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Favourite WCA events list


Jun 7, 2018
1. 7x7 Takes longer, but there is more room for error and you can turn super fast
2. Megaminx love my X-man Galaxy
3. 4x4 Quick event but doesn't go by too fast
4. 5x5 like a mini 7x7
5. 3x3 just the classic event
6. OH fun to turn faster
7. Pyraminx fun quick and easy
8. Square-1 its okay
9. Skewb fun, but too many algs
10. Clock kind of stupid but easy to get fast at
11. 4 blind fun challenge
12. MBLD should be in a worlds most satisfying video
13. 3 blind easy to get success at, but still kind of annoying
14. 2x2 too many algs
15. 6x6 too much parity
16. 5 blind takes so long with little success rate
17. Feet its too hard to turn cube with your feet
18. FMC Takes too long and gets really boring
Apr 19, 2017
United States
1. 3x3 // the event I put the most time into
2. Megaminx // started practicing seriously a couple days ago, lots of improvement so far
3. Pyraminx // dumb but I'm half decent at it, probably will go down soon
4. 3bld // I can never consistently practice but it's fun when I do
5. 4x4 // doesn't take too much time
6. OH // decent
7. Skewb // not much to say, it's ok
8. Square-1 // just got a volt, might start practicing
9. 5x5 // can't seem to improve, no motivation
10. 2x2 // is dumb
11. 6x6 // I'm actual garbage at this
1. 3x3: still the only event I can practice for long periods of time, but I need to fix my terrible habits
2. 3bld: fun, getting sub 2:00s is cool
3. Square-1: cool event, but parity is annoying
4. OH: pretty good
5-9. Pyra, mega, 5x5, 2x2, multi: in no particular order, ok events that I sometimes practice
10. Skewb: meh
11. 4x4: idk it's just not good
12. FMC: takes too long and I'm bad at it
13. 6x6: ew hardware and too much parity


Oct 20, 2018
I have only been to two comps, but...

18. Clock - I think clock is weird
17. FMC - I think it is a lot of luck if you are really good.
16. 5BLD - Seems a little over the top with BLD
15. MBLD - Really cool to see people do forty.
14. 4BLD - So much memorization, but even layered cubes are easier.
13. 7x7 - Too long for my taste
12. 6x6 - Too long for my taste
11. 3BLD - cant actually do it yet but think it is cool.
10. 3x3 With Feet - Really cool, but I am bad.
9. 2x2 - Too quick for my taste.
8. Skewb - I did not enjoy it until I got the Yuxin Little Magic Skewb and got better and Sledge
7. Megaminx - Pretty fun because I enjoy FMC
6. Square-1 - I am okay at it when I practice at home, but end up failing at comps. It is still fun to practice.
5. 4x4 - I am really slow, but it is fun making the centers. I am competing for the first time in May!
4. Pyraminx - I do not enjoy it or practice it, but I somehow made finals in it, and I have never made it past the first round in any other comp!
3. 5x5 - This is what I practice when I want to do a longer solve, so it is pretty enjoyable.
2. 3x3 OH - I really enjoy doing it, even though I am not the best. Have not competed in it yet, but will in May.
1. 3x3 - Practiced most, and just the original Rubiks Magic.


Sep 10, 2018
14. FMC- I just started learning some methods and hopefully I'll be able to enjoy this as I keep practicing it.
13. 7x7- Monotonous
12. Square-1- I just don't care much and I don't want to learn algs for it
11. 2x2- Too quick and I'm too lazy to learn algs. I'm sure this will change soon, because I really need to get sub 3 or else I will forever average 3.5
10. Clock- My clock is trash and I need a new one.
9. 3x3 OH- I don't hate it nor love it
8. Skewb- I used to like it for a while but now I have lost interest in it.
7. 6x6- I just like it, but mostly in comp because I do better in comp than at home somehow.
6. 3x3- Very standard and just fun to practice.
5. 3x3 feet- One of my main events, but it gets boring sometimes.
4. 5x5- Fun
3. 4x4- Fun to do after practicing bigger cubes.
2. Pyraminx- Main event, I'm just frustrated at my sub 3 official average fails.
1. Megaminx- V2 Lm is amazing, I just like this event overall.


Feb 13, 2017
1. 3BLD - Low barrier to start a practice session, and I really enjoy it
2. MBLD - It's definitely the most rewarding event out there, every time after an attempt I feel like I've got something done, unlike most other events that often feel like just another way of procrastinating.
3. 5BLD - I really prefer this one over 4BLD, it's much easier to be consistent (with times, not successes :p) and improvement is really fast
4. 3x3 - I recently started to enjoy this and practice a lot more. Some day I'll learn to fingertrick the algs without locking up (thus, I have a lot to practice).
5. FMC - It's cool, so many things to learn
6. 6x6 - Really hyped for this one right now, just got a new cube and my times started dropping tremendously
7. 4x4 - Overall a nice combination of speed and efficiency
8. Pyraminx - I feel kinda stuck, and have very bad chokes in comps, I hope I can get better soon (to chase for the NR avg)
9. OH - Occasionally I really like it
10. 5x5, Megaminx
12. Clock - It's pretty weird, but I do fairly well in it so no complaints
13. 4BLD - I don't really enjoy this atm, often I mess up the memo or have a more difficult memo than I expected so the times vary too much. I just should get that good grasp and probably eliminate pauses when using 3-style so I could get around 2:30.
14. Square-1 - I really like the event but my hardware sucks which eats my motivation. I just need to find a cube suitable for me.
15. 2x2, 7x7, Skewb, Feet - Yeah, I pretty much never care to practice them


