1. PuzzledCuber

    How to solve a 2x2

    Here is a video I made on how to solve a 2x2 cube.
  2. polikarpos

    New solution guide in Greek (pdf format)

    Hi everyone I recently compiled a guide for solving the 3x3x3 cube in Greek. It's in pdf format and explains in detail several solutions ( orienting last layer, LL corners first, LL edge first) for solving the cube layer by layer. In each step several methods are used both for amateur and...
  3. RubiksJake

    LanLan "Sepak Takraw"? 4x4 mod. No solutions exist.

    This is the puzzle I have. (mine's black but exactly the same as this) Things I know: It is created by LanLan. It (i think) is called the "Sepak Takraw". It can be solved similarly to a 4x4. (which I do know how to solve) Lastly, I have searched the internet for hours upon hours hoping to find...
  4. M

    [Unofficial] Jing's Pyraminx Solve

    Hi Everyone This is my video of a solve of the Jing's Pyraminx which I was given for Christmas 2011. I am 10 years old and I started cubing at the end of September last year. Hope you like it! I joined this site with the hope of obtaining useful tips and advice! Thanks
  5. F

    Maze cube - center orientation

    Hi, I have been messing arround with a maze cube lately ( and I could solve it using an auxiliary draw of what the cube looks like when it is solved. If anyone out there owns one of these, I would appreciate to share some...
  6. TK 421

    How to make Mefferts 5x5 THE BEST+Screw problem fixed

    Ok, because it is old 5x5 mech and pre-lube with a gooey Mefferts lube (but a very even coating) you must clean it. remove caps adjust tension Lube and break in. here's the problem with screw/core the screw unwinds itself. go to home depot or other hardware store. buy the most EXPENSIVE...
  7. C

    Who's solved the cube without instructions?

    Just curious. It's a really hard puzzle, and most people haven't the patience to spend that long, especially when you can just flip to a website and read some basic steps and learn in an hour. When I was young, the cube had just come out, and instructions weren't available yet. My older...
  8. pjk

    [Help Thread] 5x5x5 Discussion

    Text Algs Meep Last Two Centers Last Two Edges Kirjava K4 LL <-- parity algs for last two edges Videos Erik Akkersdijk LanceTheBlueKnight RobH0629 Dan Cohen Kevin Lee MeMyselfAndPi Feliks Zemdegs...