all with my current official results).
16. 7x7 // I'm so sloooowww
17. 2x2 // Nah
18. Skewb // Haven't practiced since last autumn
Apr 19, 2017
United States
1. 3x3 // the event I put the most time into
2. Megaminx // started practicing seriously a couple days ago, lots of improvement so far
3. Pyraminx // dumb but I'm half decent at it, probably will go down soon
4. 3bld // I can never consistently practice but it's fun when I do
5. 4x4 // doesn't take too much time
6. OH // decent
7. Skewb // not much to say, it's ok
8. Square-1 // just got a volt, might start practicing
9. 5x5 // can't seem to improve, no motivation
10. 2x2 // is dumb
11. 6x6 // I'm actual garbage at this


Dec 24, 2015
1. 3
2. OH
3. FMC
4. 4
5. mega
6. 6
7. 5
8. 3BLD
9. 7
10. squan
11. 2
12. skewb
13. feet

I actually don't know if I want to put FMC so high up. On one hand, it's the only event where I have a two-digit world ranking. On the other hand, practising takes so much time.
Jan 29, 2018
7- Megaminx - I don't really practice
6- Pryaminx- Hard to hold and I don't practice
5- 5x5- I only recently go one and it's meh
4- 2x2- I use LBL and I don't really practice
3- 4x4- My best cube larger than 3x3
2- 3x3 OH- It's fun to practice and I can improve pretty quickly
1- 3x3 - My best event. It's fun and it's fun to learn.


Sep 30, 2017
1. Megaminx: God created megaminx to train the faithful (PM me if you get the reference)
2. 3x3x3 Because 3x3x3
3. Square-1 Because fun turning style and cool shapes
4. Pyra because Egyptology is my thing and 1 looking a puzzle is fun, also fun turning
5. 5x5x5 Only good big cube because centers and quick+freeslicing and only one parity
6. 5BLD because it's super fun
7. 3BLD because it's small 5BLD
8. Skewb: Pyra but a cube cube kind of fun sledgehammers are fun
9. 7x7x7 too big but fun to show off
10. 2x2x2 fun to solve, no impressiveness and horrible luck+alg based event.


Premium Member
Apr 1, 2017
Galar Region
Of the events I have my PB's recorded for (aka all the ones in my PB list in my signature):

1) Square-1. My favorite event at the moment, it's super fun! And I have lots to improve on so I can only get (a lot) faster from here. It's fun to turn and fun to solve, and the Volt MS is a super good cube.
2) 4x4. Pretty fun, I have a lot to improve on (I average just under 1 minute), but I don't practice much.
3) 3x3. I've gotten kind of sick of this, but I prefer it over the events under this. Definitely the event I'm fastest at though (relatively).
4) 5x5: Takes a lil while (~2.5 minutes), but pretty fun.
5) 2x2: it's fun, but I don't have any desire to really improve, but practicing is fun sometimes.
6) 3x3 OH: 3x3 but with a twist, so it's okay I guess. I rarely practice though and when I do it's only a handful of solves.
7) Skewb. Fun, quick, but I don't have any desire to try and improve, just like 2x2. I rarely practice.
8) Pyraminx. This event is okay? I've got nothing against it but it isn't my thing.
9) 6x6: It isn't obnoxiously long but it does take a while, if I had one at the moment I'd do solves every now and then.
10) 3BLD: I'm bad at it and I don't enjoy memoing, but the solving stage is fun.
11) Megaminx. I never practice and it's just a longer 3x3 IMO. ALSO finding pieces is difficult.
12) MBLD: Just BLD but longer and worse (as in longer and harder for me) memo. The solving stage isn't as fun as regular 3BLD cause you gotta remember more.
13) 7x7: Takes too long, just a worse 5x5.
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Feb 18, 2018
Well it is really hard for me to decide on a order of my favorite events to least favorite because I really like all of them hence why I do them all. But I will list all the events for now in the order that I am practicing/enjoying a bit more right now then the other events.
(1) 2x2 I am learning EG-1 right now with @Duncan Bannon and I am hoping to finish all the algs for it, in the next week and a half. Hence why it is first in the list.
(2) Clock. I have really been enjoying it and I want and get sub globally 9 before my next competition.
(3) 5x5 - 7x7 Since I have been practicing and enjoying all three of them about equally I have them ranked together.
(4) 3x3 Feet I have really been enjoying this event especially since I would like to get SR for it next month.
(5) Megaminx There is a friend that I know and will be competing against next month and for a while now I have really wanted to beat him in Megaminx :), hence why I have been practicing it a lot lately.
(6) Pyraminx, Square 1 and Skewb All really fun and I would like to try and get SR in Skewb and Square 1, and if I can Pyraminx as well, but the others first.
(7) All BLD events meaning 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 3x3 MBLD. SR is calling me in all those events and I hope to get them soon.;)
(8) 3x3 OH Now that I am almost globally sub 20, I have been pretty motivated to get there. Also, you are never going to guess what I am about to say, Yep you guessed it, get SR.
(9) 4x4 I have really enjoyed it and since I just realized that I have a change of getting in the top 5 (as of now) at my next competition, I am all the more motivated to get that.
(10) 3x3 and 3x3 FMC The only reason that I have these events at the bottom is because I have not practiced it as much as the others events, not because I do not like the events.


