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Cubing Images/Memes, etc.

Apr 16, 2019
47°11'29.9"N 52°50'13.8"W
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My favorite meme is Feliks's 4.73 solve when he had a huge cuboid / rubik's snake in his pants. (Once you see it you'll never unsee it.) Also just as that kid's SD card ran out.
i saw this a while ago and i was like "lmfao!"

Hadn't thought about it before, opened CsTimer, first given scramble had an L'.
Obviously one piece of anecdotal evidence = QED so ha XD

Interesting observation though, I've never really paid attention to which moves are more or less common in scrambles.
i meant more on the sense like ya there are common in scrambles but like there is like 1 in the entire scramble out of like 4 scrambles