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My new cubing program


Jan 9, 2021
I am currently designing a piece of software for the community and i would like cubers to fill in this form for me to get an understanding of what you (my target audience) would like in my Cubing focused software. From this survey I intend to add or remove feature and I will also try to get new ideas to add to my program which I hope can help beginner and expert cubes alike. For this first revision it will only be a 3x3x3 cube and later on I will try to add NxNxN support. I hope that the first revision of my program will be done in the next 2 months

here is the survey: https://forms.gle/gjU5FwuQpoMK1zh28

Thank you for taking the time to help me out

Tegan Jain

Oct 11, 2018
If you're going to be making a timer, something I would like to see would be more wacky and fun statistics, and also more integration with reconstruction sites and the ability to display stats from those recons as well.
I filed out the form as well. Thanks for doing this!