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    How to improve F2L

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    My first sub13
  3. TekO free

    Avg of 5 31.347

  4. Jam88

    YouTube Channel Companion Website

    Hi forum members! I am making this thread to ask you guys what kind of features you would like from a YouTube Companion website. what I mean by this is like how J Perm's website is and SpeedCubeReview's website is I am soon going to attempt to create one for my...
  5. H

    Need help with youtube

    Hello, I have been presented with an opportunity to get sponsor at 1k subs! I am nearly at 500 right now. Can someone pls help me by subscribing to me? Channel is HL Cuber. thank you! I am also doing a giveaway right now! You need to be subscribe to be enter! Winners will be announce on June 19...
  6. AbsoRuud

    Double Skewb

    I received the Double Skewb from MoYu store the other day. It's a well turning puzzle. Stiff at first, but it loosened up pretty quickly after a bunch of turns. The difference between this Skewb and a normal Skewb is that there is an inner center underneath each outer center, that can turn...
  7. WarriorCatCuber

    SpeedCubeReview's Petrus Tutorial

    There is a great lack of good petrus video tutorials online. But recently, the famous youtuber @SpeedCubeReview has published a video tutorial! It is very well explained, and if you want to learn petrus, I would recommend you check it out!
  8. KFCubes

    [GBA3 #1] The Awkward Shapes!

    So yes, I've started a new series. In this series I will be doing everything I can to get better at 3x3. This can include soles, tips, algs or anything else that seems useful. If you enjoy these types of videos, then please leave a like and subscribe!
  9. KFCubes

    The Cringiest 3BLD Solve Ever

    I've been getting into 3BLD a little bit lately. I was recording some solves when I got a very strange solve. I ended up spending a ton of time making a thumbnail, and editing it. I think you will enjoy it, so please consider checking it out, leaving a like and subscribing!
  10. C

    Review and unboxing of the Celeritas GTS3M + written review

    Written Review: Initially, the GTS3M came very sandy and dry feeling. Over the course of a hundred solves, it quickly sped up. Surprisingly, to my surprise, the cube was able to still keep its stability. I did find myself overshooting on occasion. The cube seems to be lubed with celeritas and...
  11. C

    My journey to Sub-20

    Hi guys, I've been cubing for around 3 years now (2 years actively) and due to the recent pandemic, I got back into cubing! Within a few weeks I was averaging lower 20's and just a couple weeks ago, I was able to achieve sub 20! it was extremely gratifying seeing all my hard work go to use. I do...
  12. Zain_A24

    Speedcube Giveaways and YouTube Channel - Speed Cube Critic

    Hello Everyone, As the title suggests, I will be doing some giveaways throughout the year. These will be when I hit certain milestones on social media, as well as celebrating a few more special occasions along the way. This is the thread I will be using to let you guys know how you can...
  13. Humble Cuber

    Humble Cuber YT

    im back into making videos after almost a 4 month break, I hit 100 subs awhile ago but just now am doing a giveaway for it.