Jan 14, 2018
1. 3x3
2. 2x2
3. Pyraminx
4. Skewb
5. 4x4
6. OH
7. Megaminx
8. 5x5
9. Squan
10. 3bld
11. 6x6
12. 7x7
13. FMC
14. WF
15. clock
16. 4bld
17. 5bld
18. Mbld


Nov 4, 2015
15. 7x7- centers are just so irritating and its just so long for me- 9-10 min
14. 3BLD- i don't do it much, but my accuracy rate doesn't really suck at all so yeah :)- 8-12 min
However im pretty slow and cycle breaks are irritating
13. 6x6- kinda meh, slightly better 7x7 imo - 4:20 blaze it
12. 5x5- lookahead is kinda slow but hoya can be fun sometimes- 1:58
11. Clock- Fun but i cant seem to motivate myself to practice. also my thumbs hurt sometimes :/- 13-14
10. Megaminx- decent event, really want to improve tho- 1:37
9. 4x4- Not much to say, I'm improving so yea- 49-52
8. Feet- Fun event, good singles are soo satisfying- 1:20
7. Squan- Its really good when the algs flow well :)- 17-20
6. Pyra- I like this, wanna learn full topfirst even tho my main method is v first. Tips will always remain a nuisance so matter what lol- 4.3-4.8
5. FMC- fun event, my results at nats last year motivated me to practice- 35-40
4. OH- 2 gen LL <3- 18-19
3. 2x2- My best event, but its ranked 3rd cuz its stressful and i cant got good big and official avgs no matter what(hope to defy this in the coming weeks/days :))- 1.8-2.2
2. 3x3- The classic. Also im improving! :D- 10.3-10.7
1. Skewb- Wow. This came at number 1 xD. Im learning algs/ also nice flowing solves are fun- flat 4
Sep 17, 2016
Over there by the thing in the corner.
I don't do many events, but here's my list anyway:

1: OH. I love OH turning, and it's a bit easier for me than 3x3 since I practice OH so much.
2: 3x3. It's 3x3, need I say more?
3: 5x5. It's the perfect amount of solving; not too long, and not too short.
4: 3Bld. It's very satisfying to take off a blindfold and see a solved cube.
5: 4x4. Not a big fan of it, but it's nice to pick up and solve when I need something I bit longer than a 3x3.
6: Skewb. Kinda scramble dependent like 2x2, but doing algs is fun.
7: 2x2. Don't really like it, it's too scramble dependent for my taste.
8: Pyraminx. See 2x2.^^
9: Square-1. I love the turning, but it's this far down because I don't practice it that much.
10: Megaminx. Just a long 3x3 solve, it would be higher on the list if I had a good mega.


