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Upcoming WCA Championships


Jun 4, 2018
*Insert Comical Location or Coordinates"
This thread will be dedicated to the discussion and announcement of new championships. Notable championships include those released by the WCA recently on July 20th.
Very exciting that Asian Champs is being held in Kazakhstan. I didn't think that Asain Champs would be held outside of the Eastern Asia, or in any of the "Stan" Nations, but I'm very excited to see how the competition goes.

Almere, Netherlands will be the 2nd time World Champs will be held in Europe for the past 3 Championships.

North American Champs has been pushed to 2022 and is still going to be held in Toronto, Canada

CubingUSA Western Championships got pushed back to 2021 and is still being held in Provo, Utah, on June 25-27

Only 2 other competitions are currently scheduled in the United States right now, both being non-CubingUSA championships.

Tri-State Championship 2020 will be held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on November 14-15th

Pennsylvania Championship 2021 will be held in Hershey, Pennsylvania, on August 20-21st.

Danish Championships 2020 is being held in Roskilde, Denmark, on September 4-6th.

Swedish Championships 2020 is being held in Huskvarna, Sweden, on November 13-15th.

To my knowledge, and according to the competitions page of the WCA website, those are currently the only Championship competitions that are officially announced.


Jun 18, 2019
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Australian Nats has never been outside Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra yet so you can't complain.
i started in 2018 and its been canberra worlds in melbourne adelaide (cancelled) gold coast (i know that we had it in 2015 and 2016 but only a handful of cubers were active then and now in sydney, and sydney has grown from abt 130 people in layte 2018 to about 300 cubers who go to comps