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Sub-1 Minute 4x4 Race

Fire Cuber

Jan 21, 2010
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The rules are easy - I give you 5 scrambles, you take out the best and the worst, and average the remaining ten.
If you get three consecutive weeks in a row sub-1 average, please go away from this thread and show off. .

Who can join?
Everyone who rarely gets sub-1 Minute on 4x4.

I will give rounds, 1 round is one week.

Okay, to the point. (Times are GMT -7) The Round 4 starts at Thursday 29 January 2011 and ends at Wednesday 2 February 2011.

I'm using WCA format for scrambles

Scrambles of round 5
1. R Fw' R L' Fw' R' D' R2 B2 D2 Rw2 F2 B Uw' Rw2 Fw' R2 B Rw B' Fw2 Uw' R L2 B Rw B L Fw' Rw Uw Fw2 U' L2 B Fw L Rw B' U
2. B' Uw2 Fw2 Uw R' Fw2 R U2 B' L2 Uw B2 U' L' R2 Fw F Uw2 U L' D Fw2 Uw2 B' F' L2 U Uw L2 Rw2 F' Fw R2 Fw U Uw' L Fw D Uw'
3. Uw L R2 D2 Uw2 Fw2 Rw' Fw2 D L F2 Rw U' L R' Uw L2 R2 Rw2 Fw' Uw2 Rw2 Uw' L2 D' L B' D Fw' B L F' D U Fw' U' R B Uw' L'
4. Rw' R U2 Rw2 Fw2 Uw D R' L U' Uw' D Fw' R B' Uw2 R' L2 F' Uw2 L' D2 B Uw R2 L Fw' F2 R Uw' U F D' F' L B Uw' R2 L' F
5. D2 B U2 Uw' F' R2 U D' B F2 D' U Rw2 B R2 U' F2 R2 L F Rw D2 R2 Uw' F2 Uw Rw2 L U L U L2 Fw L2 F2 D B Fw2 D B'

Scrambles of the previous post.

Scrambles of round 4.
1. B L' D' B2 U' Fw2 F L2 B2 D2 Rw Fw2 R Fw' R U Rw R2 B U2 B Rw2 F' L' Fw Rw2 R2 U2 R2 Fw' Uw2 Rw' R' U' F' D U Fw2 R D'
2. U2 Uw' Rw2 Fw L Rw B2 Fw' U' L2 F R' Rw D B' L' Rw2 Fw U R D2 F2 L2 F Uw' Rw2 F2 Rw U' Fw2 B' Uw2 Fw Uw' R2 Uw F' D2 Fw' U2
3. U R B D R U2 L2 F' U D2 B' Uw R D' U' F D' Fw R2 U2 R' Uw' B2 D2 F' D2 B L' Fw' U Uw2 L Rw' U F' Uw' U' B' R' U2
4. L D2 R' L Uw U2 B Fw U' D F' R Fw U' R' L2 F2 Uw' Rw L2 Uw2 R L B' R2 D2 B R2 L D' F2 L' D F' B R B L F2 B'
5. L2 Fw' F2 Rw' Uw2 R2 B D2 Uw F' R' F2 B R' Rw2 F Uw' B' U2 B2 F' Uw U2 L2 R F' U Rw2 F2 R2 Fw D2 Rw2 U2 D' L2 Rw' Fw R' F2

