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2019 Cubing New Years Resolutions / Goals


Sep 10, 2018
3x3- Definitely a sub 10 official average, maybe even before 2019 (There's a comp I'm going to in December), and also get sub 9 by February/March (I average 9.5), and maybe sub 8 by the end of 2019 (that's really ambitious though)
2x2- I don't really care, maybe a sub 3.5 official average but that's it (I currently average around 3.5)
4x4- Official sub 40 single and average (I average right at 40-41 seconds), maybe even faster
5x5- Get sub 1:15, also break my 1:09 pb. Also, sub 1:15 official average (I average 1:25)
6x6- Sub 2:30, compete more and get a sub 2:40 official mean (I currently average 2:50)
7x7- I currently don't do 7x7, but I hope to get into it
OH- Sub 15 official average (I currently average 18)
Feet- Get sub 50, hopefully go to some comps with feet (I currently average 55)
Clock- Get sub 10, and go to some comps with clock and get a sub 10 average (I currently average 13)
Megaminx- Get a sub 1:40/1:30 official average (I have a comp with mega in February) I currently average 1:40
PYRAMINX- Get Korean Nr and/or Asr for average (single will be hard). Also, if I get the chance, go to korean championships and podium Pyra, or go to US Nats. I currently average 2.7
Skewb- Get a sub 5 official average (I average 4.xx)
Square-1- Get sub 23 official average ( I average sub 25)

Also, maybe learn BLD and FMC


Oct 19, 2017
Hey looks like I did this December 3rd last year too :)

Here we go:
2x2 - Sub 1.7 average, Beat my single (.96)
3x3 - Sub 7.5 average, Sub 6 single
4x4 - Sub 32 average, Sub 28 single
5x5 - Sub 1 average, Sub 55 single
6x6 - Sub 2 mean, sub 1:50 single
7x7 - Sub 3:00 mean, Sub 2:45 single
Square one - Sub 8 average, Sub 6 single
Skewb, Sub 2.2 average, Sub 1.1 single
Mega - Sub 55 average, Sub 50 single
Clock - Sub 8 average, Sub 6.5 single
Pyra - Sub 3.7 average, Sub 2 single
OH - Sub 13 average, Sub 10 single
Feet - Sub 35 average, Sub 30 single
FMC - Sub 25 mean, Sub 22 single
BLD - Sub 40 mean, sub 27 single.
4BLD - Sub 2:30 single
5BLD - Sub 8 single
MBLD - ≥15 points

Have a 1st, Second, and Third in at least 12 events
Don't screw up Nats 2019 like I have in previous years.
150+ Total Podiums
70 Total Comps
Top 10 kinch
No country nemeses
Have every PR be from 2019
Help keep feet as an event from 2020 onwards
Have the community accept the fact that PR is a good change
12+ SRs (lol)

Ok, last year I thought I had ambitious goals... but I beat almost all of them. Goal: Have these be good goals.

James Hake

Jul 29, 2016
2x2: learn full cll, sub 3
3x3: low 9 - sub 9
4x4: switch to yau, low 40s - sub 40
5x5: switch to something other than redux, sub 2
squan: learn more algs
OH: practice
BLD: learn


Sep 28, 2017
A Cookie Factory
2x2: sub-3
3x3: sub-10, beat pb single of 7.85
4x4: sub-40
5x5: sub-1:10
6x6: sub-2:20
7x7: sub-3:30
OH: sub-15
Mega: sub-50, learn full PLL
Kilo: sub-25
Pyra: no real goals
Skewb: no real goals
Squan: be consistently sub-25
Clock: sub-12, get a good clock if one comes out

For forum comp:
If redi cube is added as an event, buy the puzzle and practice.
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Apr 6, 2018
I checked my globals in all of my events from the end of 2017, and then compared them with my current ones:
3x3: I was sub 17, now sub 13
4x4: Sub 2:30, now sub 53
5x5: 4:30 - 1:35
6x6: -- to 3:30
OH: 1:00 - 24
SQ1: None to WR270
Pyra - 17 average to now sub 7
Mega: 3:00 to 1:30

I think I'd like to be top 100 in the world for square one, and sub 1 in mega, sub 1:15 in 5x5, sub 40 in 4x4, and sub 17 in OH


Nov 4, 2015

Time for a new beginning, have failed goals for last 2 years so...