Jul 7, 2016
Colorado Springs
First of all, I do not do 7x7 and big blinds. I know how to do 3BLD but I have no successes on record at the moment.

13. FMC. Doesn’t make sense to me and is just too long. I’ll only do it in comp.

12. BLD. The only reason this is so low is cause I don’t have a success and it’s slow.

11. 6x6. It’s just slow and hardware is really bad right now. Average 7-8 mins

10. Pyra. I’m okay at this but the tips are the most annoying thing in existence. I’ll learn full L4E soon. If anyone has a good tutorial link me. (DG please healp thx) Average around 9-10 seconds

9. 5x5. Yes. I like an event that I’m awfully slow at more than I do Pyra. My centers are really good but what kills me in a solve is my edge pairing. Average around 3:30 or so I don’t know

8. Clock. Fun but too non trivial. Hardware is also really bad at the moment. I average around 20 aiming to get 15 soon.

7. Mega. Reminds me of 3x3 but with more pieces. Look ahead is a pain but I like the solve. I average around 3 minutes, almost sub 2.

6. Plugging in 2x2. Basically just alg cancels and I don’t even know CLL. I’m going to learn soon, don’t worry. I average 5.

5. is 3x3 OH. It’s basically just handicapped 3x3, which is one of my favorites. It’s actually kinda fun to turn with just one hand and I really enjoy it. I average around 30

4. corresponds with the number, it’s 4x4. I also enjoy this event. It’s satisfying to do 3-2-3 and make half centers. Ending it off with a partial 3x3 makes it a nice solve. I average 1:10

3. Is Square 1. This is an event that I’m starting to practice much more than usual, and I’m almost done learning full CP and am about to start learning more cubeshapes and full EO. (L case and line for example and better one-one) It’s really fun to launch our parity as fast as you possibly can western style. I average 40.

2 is Skewb. It’s fun knocking a few polish sledges and slamming the timer. To end pff a fast solve. I average 6.

1 is the 3x3. Just a classic and fun event, and still fun to solve to this day. I average 17


Jul 1, 2018
10. Megaminx. Used to love this event but it started to become boring after a while
9. Square-1. Same reason as megaminx
8. OH. Sometimes I'll do this event, but just at home. I'm no good at it anyway
7. FMC. I just do this event to try and break PBs
6. Pyraminx. It's okay. Don't really care on getting faster
5. 2x2. I like this event, and do it sometimes at home
4. 3BLD. I think this would be my best event, but it gets boring after 10 solves or so. I average around 3 minutes.
3. Multiblind. This event challenges my memory and I love to get sucesses and try hard to
2. 4x4. I've gotten into this event a lot recently, it's the one I've been practicing the most, and it's not too long nor too short
1. 3x3. The classic. What is there not to like

* I don't have a Skewb or a 5x5, but I bet those would be really fun
3x3, 2x2, skewb, pyra, oh, kilo
6. Square-1
I used to really like it and then I realized that I was slow as a snail trying to run against a moving walkway going the other direction at an airport. I stopped practicing and forgot the parity alg and couldn't bring myself to re-learn it, much less practice.

5. OH
pros: ???
cons: your pinky hurts after you solve
im so slow
how do you do it with you're non-dominant hand like what ???

4. 4x4
Ironic that 4x4 is in 4th place.
I'm so slow, and practicing is boring. Finding edges while edge pairing is so tiring cos you do so many cube rotations.

3. Pyraminx
I'm pretty ok at it, just that it's a weird shape and I hate regripping to turn tips.

2. Skewb
its p cool

1. 2x2 and 3x3
Both of them are super cool.
2x2: I'm actually kinda decent, my unofficial PB (1.49) would make me 642 in the world, and I'm kinda proud!! i like that it's super easy to be fast and it's super fun to solve

3x3: I really like this event, I just really get discouraged because i can never get consistently sub-20 and i see people turning really slowly become sub-20
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