1. H

    [Member Intro] My Introduction

    Hello, I am HaiyaAustin, not my real name, i know it sounds weirdo and cringe, but that's me, nothing is weirder than me. I am from Indonesia, i usually use Simple English to communicate on internet. My average is 30 Secs using Full OLL and PLL, My main cube is Moyu Meilong, but i will change...
  2. S

    Is there an alogirthm to say a corner or an edge can be determined?

    In a 3x3x3 cube solving process, using cfop method, cross and 2 or 3 slots have been solved, and you can only see three faces of the cube(normally front right, and top), according to current information you get, is there a programming algorithm to say a corner or an edge can be determined or...
  3. J

    Justin's 3x3 progression thread

    I currently use CFOP with intuitive F2L and full PLL. My current goal is to average sub-25. I currently average 35.28 seconds and my PB is 23.83. I created a reconstruction of it here. I will be doing solves daily and positing the times & scrambles here
  4. Qb³d

    Making Good Progress with Times for CFOP Up To Yellow Cross

    I’m about two weeks into my new speedcubing adventure, decided to buy a Gan i3 for help. I can consistently get yellow cross in about 1’45” (yes I know, not fat, but still learning). I know where I’m losing time and will work on those details, but I’m struggling with time from yellow cross to...
  5. V Achyuthan

    Virtual cube progression thread

    Recently I have been practicing virtual cube (ya the 3x3 virtual cube on cs timer) I am averaging around 20-22 (wow 2022) seconds. My PB is 9.71 and PB Ao5 is 17.88. I use CFOP for Virtual cube btw. Anyone have any tips to improve? thanks.
  6. J

    [Member Intro] Hi there

    I just started cubing about a month ago and currently only own a rubicks brand 3x3. This forum has been very helpful so far and I average around 50 seconds using CFOP. Any tips on how to be sub 30?
  7. Ultimatecuber0814

    Ultimatecuber0814's Cubing Progression thread l CFOP Method l Goal to get sub20

    Ok, technically I am NOT a speedcuber, my average is about 40secs. I use the beginner's method. I tried the CFOP method and it turns out I'm not good at it. But... to be honest I really improved a lot, from 2 min to under 1 min. AND I USE THE SAME METHOD. If you practice hard, you can achieve it...
  8. M

    3x3 CFOP Example solve thread

    U2 F' U2 D B' U' L D' L' F2 U' D' L2 D F2 L2 U' R2 F2 L2 y' // inspection F R D L' D R' D2 // cross (7/7) y' U L U L2 U2 L' // 1st pair (6/13) R U' R' U R' U' R // 2nd pair (7/20) y' U R' U2 R // 3rd pair (4/24) F' U' F U' R U R' // 4th pair (7/31) r U R' U' r' R U R U' R' // EO (10/41) U2 L' U2...
  9. StuntPlayZYT

    StuntPlayZYT's CFOP Progression Thread

    After two and a half years of cubing, upgrading from beginners method. I'm gonna create this thread to track my progression and memorize tactics n stuff. My Plan OLL PLL F2L Ill try to make an update schedule, but I'm planning and once a week or every 5 days. WELP, WISH ME LUCK...
  10. cuberswoop

    cuberswoop's Progression Thread | Racing to sub-5 Skewb | Keeping the forums comical! | Racing sub-20 Kilominx! | #MakeKiloGreatAgain

    I currently Average around 23 seconds with CFOP, and I am learning Roux now. I am also planning on learning ZZ, Petrus, and Metha so far. I will post every Saturday (If I can because I have to do a lot of stuff) with my progress and maybe a little way down the line a new goal or 2. EDIT...
  11. teboecubes

    3 Tips For Getting Faster At The CROSS (feat. EFFORTLESS CUBER)

  12. u Cube

    Switching to CFOP (Week 3)

    I'm switching to CFOP from Roux. I average about 9.7-10.3 with Roux, and I average about 12.7 with CFOP. My CFOP pbs will be below as I progress, and I may add some goals later: Single: 7.99 Ao5: 10.xx (It's a mid 10 but I've gotten a lot of them, so I'll update this when I get a low 10)
  13. CubeRed

    CLOSED First comp... Any advice??

    Ayo. So I am going to NZ SouthIsland Nationals 2021 soon. Any expectations I should have or important regulations I should know? How should I practice at home? Y'all are experienced cubers, so advice would be welcomed.
  14. OtterCuber

    How to find the best 2-look OLL algorithms?

    Beginner here currently learning 2-look OLL and 2-look PLL. I just discovered that even the 2-look OLL algorithms differ depending on the source. How do I know which one is the "best"? I'm sure people will say some of the variance is based on finger style preferences or it depends on the flow of...
  15. Waffles

    Is option select worth it?

    How many people option-select during 3x3 solves and does it make it any faster/easier to solve from there on? And is it worth learning multiple methods to the point that you’re comfortable using them with less than 8 seconds of inspection? The methods that I think are worth using are: CFOP...
  16. teboecubes

    How I Solve The Rubik's Cube | An Overview of the CFOP Method for Non-Cubers

    This isn't a tutorial; it's more of a summary of how I solve the Rubik's Cube. The video is mainly aimed at non-cubers who want to learn how people solve the Rubik's Cube, so make sure to share this with someone who might learn something from it!
  17. T

    How to get to sub10?

    I'm averaging a little under 13.5 right now (1.5-7-2-2 breakdown on a usual good solve) but just 3k or so solves ago late last year i got my first sub15 ao100 (current record is 13.33) and i've been improving pretty quickly since then. i know my breakdown should be more like 1.2-5-1.6-2.2 to be...
  18. Jessica Roux.PNG

    Jessica Roux.PNG

    Will this lady be the one to propose the perfect CFOP and Roux hybrid?
  19. CodingCuber


  20. GRVigo

    CFOP Master, a Windows application to search a solve for a given scramble using the CFOP method

    Hello. I'm a Rubik's cube fan and a hobbyist programmer. I've been working in a Windows application to search a solve for a given scramble using the CFOP method. To use it download this zip file, unpack it and double click over CFOP.exe. A 64-bit version of windows 7 or higher is required. You...