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2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals

Feb 14, 2014
Over there
I suppose I'm a bit late, but I figured I'd post some goals anyway. Some of these are extremely ambitious; others seem much more reachable. We'll see! :)

Event goals:
2x2: Practice enough to improve a little (current global is 3.7 +/- 0.2), sub-3 official average
3x3: ~9.5 global average, sub-7 official single, sub-9 official average
4x4: ~36 global average, sub-30 official single, sub-35 official average
5x5: sub-1:10 global average, sub-1 official single
6x6: sub-2:30 global average, sub-2:30 official mean
7x7: sub-3:40 global average, sub-3:40 official mean
Pyraminx: ~2.7 global average, any PR average, sub-1.5 official single
Megaminx: sub-1 global average, sub-1 official average, sub-50 official single
Square-1: either single or average PR
Skewb: don't forget how to solve it, maybe get an average PR?
Clock: sub-10 global average, sub-10 official average, sub-8 official single
OH: sub-20 global average, top 1000 official average or single at any point in the year
Feet: sub-35 global average, get official results I'm proud of, prevent it from being removed!
FMC: ~28 global average
3BLD: Get an official mean!
4BLD: Get an official mean!
5BLD: Get an official single! Get an official mean?!
MBLD: Do an official attempt over 7 cubes!

Other cubing-related goals (some are hijacked from last year's goals):
Host a successful competition (or two) at Princeton
Get some cool non-WCA puzzles and figure them out
Learn more than 10 algs for real this year
Continue to do the weekly competition every week
Practice Redi Cube again and get kinda good
Get more new YouTube subscribers in 2019 than in 2018
Try new things (also just in life)
Meet more cubers
Go to Worlds and have a good time
Get a Worlds podium?

Overall goal: Achieve 50% or more of these goals!

Biggest goal (also a message to my future self):
Don't pressure yourself to achieve any of these goals. Cubing is meant to be fun, so let it be! :)
(If you can't tell, I'm not very confident in my ability to achieve these goals and I'm preemptively comforting myself haha. If I do get a decent amount of these goals, it'd be insane, but I'm not too stressed about it.)
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Jul 14, 2015
Uh oh this could go wrong, my first resolution is to not burn out again having too aggressive goals :(

3x3 goals:
- getting a sub20 avg5 in january and then something even faster at the end of the year <3
- relearning the olls
Aug 3, 2017
Western Australia
Goals (Mostly pretty unreasonable but maybe)

2x2: Learn full EG. Sub 3 average in comp?
3x3: Sub 12 Ao100. Sub 10 single in comp. Learn full OLL.
4x4: Sub 1 average at comp.
5x5: Sub 2 average at comp.
Pyraminx: Sub 6 average at comp?
OH: Sub 18 single at home. Sub 25 average at comp?

And also learn how to solve a 3x3 blindfolded.
Stay motivated to cube; don't wear out.
Mar 18, 2016
Illinois, U.S.A.
Event: single/global average, official single/average, bonus

3x3: <7/10.8, <100m WR/<11

OH: <9.58/14.8, <13/<15

Megaminx: <40/49.8, <45/<52, Top 150 (right now 100 is sub50 for refference)

Feet: <25/34.8, <30/34, Keep the event

At this point, I really don't care about any other events, though I would like to get back into the Blinds. Maybe a successful 3BLD mean and a 4BLD single? Lets say sub 3:00 and sub 15 for both.

0 Nemesis. I guess I'm around 15 or so, the site is down so I can't check. If they remove Feet, then It'll go way up to something like 50 or higher. Keep it in the single digits hopefully.

Host a comp. Have it not be a disaster.

Get a couple wins and podiums in some events.

Related to my other hobbies:
Make state finals in the 300m hurdles and/or PR at <39.5. My current PR from sectionals last year was only 43.43 so I have a long way to go.
90 wpm average on qwerty with a high of 112. Switch to dvorak and get back to at least 75 wpm. Accuracy at at least 97.5%, preferably at 98%+.
Get at least a 500k score on Classic Tetris emulator or get a NES and do it on the original. Get comfortable with level 18 speed and be able to survive on level 19+.
Learn some cardistry and get to a point where I won't cringe if I see myself doing it.

Related to life:
Go to college and do responsible college things and learn. Don't accumulate massive amounts of debt.
Attain or just increase my current level of fluency in (high medium) Spanish and (still just learning) French, start learning Japanese. #Polyglots
Get some legal form of a income, a part time job or not even that so I can start paying college loans and buy cubes for myself.
May 30, 2017
A bit late but oh well
All are at home

2x2: single-sub 1, average of 500-sub 4 Learn cll
3x3: single-sub 8.5, average of 500-sub 12 learn full oll
4x4: single- sub 40, average of 500-sub 1
5x5: single-sub 1:30, average of 100-sub 2
6x6: get another one or fix my Yuxin
7x7: get one
3x3 OH: single-sub 20, average of 500-sub 30
Megaminx: single-sub 1:20, average of 100-sub 1:40
Pyraminx: single-sub 1.5, average of 500-sub 4
Skewb: single- sub 2.5, average of 500-sub 6
3x3 with feet: single- sub 1, average of 50-sub 1:20
Square-1: single-sub 15, average of 100-sub 30 learn more algorithms and practice
3bld: learn

