1. C

    What is your dream cube?

    Hi everyone! This thread is basically just for telling everybody what your dream cube is. This can be any wca puzzle and upcoming puzzles will also count! I just want to see what cube everyone wants. I’ll start. I have two dream cubes. For 3x3 my dream cube would be a mystic gts3 M. My other...
  2. PingPongCuber

    Favorite non WCA puzzles?

    What are your top few favorite non WCA puzzles to solve? Post them here.
  3. Y

    MF3RS2M, Yuxin Little Magic M or Yuxin Huanglong M?

    Hi, I'm new here so forgive me if I'm posting incorrectly! I'm interested in cubing and now I want to buy a speedcube. I'm thinking of getting either the Cubicle Labs MF3RS2M, Cubicle Labs Yuxin Little Magic M or the Cubicle Pro Shop Yuxin Huanglong M. Which one do you think will be best for...
  4. ZZTrooper

    Good speeds for different puzzles.

    I have no idea where this should be posted, but this seemed the most appropriate. Also, I know I'm supposed to search the forum before making a new thread, but I have no idea what to search for. I would like to know approximately what times equal others in other events. I can't seem to word...
  5. bigbee99

    Selling some unused cubes c:

    PM me with any offers you have :cool: Preferred payment method is paypal, and will ship anywhere. - Black LanLan Skewb ($4) - Stock stickers, nothing really done to it, barely used - Black Yuxin 4x4 ($7) - 10-20 solves on it, stock stickers - Black MoYu Weisu ($8) - 50ish solves on it...
  6. A

    Speedcubing Timer (Android)

    Hi all, I have created a simple and light-weighted timer for Speedcubers. Please try it and give me feedback on how to improve it. Thanks. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alvissoftware.speedcubingtimer&hl=en Why this app? • Light-weight – Simple and easy to use. No fanciful...
  7. Ultimate Cuber

    Unofficial Cubing Competition In Georgia, USA

    I'm thinking about possibly organizing an unofficial cubing competition at the Laurens County Library in Dublin, Ga but I need to have a rough estimate of how many people would come if I did. Also if holding the competition at the library doesn't work out, my grandmother's church has a large...
  8. I

    Looking to buy some puzzles

    Hello! I would like to buy a couple of these puzzles so tell me if you got them and we could work something out. Shegshou 5x5x5 and 6x6x6 Black Type C wittwo 2x2x2 Black Ghost hand magic or any other reliable magic Alpha 5 3x3x3 ( Got a deal with someone already) Mirror Cube Type F...
  9. S

    Spinpossible - a mindbending 3x3 puzzle game - free for iOS/Android/Web

    A few friends and I are working on a free puzzle game called Spinpossible (www.spinpossible.com). The Rubik's cube was one of our inspirations for the design so we're really excited to hear what cubers think of the game. The puzzles are simple but can be mindbendingly difficult. You play...
  10. brandbest1

    My Cube Collection/Possible Giveaway

  11. K

    Trade puzzles for a 6x6?

    THIS TRADE HAS BEEN CLOSED! I am looking for a decent WHITE 6x6 to trade (Yj, Ghosthand, Vcube(preferred). the puzzles i have that i am willing to trade is QJ Black Megaminx (Box & Instructions included), Gold&black Mirror cube, White Shengshou 4x4(Box and instructions included), White Knockoff...
  12. joshiebdapim

    How many puzzles are enough?

    Hey my name is Josh and I love cubing but how many puzzles are enough? I'm going on 25 puzzles now and I feel that I need more lol! How many people feel like this?
  13. P

    Online Flat Rubik puzzle competition

    There is a collection of two-dimensional Flat Rubik online puzzles at http://www.puzzlemystery.com/FlatRubikPuzzle.aspx There are eight puzzles from beginner to grandmaster level. One of them is a 2 dimensional equivalent of the Rubik Cube...
  14. brandbest1

    How large is your cube collection?

    My parents say 12 cubes is way too much. I don't agree. How big is your collection, and do you think it is a lot?
  15. OMGitsSolved

    Favorite Non-WCA Event Puzzle?

    Hey guys! I was wondering what all of your favorite non-WCA event puzzle (3x3x4, 2x2x1, etc.) My favorite has to be between Skewb and Pyramorphinx. So what is your favorite? I am just wondering.
  16. G

    Trading/Selling some cubes!

    I have some cubes I want to sell/trade. All work fine and have brand new stickers. The cubes are: V-cube 5 white Disassembled white haiyan memory (if you want me to assemble it it will cost extra) Disassembled black Alpha V-f (if you want me to assemble it it will cost extra) Here...
  17. izovire

    Buy 2 F-II's get 1 FREE!

    Attention cubers! Puzzle Addictions has a special deal this week for ShengEn F-II's... buy 2 and get 3rd free! This offer ends midnight Oct. 31st... click the link here: http://puzzleaddictions.com/puzzles/deals.html Thank you!
  18. Parity

    Slidy Puzzles Accomplishment Thread

    This thread is for posting accomplishments for slidy puzzles, such as the 15 puzzle. __________________________________________________ Computer 15 puzzle PB. 22.86 68 moves.