Scrambles of round 3.
1. Rw2 B' D' Rw' F Rw F Uw2 L2 Rw2 F2 Fw' B Uw2 U2 F' U2 Uw F Uw F2 D2 Rw2 D' B' R Rw D R Fw U2 F' Uw B' Uw F2 U D' Fw' Uw
2. Uw' L' B2 F Uw Rw Uw D' L' D2 R Rw' B2 Rw' U' Fw B' L B Rw' Uw2 B Rw' L R' Fw' D U2 R2 D2 Rw' B L2 Rw R U2 R2 F' Fw Rw2
3. F2 R Rw B' Uw' U Fw U2 Uw D R' Rw L' Fw L2 Uw2 F2 B' Uw2 L' Uw' R Fw2 B' L D U B Fw' R2 B' L' Uw' Rw2 L' D2 R U' Uw F
4. D B' R B' L2 Fw F' L' Uw2 L2 Fw U' B' Fw L2 R2 D F B Fw D F2 Rw Uw' U D F2 Uw' D' L2 Uw' L2 U R2 D' R2 Fw' Rw Uw' U2
5. F2 Uw' F' R2 D Fw Rw' R2 F' Uw2 D U2 B' Uw2 U2 D' Fw Rw R' F2 Fw R D2 Fw2 R D2 L2 U' F' D2 R2 Fw2 Uw F2 D2 L R F2 Rw2 D2
6. B2 Rw2 L2 B2 L2 Uw' F2 D2 Fw2 F2 B L' F Fw' Uw' B2 R2 L2 D' Uw' R Uw' D' L2 F2 Uw' Rw2 F' D2 L Uw D F D' L2 U' R' F2 B2 R'
7. U2 R' F2 Fw' D F2 D B' F2 Rw2 U2 R' L2 Uw' Fw U F' Fw' Uw2 U L R' F' B D' U B' Rw2 D2 Uw2 B L2 Uw Rw' U L2 Uw2 R' Rw2 F'
8. U' Uw' B' Uw Rw' L2 F U Rw' D2 L' F2 Rw B Uw Rw B Fw' L Rw2 Fw L' B Fw2 U' D Fw Uw' B2 U F D2 B L Uw2 D F Uw R2 B
9. B' D R B' D' B Uw F' R Rw D' Fw' R2 Uw' D L' F2 B R' U2 Rw' R Uw2 B2 L' U Uw2 Rw2 D U' Fw' F2 R2 U' R2 Rw2 B' Rw2 F Uw
10. U' Rw Uw' L' Uw' U2 Rw' U2 R Uw R' U2 L R' Rw2 B' R' D' Uw' F Rw L D' L D2 U' R Fw L' F Fw D Fw2 U D Rw2 U2 Uw' R' L'
11. U' Fw D2 Uw2 L2 F2 L2 Uw2 Fw F2 R' Uw2 Fw2 D' R B L2 Rw R2 B' Fw U2 R' U2 L2 B F' U' Uw' L D' F2 U Rw2 U2 B' Uw L' Rw2 D2
12. F L' D2 F R D Rw2 B' Fw' F2 R2 B L U' Rw' B2 Fw' D2 Rw' B F' Uw U B2 Fw2 U2 F B' L2 B2 F2 R2 Fw Rw2 Uw2 Fw2 B D' Fw Uw'

Round 2
1. R2 D2 Fw' U B2 D' Uw2 F2 Uw' L2 Uw F2 R Rw' F2 B L' Uw Fw2 B2 L F2 B Rw' B' Uw' U2 Rw2 U Uw' F' Rw2 Uw B2 Rw' U D' Uw F' U2
2. F' D2 U Fw' Uw2 Fw L' D2 Fw2 U2 L U Uw2 L Rw' Uw' B2 D Rw' D' R' F R Fw2 F Uw' R2 Rw' Fw B' U Fw F' B' Uw' Rw L' U2 Fw' Rw'
3. Rw' B2 L' D2 Fw' B D' B' D' Fw2 Rw2 Fw' F' Uw2 D' L' D R' Fw' Rw' R2 F' D U2 B' Rw B2 R U' Rw2 R2 B2 F' Rw2 R2 U2 L2 U' R2 B
4. Fw2 Uw B Uw Rw2 Uw' D' B U' B2 Fw F' U Fw' D' Fw' D2 Fw' D' U2 B Fw' Uw2 Rw2 Uw2 B2 Fw' U B Fw F2 Rw L B2 Fw2 L2 Fw Uw Rw2 Fw'
5. F U Rw Fw2 Rw' D Uw' F' Uw Fw' B R2 Fw' R' Fw B2 F U' L2 U B U2 Uw D' Fw' B D' U2 Rw2 R L2 Fw L2 Rw' Fw2 B L Rw' Fw' U2
6. U R2 B' F2 U2 D' F' B R' D' B2 Uw U' B' Fw Rw2 D' F2 L2 U L' R' F2 Rw2 L2 D2 L' Uw R2 Fw2 U' B2 U D2 B2 D2 B' F Rw D2
7. Uw Fw2 D' Uw' F D' R L D' U' Fw2 Uw2 D Fw2 F Rw Fw' U2 Rw2 D Fw' F U' F2 Rw B' U L' Fw' D B2 Uw' Fw B2 U2 Fw' Rw R2 L B2
8. Rw2 R U' F' L R2 Uw2 Rw Fw2 B2 R' F2 R2 Uw2 U B2 Uw2 F2 D' F U2 Rw F2 R2 Uw L R2 Uw Rw2 F' Rw D' U2 R2 F Rw' B U' Rw D2
9. R' Rw2 F' B2 D' U' Fw2 D2 F' U L' F2 U L2 Rw Fw' Rw2 U Fw' Rw2 Uw2 U2 L Fw' F L' U' F2 D' B F2 Fw2 Uw2 R' Rw' B Uw' B' F' Rw'
10. L' Fw' R Uw2 F U2 D B' U' F2 Rw' Uw' F2 U Fw2 Uw2 Rw R' U Rw' F D' L2 R Rw2 Uw2 R2 Uw' Fw Uw F2 Rw2 Fw' L D2 F U2 Rw' Uw' L
11. U2 Rw' D F' Uw' Fw L' F2 Uw2 Fw' R' Fw' L2 Rw' B R Fw R2 Uw Rw2 D' Rw B R2 D2 R' Fw2 Uw Rw2 L' Uw2 Fw2 R L Uw2 Fw2 B' U' R Fw2
12. B2 F2 R2 L' Uw2 Fw' Rw' Fw' L2 Rw2 R2 U' B' U Fw2 R' L2 Uw2 D2 L2 B2 L2 Fw B L' R Uw F Uw' R2 D' F2 Uw' R Rw2 L2 Uw' R2 F Rw2

