1. Abo

    Setting up an Unthreaded Core?

    Hello guys, recently i got a moyu core and spring set for a cube that I am working on as a fun project in school, and I am failing to get the thread to take with the core, anyone have any tips for me on this problem? Thanks!
  2. M

    Modding my shengshou 4x4, and I think I may be missing a spring.

    I only have 5 springs in it, and the normal center across from the big one that locks the centers in is really stiff and doesn't pull out, like the centers do when you pull on them. Is the big lock in piece supposed to not have a spring and it's got one so a regular center doesn't have one, or...
  3. S

    Gan's III octopus core in other cubes?

    Hi~! I am considering using a Gans III octopus core with Moyu Weilong caps. So to say, it's inserting the Gans III core into the Moyu Weilong. Any suggestions/comments? I heard that it becomes more stable and lighter but Gans III is 56 mm and Weilong is 57 mm. Would someone like to try that out...
  4. B

    ShengShou 5x5 Core/Tiles

    My friend is wanting to update his ShengShou 5x5 and needs to know some information. He cracked his current core and wants to replace it. He can't find where to purchase a new one and wants to know which type to get if there are multiple. He also doesn't know how well Cubesmith 5x5 Tiles would...
  5. ThomasJE

    Storebought Replacement Hardware

    Hi, I've recently tried modding ny old Rubik's storebought to make it a little better. I'm planning of: Sanding down internal parts Making 'RCC' holes (simular to a Dayan) Replacing stickers Replacing core/springs/screws My question is: What brand of stickers/core/springs/screws would...
  6. SoupFlies

    The new dayan cores!

    Greeting from Lubix Headquarters! Dayan has started to include new cores in there cubes, and this really caught me by surprise when I pulled apart a cube to mod it into a Fusion. Got side tracked for nearly 30 minutes trying to figure out what the difference was between it and the older cores...
  7. brandbest1

    I need an Eastsheen 4x4 core!

    is anybody willing to give away their eastsheen 4x4 core? pm me. DON'T YELL AT ME
  8. Cheese11

    Mini QJ Parts for Sale

    Hello everybody! So recently a couple of the centre peices on my Mini QJ 4x4 broke so now I am selling the parts for it. I noticed that lot's of peoples cores have broke and mine is still together. So if you want anything then just make a post or PM me.
  9. Sean Lev

    Rubies' brand 4x4 core based explosion

    Yesterday, I was playing with my rubiks 4x4 and it began to feel really loose. A few turns later, it exploded like a qj 2x3x3. Upon closer inspection, I discovered one of the triangles had fallen out due to a stripped screw. A little bit of super glue fixed the issue, but I was wondering if I am...
  10. gundamslicer

    Lunhui- switching cores recommended?

    Is there a need to switch cores on the lun hui to c4u? Well its almost unpoppable anyway (for future reference to people)
  11. collinbxyz

    Make my own rubik's cube!?

    Hi, I like my cubes, but I want to make one perfect for me, so I decided I want to make my own. Example: buy type A-V core, and ghost hand II pieces, and make my own logo, and print my own stickers out. But there is a problem. I don't have many cubes, so I don't know which core/pieces I should...
  12. A

    [Help Thread] My cube has issues! My cube is broken!

    The center cap (or w/e you call it) snapped (well, "flew") off of my cube when i was turning it (i just finished lubing/sanding it) and it won't go back on!! (like, it snapped off and I can't tell if there's supposed to be a piece inside or something, but it won't stay on... every time i put it...