2x2: Sub 2, Top 20 official YES, almost(set a goal for top 35 later, got a 1.69 which was DQed)
3x3: Sub 10, global and official YES YES AND YES!
4x4: Sub 50, g & o Yes, yes, yes!
5x5: 1:40 g&o almost
6x6: sub 4 almost
7x7: sub 7 eh
OH: sub 18 comfortably :3
pyr: don't care much but 4.5ish Ended up caring and yes
skewb: sub 4, g&o Yes, yes, yes
FMC: sub 35 Yes! Official too
squan: get one(mine broke and is crappy), sub 20 Yes
3x3 feet: 1:20 consistent Yep
mega: idrc, 1:40 Yep

Pick up some blind around the way Umm probably?
top 500 kinch Yee
go to 4 comps, try for one mumbai comp(will probably happen, Udaan Open 2018 is in Jan) 3 comps so far, went to 2!
balance cubing chess and studies more properly Yes I think
Try and get a few more cubes Yes :)

Pretty successful so far, I think I might be able to achieve some of these this month!
13.5/18 and 3 points lost are due to big cubes
Aiming for 16-17/18 ;)

My goals aren't far fetched at all(or so I think).


Dec 13, 2015
New York
Oh dear.

2x2: Learn CLL instead of last years goal.
3x3: Stop learning Columns and learn roux. Average sub 20 with it by May, and sub 15 by September.
4x4: Maybe mod my maru. Idk. I like my maru.
*get a skewb and squan*
Feet: Begin lear- dammit it's being removed.
OH: Be sub 20 Roux OH by June.
3v1: Push to get it mass produced by June. Further design enhancements.
1x1: Break the world record.
misc: learn how to speedsolve curvy copter.
Apr 19, 2017
United States
3x3: sub 10 avg, sub 6 single
2x2: finish cll, sub 4 avg
4x4: 40 avg, sub 30 single
5x5: sub 1:35 avg
6x6: sub 3 avg
7x7: sub 4:30 avg
Sq1: don't get worse
Pyra: sub 5 avg
Skewb: 7 avg
3bld: sub 1 avg, learn some 3 style sets
4bld: official success, sub 10 avg
Mbld: attempt 5
OH: 15 avg
Mega: 1:00 avg
Clock: sub 15 avg


Dec 2, 2017
Maine, USA
2x2: sub-1 single, sub-4 global average
3x3: sub-9 single, sub-15 global average
4x4: sub-45 single, sub-1 global average
5x5: sub-1:40 single, sub-2 global average
6x6: sub-4 single, sub-4:30 global average
7x7: sub-6:30 single, sub-7:30 global average
8x8: acquire one, sub-15 global average
9x9: acquire one, sub-25 global average
3x3 OH: sub-18 single, sub-25 global average
3BLD: sub-2 single, sub-3 global average
3x3 with feet: get a cube for it and practice
FMC: start practicing
megaminx: sub-1:10 single, sub-1:25 global average
kilominx: sub-20 single, sub-30 global average
master kilominx: sub-9 single, sub-10 global average
gigaminx: acquire one, sub-20 global average
pyraminx: sub-3 single, sub-6 global average
master pyraminx: sub-35 single, sub-45 global average
clock: acquire one and practice
square-1: learn more algs, sub-40 single, sub-50 global average
skewb: learn more algs, sub-5 single, sub-10 global average
4BLD: learn and practice
multiblind: 5/5
Go to a competition
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Jun 12, 2017
So here we go again, this time with more aims to fail on.

2x2: <4
3x3: <14, but this one isn't really to important
4x4: <1min, not really this shouldn't be to hard after allready failing in 2018
5x5: meh, not much of an aim, but global sub2 would be nice. Also don't practice it to much and instead focus on other events.

