1. Jam88

    YouTube Channel Companion Website

    Hi forum members! I am making this thread to ask you guys what kind of features you would like from a YouTube Companion website. what I mean by this is like how J Perm's website is and SpeedCubeReview's website is I am soon going to attempt to create one for my...
  2. H

    Need help with youtube

    Hello, I have been presented with an opportunity to get sponsor at 1k subs! I am nearly at 500 right now. Can someone pls help me by subscribing to me? Channel is HL Cuber. thank you! I am also doing a giveaway right now! You need to be subscribe to be enter! Winners will be announce on June 19...
  3. AbsoRuud

    Double Skewb

    I received the Double Skewb from MoYu store the other day. It's a well turning puzzle. Stiff at first, but it loosened up pretty quickly after a bunch of turns. The difference between this Skewb and a normal Skewb is that there is an inner center underneath each outer center, that can turn...
  4. WarriorCatCuber

    SpeedCubeReview's Petrus Tutorial

    There is a great lack of good petrus video tutorials online. But recently, the famous youtuber @SpeedCubeReview has published a video tutorial! It is very well explained, and if you want to learn petrus, I would recommend you check it out!
  5. KFCubes

    [GBA3 #1] The Awkward Shapes!

    So yes, I've started a new series. In this series I will be doing everything I can to get better at 3x3. This can include soles, tips, algs or anything else that seems useful. If you enjoy these types of videos, then please leave a like and subscribe!
  6. KFCubes

    The Cringiest 3BLD Solve Ever

    I've been getting into 3BLD a little bit lately. I was recording some solves when I got a very strange solve. I ended up spending a ton of time making a thumbnail, and editing it. I think you will enjoy it, so please consider checking it out, leaving a like and subscribing!
  7. C

    Review and unboxing of the Celeritas GTS3M + written review

    Written Review: Initially, the GTS3M came very sandy and dry feeling. Over the course of a hundred solves, it quickly sped up. Surprisingly, to my surprise, the cube was able to still keep its stability. I did find myself overshooting on occasion. The cube seems to be lubed with celeritas and...
  8. C

    My journey to Sub-20

    Hi guys, I've been cubing for around 3 years now (2 years actively) and due to the recent pandemic, I got back into cubing! Within a few weeks I was averaging lower 20's and just a couple weeks ago, I was able to achieve sub 20! it was extremely gratifying seeing all my hard work go to use. I do...
  9. Zain_A24

    Speedcube Giveaways and YouTube Channel - Speed Cube Critic

    Hello Everyone, As the title suggests, I will be doing some giveaways throughout the year. These will be when I hit certain milestones on social media, as well as celebrating a few more special occasions along the way. This is the thread I will be using to let you guys know how you can...
  10. Humble Cuber

    Humble Cuber YT

    im back into making videos after almost a 4 month break, I hit 100 subs awhile ago but just now am doing a giveaway for it.
  11. Cube Tribe

    Cubing entertainment videos??

    Have you ever watched these minecraft videos about the difference about noobs, pros, and hackers and gods? Well, I thought why not do the same thing in cubing xD, so I made this video...and I hope you guys will like it ;) Please show some love if you do and I need some ratings from 0 to 10...
  12. evanliu24

    [Review] Is The YJ MGC Megaminx Main Worthy?

    Links to buy: Hello, this is a review from the perspective of someone who does megaminx as their main event. For most cubers, I...
  13. NCuber

    All WCA World Records

    ALL WCA WORLD RECORDS! Check out the video here!
  14. u Cube


    It's hard to get subs isn't it? Yea. It is. Currently I am sitting at 172 subscribers on my channel "u Cube". I am by far not a big cubing channel however I do think I can help some smaller creators with less than 150 subs out. So if you have youtube channel and it has less than 150 subs then...