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2x2 LBL vs Ortega

kid who cubes

Feb 19, 2016
I was thinking about the exact same thing just yesterday after I solved in 5 seconds with LBL. I solve the 3x3 in about 30 seconds, so I was thinking that if I can get that fast, the LBL couldn't be that bad on a 2x2. If you don't have time to learn Ortega before a competition, LBL is a good alternative.

There are a lot of PLL skips, but the bad thing is that if you only get one during a competition then it doesn't help your average at all.
If you learn LBL you can easily transition into CLL but learning Ortega wont help you with EG-1 or 2


Feb 19, 2019
i feel like this right now lol,just transitioned into ortega and my times went up and now i'm averaging between beginner's and advanced lbl,i might just be method neutral and see how that works
Sep 26, 2018
I use lbl and i can fairly easily get sub 5 averages and my record is 1.07 so i would say lbl is good but i use ortega when i have bad layers so i recommend using both if you have a easy layer use lbl if you have a easy side use ortega. Also this should helpl