1. F

    Edge control vs. Full OLL

    I average around 27 and am trying to get decent look ahead. I'm finding it very hard an have kind of lost interest. For a faster way to improve, I was looking into learning full OLL. However, I was wondering if I could just use the OLL algs I already know (I know two-look OLL) and just learn a...
  2. WarriorCatCuber

    The method debate thread

    This is a thread to debate on which method is best and if methods are equal and stuff like that. @Owen Morrison @Micah Morrison
  3. S

    Feeling slightly un-motivated.

    So I've been cubing on and off for several years, I think I started in 3rd grade, and then got into it a little bit in 6th, but now I've been going for about 6 months, and have gotten pretty fast. I went from around 40s in September to around 18s now, but I'm having trouble improving recently...
  4. C

    I’m gonna try the one month one method thing.

    So, I feel like ZZ is kinda failing me, and I just don’t know what I can do besides grind solves. I know EOcross, my F2L is really fast , and my last layer is meh. Idk, I just feel like ZZ isn’t the way. So for the rest of this month, I’m gonna use CFOP (because I was already a previous CFOP...
  5. Potato Kuber

    Method Pros and Cons: CFOP vs Roux vs ZZ

    What I basically want to know is what are all the pros and cons of the three most popular methods. I ,at the moment, use Roux but I want to know if Roux is a good method. Write down your opinions on CFOP, Roux and ZZ.
  6. Llewelys

    Muscle memory

    Warning: This post won’t end the way you think it will (not clickbait) My goal for the next half of 2019 is *drum rolls* to get sub 20. I just did a 22.46 ao12 and here are the splits: Cross/F2L/LL : 2.80 / 12.10 / 7.55 I know I can shave off up to 1.5-2 seconds of the LL stage by working on...
  7. RamenNoodles

    Currently Averaging 26 seconds with CFOP tips for F2L

    I haven't learned Oll or Pll both still two step. Every 10 solves I get a sub 20.
  8. N

    [Help Thread] Hard sub-30

    So, I am a CFOP solver. I use full PLL and 2-look OLL with almost full OLL, mening, i know more than half of the OLL algorithms. I found out that medium TPS makes my times slower, my max tps, around 4 to 6 tps, makes me 4 to 5 seconds faster, and calm solving, meaning, almost slow solving, for...
  9. M

    Looking for a coach

    Hello, I average about 20 seconds on 3x3x (CFOP), and was wondering if there's anyone who would be willing to coach me. Thank y'all in advance! P.S. I don't wanna spend 20 bucks on one video review from jayden McNeill. :D
  10. CriticalCubing

    [Unofficial] Rubik's cube solved in 6.41 seconds |CFOP & Fullstep

    Reconstruction: U2 F R' U F L' B2 R' B U2 L' F2 B2 D2 R' B2 R' B2 L2 y R' F U2 L U' L' U2 R' U R U R U' R' U R U' R' y' R U' R' U' R U R' U2 R U' R U' F U R U' R' F' U perm Cube: YueXiao (Watch my impressions video too ^_^ ) Thank you :)
  11. Phantom777

    F2L: 2 looks per pair

    When I was a new cuber, I thought that F2L was very difficult. There were 42 algs to learn. That's a lot of algs for a beginner. In february of this year, I began the F2L, but learned only 8 algs. With 8 algs, I could do every F2L case. If you have the edge and separate corner , you can join...
  12. T

    [Unofficial] Sub 10 with 10 methods

    Not that impressive when you consider that half of these methods are just CFOP variations. However, I think I've played by the same rules as everyone else who has made a "sub x with y methods" video (For example, ZB, MGLS and CFCE are considered different methods in Ben's video as well). I had...
  13. Ross The Boss

    [Unofficial] Some CFOP Solves [14.22 avg5]

    each solve was based around an extended cross. im almost certainly not going to get a sub15 with normal cross/f2l solvage.
  14. T

    [Unofficial] Roux with F2L: 9.89 avg12, 8.54 avg5

    Steps: Really just a fun thing that I decided to practise. I'm not advocating it as a method or anything, because F2B is so much more efficient. I'd be interested to see how fast the really fast CFOPers can solve F2B with this method though, as you get a lot of easy xcrosses and one move...
  15. RubixNoobix

    New to speed cubing, looking for a first cube

    Hello, I started cubing a little less than 3 months ago, and have gotten faster and faster since then. I use a new rubik's cube (version 2.0?) that can be found in Target or Walmart, and have gotten an avg. of 5 of 1 min 29 sec, and a PB of 1 min 15 using the beginners method. But I feel like I...
  16. Bhavesh Bakale

    How to get faster at CFOP sub 20

    Hey guys this is the guide to get below sub 20 on using fridrich method so these are the most important things to do:- NOTE THAT THIS GUIDE MAINLY FOCUSES ON GETING BELOW 15 SECONDS OF AVERAGE I AM Currently 10 seconds average and use all of these things in x3 solving. 1)try to inspect your...
  17. 2180161

    POLL: What method do you guys use?

    What method do you guys use? Im curious to see what is the most popular, as i am running fromm method to method trying to find one I really like.
  18. E

    The New Method / Substep / Concept Idea Thread

    Please read before posting I'm making this thread for all of those ideas you have that are interesting, yet are not fully developed. This is a place to post them. I have come up with many ideas and didn't want to post a new thread for every one of them when most don't get very far. Perhaps if...
  19. jskyler91

    [Video] My 2- Side PLL Recognition Method

    I told myself I would make at least two videos this break so here is my guide on how I do 2- side PLL recognition. I have received a lot of questions about this so I hope this answers them. I say it many times in the videos, but I would like to again thank Sarah for her amazing guide, without it...
  20. jskyler91

    How to Look Ahead in the Fridrich/ CFOP Method

    This is the first part of my 4 part series on how to look ahead in CFOP. I realize that this first vid, and possibly others may not be presenting original information, but no one has, to my knowledge made this inforation available in video form. Let me know if this helps you guys out. I...