Round 1: December 29th-January 5th
1) U' D Uw' Fw' F2 Uw' D2 F2 U D R D' Uw L2 Fw2 U Fw U' L2 U' Rw B2 R' Fw' D' Uw' B L U2 Fw' R2 F2 L B U2 R Fw' U' Rw2 R2
2) B Rw' L2 F2 R' F' R2 L2 F' Fw' D L' B2 D F' B Rw B' L' Fw B2 Uw' D' R2 Uw2 F2 L2 Fw' B' U L Uw2 L Uw' Rw2 B' Fw2 F D' R2
3) B D2 Uw' F' Rw F D B2 Fw D' F2 D2 R' L Rw2 F R Fw' L2 Fw' B' L' Rw2 F2 L' B D L' B L2 Rw' Fw U D2 B Rw' Fw' R U' Uw'
4) D' Fw2 Uw' B2 D L2 R2 Fw2 U R B D U2 B U2 F2 R' D' U R2 Fw' D' B2 U' D Fw' U2 L2 B' R2 D2 B2 Uw U' Fw2 U' L2 D B2 D
5) B' R2 F U2 L2 Fw' F' U' Rw B U2 Fw' Uw2 R F2 Uw2 R' U' Rw' Fw' Uw Fw2 U2 B2 Fw' F L' B Fw' U Uw D2 L' Fw' D' R Fw' U2 Uw2 Fw2
6) Rw' U' L' D Rw' F' U' R B2 L' Uw2 L' F' B U D2 Uw' F' B' R2 U' R2 F2 L2 R' U2 Fw' D R2 Rw2 F' Fw L2 B2 L2 R F2 L' Rw' R
7) B Rw2 B2 R2 Uw D B' U Rw2 B U L Uw B Fw2 Uw2 B D' Fw' B' F' Uw R2 F Fw2 Uw' Fw' F Uw' Rw' R2 L2 B' L2 D2 R2 Rw Uw2 U B'
8) F' U' D' F2 Fw2 Rw' F2 Rw Uw2 D' B2 Uw D L' F' B2 L F2 Uw2 U D Fw2 U2 Rw U R2 L2 D2 Rw U' Fw2 F2 R B L Uw2 D' Rw2 D Uw
9) F' U L2 Uw2 L2 D' U R2 F2 Fw2 L2 Uw' D' F B2 Uw D2 R2 L Uw F Uw' F' Fw B2 U Rw F' Uw2 Fw' Uw' Rw F' L' Rw' B' Fw2 L2 D2 Fw
10) R2 U2 L2 Rw2 Uw L2 Fw Uw' Fw' R2 D' F' Fw2 R L Fw2 Uw F Uw' U' L' B' U F2 U B' Rw' Fw Uw Fw2 U2 F2 R Rw F' R2 Uw' D2 Rw2 U'
11) Uw B' D2 L2 Fw2 Uw2 D Rw U Fw2 R L Uw2 D F' L Fw2 D B' F R2 U Rw2 R2 Uw D' Fw2 R' L U2 F' R' Uw D2 U' L2 R' Rw' Fw2 D2
12) D' Uw B2 R2 D' B' U R' L D U B' L2 R F' Uw2 B' Uw2 U' L2 U L2 F' Uw2 Fw' L2 F L' F2 R2 Uw2 Fw2 L2 Uw' U R' Fw2 D2 Uw2 R2

Please wait after you posted an average, I will add them in a few hours. In the post below.

