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Cubeast - a speedcubing timer for Bluetooth cubes with support for all Bluetooth cubes, all timers and all major solving methods

Jan 7, 2022
India, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore

I'm excited to announce that the first version of Cubeast is live!

By leveraging the Bluetooth connectivity of modern cubes Cubeast aims to provide a new set of insights and tools to help you become a better cuber. It records, stores and analyzes all of your solves.

Main features:
  • solve analysis and playback - multiple methods supported (including Roux), new methods can be added easily
  • statistics for each method step
  • analysis of averages
  • support for slice moves even on cubes without gyroscopes, Cubeast will even try to guess wide turns and rotations in some cases
  • ability to generate a public link to your solve or average
  • comments and likes on shared solves
  • comprehensive statistics
  • support for all Bluetooth cubes currently on the market
  • support for all timers
I really believe Bluetooth cubing will be an important part of speedcubing in the future. I have a ton of ideas for future upgrades, among others:
  • battles & tournaments
  • training exercises to help with cross, alg learning, alg recognition etc
  • case & alg recognition during solve analysis, statistics per case and per algorithm
  • blindfolded solving

Those will be coming in future releases.

Enjoy and please send any feedback you have!