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  1. ReneFloresVlogs

    [Member Intro] 1 1/4 months 24 sec pb

    Hi guys, my name is Rene, i have been cubing for a little over a month and it's been awesome. My average is around 30-40 and my pb is 24.003. I started learning full pll yesterday and memorized 6 new algs already so i know Aa,Ab,F,E,H,Ra,Rb,T,Ua,Ub,Y, Z, and Ja I just need to memorize Jb perm, V...
  2. RGFcub3d

    [Member Intro] Hello from Arizona! New Cuber!!

    I just started cubing about 2 weeks ago. I only know the basic method of solving a cube. I just started practicing how to solve the cross on the bottom. My fastest time is 1:36 mins on a New Island Phoenix 3x3x3 stickerless. I also own a Moyu Aosu 4x4x4 and a Rubik's brand 3x3x3 keychain. And...
  3. JohnnyDJ

    [Member Intro] 2.5 Months a Cuber

    Hello, everyone! My name is Johnny Dorigo Jones, and here is everything. Current Personal Best Singles: 2x2x2: 3.43 3x3x3: 16.12 Current Averages: 2x2x2: ao100: 10.22 3x3x3: ao100: 32.14 (I have to do a new ao100) Current Cubes: 2x2x2: MoYu LingPo (Main) 3x3x3: Ganspuzzle III V2, Gans...
  4. ipreferitsolved

    [Member Intro] Greetings Speedcubers!

    Hello, I am ipreferitsolved (just call me Bryce:D), and I am a new member here at I am looking forward to having conversations with people that share the same interest as me (My cube jokes don't work at school!) and I can't wait to *maybe* receive new knowledge of speedcubing...
  5. J

    New Cuber

    Hey Guys! I'm a new cuber and currently learning CFOP. Any advice to learn all of the algorithms or oll and pll? Also I'm looking to get a new 3x3 cube what should I get with a pb of 40 sec? Thanks!
  6. RMcDonald

    New to cubing, so hooked already

    Hi all! First post here, my name is Ralan. I'm a new cuber (~1 month) from Australia. I got the newer model of Rubik's Cube (the kind the turns a bit better) to have something to play with while studying Games Design. I decided that since I now owned a proper cube (I already had the...
  7. LaraMJ

    Hey there. Mexican speedcuber

    Hi, My name is Marco, I'm from Mexico City (: I couldn't find any speedcuber here so I decided to give a try and maybe I can find some friends. I like Hard Rock and Metal music too, same as skateboarding. I've been solving twist puzzles for a few months, maybe 2 or 3. Here's a...
  8. Zer0

    I'm Tyler

    Hello everyone! I am a cuber from Michigan, and just got into cubing about a month ago when I saw my friend who averaged about 5 minutes. The next time I went to my dads house, I told him about it and he said he had a cube in his room so he went and got it for me. I kept practicing my solves and...
  9. T

    Hi from Travis, Australia.

    Hey! My names Travis, i'm 14 and from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Aus. I started cubing about a month ago. My friend brought a cube to school and I was determined to solve it, so I bought a $2 cube and watched pogobat (Dan Brown)'s tutorial. My first timed solve was 3:45. So far...
  10. janey212121

    Salutations kind folk!!

    Hey! My brother is an avid cuber and taught me how to cube three days ago. i can solve the 3x3 and 2x2. i use an LBL solution for both. My times are too awful to post at this moment- i just solved it by myself for the first time this morning. I like any music but rap (however i have a weakness...
  11. Pumpkinmuffin

    Oh, i didnt see you there

    I'm Jessy and I'm new here :) I've been cubing for about 5 months now. My pb for 3x3 is 38.xx and I solve pretty consistently between 40-50 seconds (I haven't done an Ao5 or 12 recently). I use CFOP but I eventually want to learn petrus or roux. As for goals, I just want to keep getting faster...
  12. D


    My names dylan and i like to solve the 3x3x3 alll the time even in lessons my best is a pathetic 49 seconds but after hard practice on my 2x2x2 i can now do the 2x2x2 in 12 seconds - i bet really good cubers will read and be like "what a noob" but i have not been cubing long and i am not as old...
  13. D

    [Help Thread] "What cube should I get?" The Puzzle Choice Thread

    Edit: Please find the latest suggestions in this thread here. Ok, so I am really sick of people asking what kind of cubes should they get. It seems that I have started the "The XXX Thread" wave at this forum, although some of the threads are pretty useful, the invarible title really annoys me...
  14. teller

    One-Answer 3x3x3 Question Thread

    Is this a thread where I get to ask a question? :confused: What makes an alg a "2-gen?" I've heard this term and I don't understand.
  15. L

    [Help Thread] Roux Discussion and Help

    I can't tell from the images on: if the edge you can't see matters for step 4a. I also find this step to be tedious and frustrating most of the time, does anyone have any tips? Thanks :D