Please apologise if I'm late to update rounds. But, if I forget to update rounds for a long time, remind me. Thanks.:p

Have fun :D

People who get three consecutive weeks in a row sub-1 :
no one yet
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Fire Cuber

Jan 21, 2010
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Averages of round 5

Result of the previous round

Averages of round 4

LouisCormier : 1:19.40
da25centz : 2:43.40
Brest : 2:07.80
JianhanC : 1:38.95
RyanReese09 : 1:20.54
Keroma12 : 1:26.24
TiLiMayor : 2:04.98
Vinny : 1:36.19
KboyForeverB : 1:04.69
Matt : 1:49.28
Jin : 1:12.94
tehmaxice : (1:03.75?)59.93
avgdi : 2:04.50

Averages of round 3

Brian Kim/KboyForeverB: 1:12.88
JianhanC : 1:45.97
Keroma12 : 1:34.23
tehmaxice : 59.92
Brest : 2:15.88
LouisCormier : 1:19.67
antoineccantin : 2:37.53
da25centz : 2:36.77
AvidCuber : 1:41.83
RyanReese09 : 1:20.68
TiLiMayor : 2:03.56
chrisw : 1:11.82
Fire cuber : 1:23.27

Averages of round 2

Keroma12 : 1:33.24
chrisw : 1:09.68
RyanReese09 : 1:29.60
cincyaviation/Seth Hovland : 1:16.53
nami10923 : 1:05.70
D4vd : 1:16.11
TiLiMayor : 2:46.12
emolover : 1:33.63
Evan Liu : 1:06.37
Hilmar Magnusson/tehmaxice : 1:03.75
KboyForeverB/Brian Kim : 1:13.12
Brest : 2:22.27
Baian Liu : DNF
FireCuber : 1:21.39

Averages of round 1

Evan Liu : 1:04.73
Kar0209 : 1:10.45
D4vd : 1:13.06
Baian Liu : 1:15.74
James Ludlow : 1:18.54
chrisw : 1:19.74
UberCuber : 1:26.69
Keroma12 : 1:30.39
Fire Cuber : 1:33.70
RyanReese09 : 1:37.79
Calvin Le/~Phoenix Death~ : 1:49.16
TiLiMayor : 2:44.09

Click here to see the table

How you post :

The round

Your username

Individual times with the Average. If you want to put the average only, you can do that.

Your Comment :
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Premium Member
Dec 5, 2007
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Does this mean sub1 single, or average? Every time "sub1" is mentioned I think "single", but the giving of 12 scrambles makes me think average. The reason I ask is because if single there's no point me joining, but if average I'm in.


Aug 13, 2010
Buffalo, New York
Mine is something like 1:49 but I never practice 4x4. I did my first actual session of 4x4 yesterday and set new PBs for everything. I'll join in though, no reason to not. Everyone was slow at one point.


Jun 24, 2010
Tucson, Arizona, USA
The rules is easy
Wait, how many rule/s is/are there?

Please apologise if I'm late to update rounds.
Why should we apologize if you forget to do something? Usually it is the person who makes a mistake that does the apologizing.

Here are my times for Round 1:
1:36.88, 1:20.41, 1:22.68, 1:33.94, 1:25.76, 1:37.41, 1:23.57, 1:23.31, 1:22.20, 1:19.57, 1:30.70, 1:27.43 = 1:26.69
Many of these solves were huge fails. My warmup solve was 1:15.90, with OLL parity...

Fire Cuber

Jan 21, 2010
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Round 1
Fire Cubes - Maru 4x4

1:33.76, 1:34.38, 1:28.07, 1:12.92, 1:44.68, 1:35.72, 1:35.02, 1:22.62, DNF(1:08.95), 1:27.02, 1:39.19, 1:36.57 = 1:33.70 (σ = 6.03)

comment : this average is an epic fail


May 15, 2010
New Zealand
Round 1:

D4vd - Mini qj

Avg12: 1:13.06

1:07.76, 1:10.59, 1:20.36, (59.80), (1:29.05), 1:16.92, 1:10.38, 1:11.52, 1:03.91, 1:15.72, 1:18.44, 1:14.97

best avg5: 1:12.54

3rd sub 1 ever :D

The average was pretty average for me.
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Jul 28, 2010
Vancouver, BC, Canada
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The round: 1

Keroma12 - Dayan

Statistics for 12-29-2010 22:34:29

Average: 1:30.39
Standard Deviation: 3.30
Best Time: 1:18.83
Worst Time: 1:42.51
Individual Times: 1:28.11, (1:18.83), 1:31.23, 1:31.65, 1:26.41, (1:42.51), 1:35.08, 1:30.71, 1:23.18, 1:35.02, 1:28.97, 1:33.57

Your Comment : Edge pairing is too slow

chris w

Jan 15, 2010
Sydney, AUS
round 1
(1:31.22), (1:09.37), 1:15.26, 1:21.87, 1:21.14, 1:25.34, 1:24.18, 1:27.68, 1:14.89, 1:10.28, 1:18.03, 1:18.71
avg= 1:19.74

Fire Cuber

Jan 21, 2010
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I thinkk you should just make a new post announcing the end/start of each round rather then editing the first post, it gets confusing. Anyway, I am bad at the 4x4 but I will join as soon as I finish assembling my xcube..that thing is giving me such a pain to assemble...
I will do that, You mean to put scrambles of the other round in a new post right?