Oct 30, 2018
1. multi-bld - it's an endurance event and very rewarding
2. 3-bld - muti bld light (easier to do some quick solves though)
3. 5x5 - like a quick event but not as extremely quick
4. 4x4 - would be nr3 if it weren't for parity
5. 3x3 - it's a classic and fun event
6. OH
7. 4bld - don't practice this enough but still one of the best events
8. pyra
9. 2x2
10. 7x7
11. mega
12. sq-1
13. 6x6 hardware isn't up there yet
14. skewb
15. FMC - I like the events up until here and FMC is 15 because I'm just trash at it
16. Clock - don't like it it shouldn't be an event
17. Feet - I've tried it once I don't like it (they should still keep the event though it's a great addition to the variety of cubing events)

I've never tried 5bld, but I'd imagine it wouldn't be more than 2 places removed from 4bld.


Apr 26, 2019
10: Multi-Blind. Really cool and impressive. That's pretty much all.
9: 4x4. 3-2-3 edges are fun and satisfying but I am not that good or anything.
8: 2x2. Sorta fun, but completely luck based.
7: 3-BLD. Really fun to do in comp but not fun to practice.
6: OH. This event ever since the beginning of me practicing it, has always been 6th place.
5: 5x5 I am not that good at big cubes but I really like the mixture of a small event and a big event.
4: Pyraminx Pyraminx has slightly become less fun as I get better at it but it will always be one of my best events.
3: 3x3. This will always be in my top 10 somewhere. It is so fun to see yourself improve at 3x3.
2: Square 1 The Squan was my best event for a while but I didn't really like it, but recently I found that this event is so fun once you really start practicing.
1: Skewb. My main event, best event, and favorite event, the one and only, Skewb.

LOL feet is #11
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Feb 23, 2019
The FitnessGram Pacer Test is a multi stage...
1: Clock. Literally the most important event, I average 8 secs and I have my only podium because of this event (after 5 months of cubing)
2: Square 1: I suck at it but it’s a lot of fun and I try to practice every day.
3: 3x3: The OG. I use roux and I genuinely enjoy practicing now.
4: Skewb (skweb): I’m kind of good at it, which makes it a good event because I actually practice it. Plus, sledges are fun.
5: Megaminx: Big boy megaminx will always be one of my favorites.
6: 2x2. I’m kind of okay at this event, and it’s always fun to get a bunch of really easy scrambles.
7: OH. Literally just started this event, it’s really fun even though I suck (and slice moves OH are harrrrrd)
8: FMC. Kind of suck at this event but I want to improve.
9: 3BLD. Only done it successfully twice, but I enjoy it. I wish I was more accurate tho.
10: 4x4. Lel I don’t practice at all.
11. Pyraminx. Damn, pyraminx is an event? That’s stupid.

Tudor Lin

Feb 21, 2019
1. OH, very fun and easy
2. 3BLD, my success rate is pretty high, so it keeps me interested in the event. Also, I just got my first sub 40 on cam :)
You can watch it here:
I can't really rank anything else because I just like to alternate between OH and 3BLD everyday. That's it. Nothing else.

Other events I am capable of doing:
3x3, 2x2, MBLD, Square 1, Pyraminx, 4x4, FMC


Jul 11, 2018
Richmond, Texas
I made a video on this last year, but, it’s changed a lot.

18. 5BLD (Don’t do it. I know how, I simply don’t to it.)
17. 7x7 (Kinda Long. Need a new 7.)
16. MultiBLD (Don’t do it anymore)
15. 4BLD (Kinda Fun, but our of practice.)
14. Clock (I need a new one, and then I’m going to magnetize it.)
13. FMC (Just learned NISS)
12. Square-1 (Very Alg Heavy)
11 Skewb (Kinda a joke to me now.)
10. Pyraminx (Not good at it)
9. Megaminx (I kinda like it, but I’m out of practice.)
8. 6x6 (Just got a Shadow M mid-to-late December)
7. 3BLD (Quite fun. Won 3BLD at Acadiana Classic last week)
6. 2x2 (I want to learn EG)
5. 4x4 (Got a new Mini WuQue M since my other one broke)
4. 3x3 With Feet (I wanna save Feet. I also get to work on Look-Ahead a lot)
3. 5x5 (Just got a Little Magic 5x5 M in March. I lost a piece late last month, but got a replacement.)
2. 3x3 One Handed (#TexasSRSingle)
1. 3x3 (The OG. I’m at almost 6k solves in my CSTimer Session)


Jun 17, 2018
1. Pyraminx - pretty good, average 3.4-3.6, really fun
2. mega - i just enjoy solving and its relaxing
3. 4x4 - im okay, i have a good cube (460)
4. 3x3 - pretty fun event
5. skewb - ever since i went for a meme average at great lakes 2019 and got a 10.12 average, i've been enjoying skewb