1. Eminem

    The weather outside

    How is the weather today? ¿ :tu :cool: :( :confused: ?
  2. S

    The "Request an Alg" Thread

    So, I'm working on another lolmethod. If someone can help me with alg-finding, that would be awesome; others can now and later use this thread to request help with alg-generation/finding for odd systems that they're working on. What I need is this: The flipped edge ELS cases with each 6 CPLL...
  3. Deweyspunkis

    F2l is slow???

    I just learned f2l yesterday and I can do it now by memory but it dramatically increases my solve time. I feel like I have to think about what moves I am going to do and I also feel like I'm constantly searching for pieces around the cube. Will I get better over time? How Do you guys know where...
  4. Joker

    How fast are you?

    For 3x3 speedsolve. Average, not pb average, not pb single. Just what you average. Not that hard :P
  5. peteraberg


    I just wanted to put out a question there to ask about what other people train when they train cubing. I personally train mostly 3x3x3-6x6x6 and when I do I mostly do averages. SO basically only complete solves. Before I was training my OLL's and PLL's too but I stopped since I learned them...
  6. Cyrus C.

    [Help Thread] Petrus Discussion

    I decided to make this thread so Petrus wouldn't feel left out. Fridrich & Roux both have their own threads for people to share tips, help other users, provide links to tutorials, etc. (Waffle's Roux Tutorial & How to be sub-20) so why not Petrus? Plus this could get Petrus more users. As...
  7. Stefan

    The "I quit / pause / return / change / etc." thread

    I noticed sometimes people announce that they're quitting or taking a break or are back or intend to change or something like that. Last time I said I might create a common thread for that, so here it is. Please no hate if someone posts his own thread instead of in here, this thread is just an...
  8. *LukeMayn*

    The One-Answer Question Thread [closed]

    Read before posting. Search before posting a question. The "search thread" tool in this thread can be used to see if someone already asked a similar question here. Depending on the question, you may also find answers on the Speedsolving Wiki, or in other threads. If you have questions about WCA...
  9. A

    [Help Thread] Xcross Tips and Discussion

    I still have yet to see an EFFECTIVE (one that helps one intuitively figure out how to build an...) x-cross tutorial on YouTube. I understand how the dynamics of it is supposed to work; build a 2x2x2 WHILE solving the cross, but how does one keep track of the pieces fast enough to be able to...
  10. pcwiz

    [Help Thread] How to Get Faster using the Fridrich / CFOP Method

    PDF Version of this Guide - March 23, 2013 Welcome! This thread will be a guide to help you get faster at solving the Rubik’s Cube using the popular Fridrich/CFOP method. Please read this thread and do some forum searching prior to asking questions about becoming faster. First off, the...
  11. E

    Where do you stop being a beginner and become a speedcuber?

    ironically, not definite which section this should go in (speedcubing or beginners section), but any thoughts? I wouldve said sub 1-min but any other ideas? P.S please let me know if this should go anywhere else.
  12. I

    [Help Thread] Colour Neutrality Discussion

    I'm just curious, who here is color neutral? I'm totally color neutral for speedsolving, except for K4 and K5,(but I'm not very good at either of those methods anyway.) I think that has a lot to do with how I first learned to solve the cube. I learned a beginner's method from a book from the...
  13. T

    [Help Thread] OLL and PLL Discussion

    Hi Guys, 2 weeks ago i bought a cube (3x3) now iám learning solving this via fridrich. I can solve the F2L but now i'am stuck at the OLL and PLL part of Fridrich. I found a couple of sheets with the algorithms from OLL and PLL but eeuh... did you guys realy learn this all out of your...
  14. edd5190

    Accomplishment Thread

    A thread for accomplishments, hence the title, "Accomplishments Thread". Just post your accomplishments here. I decided to make an accomplishments thread because they have one in TwistyPuzzles and I think it would be nice to have one here too. I'll start: I've finally gotten around to...
  15. C

    [Help Thread] Beginners Method Discussion thread

    I came across 2 different beginner methods. The only difference is the LL. Solving the F2L is the same. But the LL is different. The phamplet i got when i bought my Rubiks cube saids to solve the right corner pieces with the same color,not precisely the exact spot then solve the top corners with...