1. DarioRubik

    [Official] 8.92 3x3 average

    My first sub9 average in comp. Hope you like it :)
  2. moralsh

    XI Rubik's cube national Spanish championship

    We're back, more eager than ever! We're hosting our Rubik's cube 11th National championship as a part of Arnold Classic Europe event, for the second year in a row, between September 26th and 28th. You'll find all the information (soon in English) at our website...
  3. TiLiMayor

    WC2013 - Los Angeles/Las Vegas - Carpooling Thread

    //Hello, here I am asking again, new thread style.. Apologies in advance for the bumps I might do in the next couple of days.. I've been planing on going to worlds for the last couple of months and of course since I had to find the best/cheaper way to get there, checking up on plane ticket...
  4. T

    World Championships 2013 - Las Vegas

    I was asked to make an official post, so that there isn't any doubt that the announcement of WC 2013 is real. WC 2013 will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada in a 43,000+ square feet exhibit hall in The Riviera Hotel and Casino. The event will be from July 26 - 28 in 2013, and a group hotel will...
  5. GeoSpeedcuber

    Euro 2012 - Poland

    When and where will it take place ? ? ? MOD EDIT: