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1000 Things to do your free hand while doing OH

Jul 12, 2016
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14. Doing your homework
15. Stocking cubes
16. Arsoning your favorite cube store warehouse (plz dont actually)
17. catch a frisbee
18. play tennis
19. play volleyball
20. play table tennis
21. play badminton
22. play tetris
23. play dance dance revolution or stepmania
24. solve another 3x3 with your feet
25. solve another 3x3 with your feet and your other hand blindfolded
26. drive
27. going in an elevator and press all the buttons
28. draw
29. chug
30. pack up your knives and go
31. juggling
32. cardistry
33. prank call someone
34. play chess
35. speed integrate
36. do laundry
37. do laundry in nebraska
38. do skewb on your other hand
39. speed type
40. speed type ABC
41. program things in code
42. do chemistry just like what chris tran told you to do
43. construct something just like what chris tran told you to do
44. judge someone if they're guilty or not just like what phil yu told you to do
45. parkour
Dec 8, 2017
53. Turn the pages of your Bible as you read it.
54. Copy down 50,000 decimal places of pi
55. Cut your toenails
56. Eat a donut
57. Slap the table
58. Clap (with one hand)
59. Count the money in your wallet
60. Put a blindfold on
61. Take apart your least favorite puzzle and throw away all the pieces
62. Memorize your cousins' birthdays
63. Look up how many nemeses you have in the WCA
64. Calculate 8x8
65. Calculate 8x8+1
66. Paint your room
67. Perform a card trick
68. Eat a watermelon
69. Dream
70. Doodle
71. Admire your favorite people
72. Pray
73. Make a paper airplane
74. Do lunges


Jan 4, 2018
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79. Flex on people with your OH skills.
80. Realise that you're really bad at OH because you've solved a 17x17 with your non OH hand but you've only solved half a cross edge.
81. Switch to ZZ because you're being really slow at OH.
82. Switch to Roux because EO is too hard.
83. Switch back to CFOP because you can't do M slices OH yet.
84. Become President.
85. Switch nationalities and become Prime Minister.
86. Beat the OH WR with your other hand.
87. Tickle your friend.
88. Punch your friend.
89. Lose your friend.
90. Lean 1LLL in preparation for when you finally get there.
91. Memorise the Periodic Table.
92. Memorise e because pi gets too much attention.
93. Memorise tau in base 12 because you feel superior.
94. Read the Qur'an.
95. Read the Torah.
96. Realise you've already read the Torah because you read the Bible earlier on.
97. Join the Speedsolving Discord.
98. Write your own book.
99. Publish your own book.
100. Thank the bus driver.
101. Celebrate palindromes.


Mar 21, 2019
somewhere on the complex plane.
113. Juggle 3 cubes and solve them
114. Find more proofs that E to the I Pi = -1
115. Watch OH youtube tutorials
116. Hack into Pewdiepie and T series' channels and delete them
115. Memorize Bible verses
116. Read Narnia
117. Be happy
118. Write emojis on a piece of paper
119. Go skydiving
120. Order all of speedcubeshop's stock


Jan 4, 2018
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121. Start a shop called speedcubeshop 2.0 because you just bought all of their stock.
122. Start a podcast called CastCube.
123. Start a podcast called CubeCast 3.0
124. Emigrate to a country with no cubers and get all of the NRs.
125. Brush your teeth because it's taken you so long to solve this one piece OH.
Sep 14, 2018
My Desk
134: Watch felix turn faster than you will ever be able to
135: Watch jay mcneil complicate a childs toy
136: Eat a picture of somebody
137: Photoshop somebody and make them look cooler
138: Take a sip of the lube closest to you to wash down the picture of somebody you just ate