Some are ambitious but some aren’t

Get over 100 subs on YouTube.
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Nov 4, 2015
2x2: 1.6ish
3x3: sub 8 (!!!!!!)
4x4: 36ish
5x5: 1:15
6x6: Sub 3 lol
7x7: lol
BLD: Compete lol
OH: Sub15/Sub14
Feet: sub 40
Pyra: 3.3
Skewb: Sub 3
Megaminx: 1:05
FMC: Sub 26 official mean, 24 or below official. Consistently be like 26-29
Squan: Sub 12
Clock: Sub 10/9?
Chess: Finally get some FIDE rating, chess.com 1700+ in one format atleast

Get a record
Get sponsored
very ambitious goals :3

Alright, half yearly review:

2x2: I really need to learn more algs, 1.8 global atm
3x3: My global has remained stagnant at 9.9 for like 8-9 months lol. I may revise my goal to just be sub 9 :)
4x4: Just no
5x5; Am practicing currently, hopefully this may happen. I'm 1:37ish
6x6: Don't have a good one so can't be motivated to practice
7x7: lol
BLD: Competed and got 3 DNFs :/
OH: 16.6 global currently.
Feet: I just... quit? I mean I used to practice so much and then i just stopped lol
Pyra: Could see this happening, ~3.8-3.9 atm
Skewb: I average around sub 3.5
Megamix: Have been getting a bit more into this, hopefully something good happens... 1:30 global atm
FMC: Wowowow I rally overestimated the number of FMC comps I'd be going to this year. Haven't had an official result since almost 13 months :( Hopefully I get something good (sub 28 mean) at FMC 19
Square-1: I've been practising a lot, hopefully this happens! :D Average 15.5 atm
Clock: I don't have one now...
Chess: i quit

Got a record
May get sponsored
Far too ambitious goals...
Jun 28, 2018
Lelystad, Flevoland, The Netherlands
1. Sub 20 single 3x3x3.
2. Sub 25 Ao5 3x3x3,
3. Attend at least one competition.
4. Learn 4x4x4,
5. Learn 5x5x5
6. Learn Skewb
7. Learn Pyraminx.
8. Learn 2BLD.
9. Learn 3BLD.
10. Sub 2 single 2x2x2.
11. Sub 5 Ao5 2x2x2.

I think that's enough goals!
1: Got it, twice.
2: Close: 25.07.
3: Done.
4: Done.
5: Working on it.
6: Done.
7: Done.
8: Haven't really started yet.
9: Haven't really started yet.
10: Close. 2.48.
11: Close: 5.96.

I'm doing good!
Jun 2, 2017
Literally nowhere
Oh great. Here I go anyway:

2x2: practice, dont get worse.
3x3: sub-10, start making more finals at comps
4x4: sub-40
5x5: sub-1:10, improve yau
6x6: finally start practcing
7x7: ^
3x3 OH: get into the event
squan: sub-17, learn more algs
2x2: not really.
3x3: making progress, but not there yet.
4x4: ^
5x5: switched back to reduction, so idk yet
6x6: yes
7x7: ^
OH: yeah. Stuck on cube to us add my main though.
Skewb and squan: just recently got back in to these events. Skewb is making good progress, but my squan has northern like 3 times, so or is hard to practice.
Apr 1, 2017
Galar Region
3x3: Practice more than I did this year and reach sub-11 globally (Maybe even sub-10.5, but that probably won't happen)
Clock: Globally sub-9 perhaps? No idea whether or not this is realistic
3BLD: Reach a higher success rate and practice a bit maybe.
MBLD: Unofficial 4 points.

In general:
- Try and go to more competitions
- Improve in all the events I didn't mention (aside from 4BLD and 5BLD since I can't do those)
- Start consistently uploading solves to YouTube
- Stop buying every new expensive 3x3 that comes out XD

I might add more to this or change it as the end of 2018 comes closer.
3x3: Not yet, but I've been practicing
Clock: I'm closer than I was before ! I bet this'll happen
3BLD: Yep! I've also learned 4BLD and gotten a success!

More competitions: Yep!
Improve in other events: Maybe a little?
YouTube: haven't uploaded a single solve and don't plan to
Purchases: I've been buying less cubes in general and my bank account thanks me
Nov 11, 2018
From just outside of the universe
Ok here goes

2x2: sub 5 average, sub 2 single

3x3: sub 20 average, sub 12 single

4x4: sub 1:45 average, sub 1:25 single

5x5: sub 3:00, idk when it comes to single

6x6/ 7x7 no skills whatsoever

Pyra: sub 8 average, sub 4 single (I haven't been practicing)

Mega: sub 2:10 average, sub 2:00 single

Square 1: sub 1:30 average, sub 45 single
Everything else I don't practice
Mid year checkup, and revised goals for the end of the year

2x2: Im sub 5 now, and i have multiple sub ones, so my new goals are to learn CLL and EG1 and be sub 2.8 by the end of the year

3x3: I definetly average sub-20, and am almost averaging sub 12, so my new goals are to get more sub 8 singles, and to average sub 10 by the end of the year

4x4: I almost average sub 1:00, so my new goal is sub 45 single, and sub 55 average

5x5: I average sub 2:30, so my new goals are sub 1:50 average and sub 1:30 single

6/7: Ive kinda started practicing lol

Pyra: lol

Mega: im sub two, but i dont practice

SQ1: Im sub 40, but i dont care much for it

skeeeeeewb: Im almost sub 5 yeet

OH: be like sub 22 ig idrk

FMC be sub 38 lol

Other notes: Im going to nats, Im sponsored by cubershub.com, and I have been added to the littest group chat