6x6, 7x7, megaminx, clock, feet: I'm just kidding. Did all of this official once and that's all.

Pyraminx: After much progress in 2018 have a global sub5.5 average. I wanted to say Podium, but that's just not really possible.
Skewb: I realized that this is just skewpid. There are no resolutions for this event.
Square-1: <25 would be cool. But probably without to much learning new algs. I should probably work on my cubeshape.

Now the important stuff:
3BLD: <1:10 consistantly, official sub1 and finally a mean. I wouldn't say 3Style Edges, even though it might be cool, but it's just so timeconsuming. But if I could find time for that in the summer that would be awesome.
4BLD: I don't want to practice that to much. But another podium and NR10 would be cool.
5BLD: Get a success officially so I can get into that silver-club
MBLD: Now we're talking important stuff. Come somewhat back into a practice-routine with frequent attemps. Fit at least 20 cubes into one hour and work on accuracy. Get that NR or at least NR3.

Additionaly I would like to: Podium in another event besides MBLD and Big-BLD (probably even a non-BLD-event?).

Also I just want to keep things as they are with periods of practicing that may or may not have dry-periods in between. It's okay as long as I still find myself enjoying cubing. And of course I should remind myself that cubing is just a fun hobby and studying is still more important.

Greetings to 2019 Bertus from Bertus!
Jun 2, 2017
Literally nowhere
Oh great. Here I go anyway:

2x2: practice, dont get worse
3x3: sub-10, start making more finals at comps
4x4: sub-40
5x5: sub-1:10, improve yau
6x6: finally start practcing
7x7: ^
3x3 OH: get into the event
squan: sub-17, learn more algs


Jan 9, 2014
3x3: Sub-10 with Roux, sub-9 with CFOP. and sub-15 with Waterman
2x2: Meh
4x4: Sub-35 with Hoya, sub-40 with Meyer officially
5x5: Sub- 1:10 (I don't practice this event much) officially
6x6: Meh, I have high variance in this event, so no goals
7x7: Meh
3BLD: Get sub-70 move-count official solve on ("3-style" 10 algs scramble), and get memo WR on 10algs officially (It is 6 or 7 sec by Jeff Park ig)
FMC: Sub-30 mean
OH: Sub-15 with faster LSE in Roux plis.
Feet: RIP
Clock: This event can get extinct yo, so no goals.
Mega: Sub-1:10 single officially
Pyra: Meh
Skewb: Compete in at least once officially this year
SQ-1: Compete in at least once officially this year
4BLD: Sub-1:40 officially(Current PB is 1:56.80)
5BLD: Sub-2 officially (Have to make this possible somehow in 2019 yo) Current PB is 4:39
MBLD: Anything between 30 and 60 points is a win for me.

Attend at least 11 comps in 2019 (To make a total of 50 comps for me !!!)

6BLD: sub-10 (Current PB is 14:49) Fastest DNF is 13 something
7BLD: sub-20 (I first have to buy a good 7x7 in the year 2019) I have some Shengshou or Aofu stiff cube
8BLD: Sub-30
9BLD: I will decide the goal after I get success on 8BLD
10BLD: Buy a 10x10 if MoFang JiaoShi releases a 10x10
11BLD: Do one attempt and get at least 60% of the centers solved.
17x17: Do one solve on a friend's cube (I cannot afford a 17x17 yo)

Kilominx: Sub-30 (Current PB average is 38.xy)
Redi Cube: Sub-15
Red Bull Match the scramble: sub-25 average (Current PB is 24.8 single/ 36 avg on SS comps)
Mini Guilford: Sub-6 (Current PB is 6:16)
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Jun 4, 2018
Get back into practicing more, in general

Sub 25s OH average
Sub 60s 4x4 average
Attend at least one comp


Sep 4, 2017
Massachusetts, USA
who cares about times
feet better still exist
people better not still be using pr/wb
ushakov's 19 dnfed
feliks's 6.88 dnfed or max's 6.44 accepted

i make a doc of actual goals dec 31st so ig ill post those here then lol