1. SH03L4C3

    [Help Thread] Gocube not charging

    So my gocube just does not charge anymore, which is a problem many people on Kickstarter were having, but I got a later version of the cube. I tried flipping the reset switch for 5 seconds and charging it but that did not work. Anyone else got this problem? And Ideas? Its really disappointing...
  2. KyleTheCuber

    Which Bluetooth cube is the best?

    Today there are a lot of different Bluetooth cubes but which one is the Best?
  3. cubeast

    Cubeast - a speedcubing timer for Bluetooth cubes with support for all Bluetooth cubes, all timers and all major solving methods

    I'm excited to announce that the first version of Cubeast is live! cubeast.com By leveraging the Bluetooth connectivity of modern cubes Cubeast aims to provide a new set of insights and tools to help you become a better cuber. It records, stores and analyzes all of your solves. Main features...