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1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

Jun 2, 2017
Literally nowhere
277. Solve a kilominx OH
278. Solve a megaminx OH
279. Solve a gigaminx OH
280. Solve a teraminx OH (that would qualify as a modern torture method)
281. Solve a yottaminx OH (^)
282. Solve a 2x2 OH
283. Solve a 3x3 OH
284. Solve a 4x4 OH
285. Solve a 5x5 OH
286. Solve a 6x6 OH
287. Solve a 7x7 OH
288. Solve an 8x8 OH
289. Solve a 9x9 OH
290. Solve a 10x10 OH
291. Solve an 11x11 OH
292. Solve a 12x12 OH
293. Solve a 13x13 OH
294. Solve a 15x15 OH
295. Solve a 17x17 OH
296. Solve a 22x22 OH
297. Solve a 33x33 OH
298. Don't solve OH
299. Eat ice cream
300. Write reason #300
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Jan 4, 2018
Visit Channel
314. Clean your cube.
315. Lube your cube.
316. Be a decent human by cleaning your feet
317. Be a decent cuber by campaigning for feet to remain as an event.
318. Negotiate Brexit
319. Drill the ZBLL algs that you learnt earlier.
320. Go to school.
321. Work hard at school.
322. Come back from school feeling happy that you've had a successful day.
323. Gen a faster E-perm.
324. Gen a faster A-perm.
325. Develop a method that always finds the optimal solution.
326. Break the FMC WR.

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