1. Aerma

    HazelTrainer — The ZBLL Training Application (NO LONGER In Development)

    HazelTrainer is a desktop ZBLL trainer application that I've been developing since mid-December 2019. Its goal is to be the most robust, most configurable, and most helpful ZBLL trainer out there. Notable features: - Top-down view of ZBLL cases - "Flagging" troublesome cases to make them appear...
  2. C

    A Mobile App For Alg Training And Alg Storing

    Hello everyone! I was thinking about making an app for iOS and Android and I was wondering if I could get some feedback on the idea/get some opinions about something. So I noticed that there weren't any good or free cubing apps for mobile that you could use for alg storing and alg training. The...
  3. Wish Lin

    CLL trainer with selectable subsets to drill

    @PixelWizard 's CLL trainer: Hi everyone, I am Wish Lin. I made a downloadable CLL Trainer that you can select with subsets(T,U,L,Sune,etc)that you want to drill. >>My trainer website:
  4. P

    New Rubik Timer and Data Collection for Speedcubing - progettorbk

    Hi guys! Hello everyone I'm Paolo and I am an Italian web programmer. I've developed a beatiful platform for speedcubers. It is basically a timer, but it stores your solves, draws charts, calculates statistics and can do a lot of other things. It is super nice! Here a youtube link of...
  5. T

    What advancements in cubing software would you like to see?

    With the development of a large number of cubing related websites and apps over the past few years, what more software/tools would you like to see? Any new ideas?
  6. T

    New feature idea

    I was thinking of creating a platform where users could share effective/innovative solutions to different scrambles (or different cases) posted regularly, which could be used by others to improve their skills. Another idea was to create a timer with a similar feature prompting the user to share...
  7. M

    Giiker Cube software

    Hi all, I recently bought a Giiker cube and I had some thoughts about the app. I would like to time myself and know the splits for the solve. I know can do this exact same thing, but it doesn't time the solve. It does only a move split. Do you happened to know ant...
  8. O

    Ideas about develop a X-Cross Software

    Hi guys, would be nice a software where you can practice X-crosses. Several programs like Cstimer and also CCT and DCtimer computes a XCross but, Is there a software where you can input a scramble and it gives you the Xcross by any color. would be nice to develop it. Im interested in...
  9. Computer Cubing

    New Prisma Puzzle Timer with Stackmat Gen 3 support

    Hello everyone this is Computer Cubing, Here is a new version of Prisma Puzzle timer that works with the Stackmat gen 3! Credit to the original author, Walter, who published the original project at To support the Stackmat Gen 3, I have created a...
  10. PixelWizard

    CLL Trainer

    CLL Trainer - BIG UPDATE (EG-1 + EG-2 + MORE ALGS) Hey everyone, I'm just learning CLL and to train the algs as well as the recognition, I made a little CLL-Trainer. You can find it here: constructive criticism and any suggestions are very welcome. I'm still...
  11. PixelWizard

    Prisma Timer - Time Extractor

    Hello :) I just made (literally 10 minutes ago) a little, little, very rudimental tool to extract times from the Prisma Timer. Prisma Extractor Just put your Prisma Timer Times in the Textarea, like this: And the tool will hopefully work. I did just test with these times...
  12. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 7.58 3x3 ao5

    My best average on tape so far. Hope you guys enjoy this one!
  13. Kelsparov

    Kuubik - Cube Simulator/Learning Software

    I wrote a Rubik's cube (3x3x3 only) simulator/learning software for my A Level Computing project, and I thought I would share it with everyone. You can download the program here. After following the link, click 'File - Download' to download all files and then extract the folder on your...
  14. B

    Python rubiks cube solver with 3d display

    After i bought myself my first 3x3 cube and decided to give a shot to teach the computer how to solve it(mostly as a just simple test to test out few things) it actually went far more ahead than i was expecting i wrote a solver for it that relies on fridich method and the 3d display was done in...
  15. Gallifrey

    TurboTimer prototype versions!

    Hey guys! I've always been wanting to make a cube timer, and finally I decided to give up some other things to make it. I've only been working on this for a couple days now, but I want some feedback on it's current state. OS: Mac OS X 10.8.3 (not tested on earlier versions, so if you have an...
  16. S

    Magician Looking for Software!

    Hi, I am working on a new rubiks cube magic trick and i am looking for some software. I need to try and create patterns and letters on the cube. I would like to find some software that will allow me to put in the pattern and the software would give me the algorithm in order to get to that...
  17. MarcelP

    [MarcelP] Last Layer trainer

    I released a new version of my Scrambler: Download scrambler_v2_3_0.jar here The UI is almost the same. Except is has more options: It shows the solution in the title: In the text files you can replace an alg with your own. You can give it a different name. And best of all, you can turn...
  18. Gerra

    Average calculations help (how to handle DNF, +2 times)?

    Hi there, I'm making a lovely timer app for iPhone, now I want to refine my average calculations. Let's assume the session below: 00:10.00 DNF 00:12.00 00:13.00 00:14.00 00:11.00 +2 What is the best single for session here? 10.00 with DNF, or 11.00 +2, or 12.00? What time to...
  19. climhazzard

    Climhazzard's PLL Recognition training software

    Well, since I have a hard time recognizing PLL's, I decided to do a software that helped me. How to use: This program scrambles a PLL and then you must click the right one. In settings (upper right corner) you can choose if it rotates the cube before scrambling & making U turns at the end...
  20. R

    Ipod/iPhone Software apps

    In this message i wanted to let know all the people that there are amazing timers around the appstore, just searching "timer" or "cube". Each one is different, from the least good ones that dont even save the records, some that save them but dont make averages and that stuff (all those are free...