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[Member Intro] Hello from Arizona! New Cuber!!

Aug 13, 2015
Thread starter #1
I just started cubing about 2 weeks ago. I only know the basic method of solving a cube. I just started practicing how to solve the cross on the bottom. My fastest time is 1:36 mins on a New Island Phoenix 3x3x3 stickerless. I also own a Moyu Aosu 4x4x4 and a Rubik's brand 3x3x3 keychain. And today I just ordered a Moyu AoLong v2 to replace my current 3x3x3. I really liked the feel on the Moyu Aosu, hence the reason why I'm replacing the New Island with a Moyu. I got into cubing when I started messing with my Father in Law's Rubiks cube. I couldn't solve it so I looked up a tutorial on YouTube. It was by TheSergeB. Now that I know the basics, I was able to solve the Moyu Aosu without any tutorials.

I really enjoy cubing and I am planning on learning the CFOP method next as well as solving other cubes. So, any tips or recommendations will be appreciated. Thank you! :)