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6x6+ Blindfolded Rankings Thread


Jan 10, 2013
Sirius, Russia
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6x6x6 blindfolded ranking
#NameTime [memo]LinksCountry
1Graham Siggins6:45.64 [3:40.96]video, postUnited States
2Roman Strakhov7:58.33 [3:36.56]video, postRussia
3Tom Nelson8:20.88 [3:49.40]videoNew Zealand
4Cale Schoon8:38.58 [3:59.00]video, postUnited States
5Stanley Chapel9:15.80 [5:24.40]postUnited States
6William Phommaha12:14.81 [5:40.64]postFrance
7Enoch Gray12:37.89 [6:06.00]video, postUnited States
8Adrian Dębski12:55.93 [7:05.00]video, postPoland
9Oliver Frost14:23.32 [6:59.00]videoUnited Kingdom
10Tommy Cherry15:55.00 [11:03.00]postUnited States
11Victor Tang Yao Jun15:59.99 [6:48.69]postHong Kong
12Gregory Alekseev16:06.72 [8:42.00]video, postRussia
13Yuki Yamamoto17:47.16 [10:02.00]video, postJapan
14Nevins Chan Pak Hoong18:34.47 [11:33.57]video, postMalaysia
15Oleg Gritsenko20:31.93 [9:28.06]videoRussia
16Mike Hughey21:00.83 [12:13.82]postUnited States
17Jakob Kogler22:23.73 [9:58.00]videoAustria
18Callum Hales-Jepp22:35.73 [9:20.00]videoUnited Kingdom
19Rodson Lingad24:04.66 [13:23.96]postPhilippines
20Robin Michaud24:37.78 [9:49.71]videoFrance
21Grzegorz Jałocha24:47.34 [12:18.00]videoPoland
22Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar25:24.06 [15:09.00]videoIndia
23Teruki Tamura25:31.81 [14:34.00]video, postJapan
24Mats Bergsten25:58.99 [16:05.00]postSweden
25Chris Hardwick26:21.40 [15:50.00]-United States
26Gabriel Barrios26:47.51 [15:48.45]video, postGuatemala
27Witali Bułatow27:41.57 [12:14.03]videoPoland
28Arthur Garcin27:43.00 [17:28.00]postFrance
29Bryson Azzopardi28:02.00 [17:40.00]postAustralia
30Katharina Schlomberg28:47.77 [14:30.00]postGermany
31Hanns Hub29:48.42 [16:10.26]postGermany
32DongJae Lee30:28.42 [15:36.40]videoKorea, Republic of
33Harry Savage31:37.10 [19:44.48]video, postUnited Kingdom
34Naoki Tani31:44.23 [17:14.02]video, postJapan
35Shivam Bansal32:02.00 [17:11.00]postIndia
36Matthew Sheerin32:06.17 [19:04.38]-United Kingdom
37Dylan Swarts32:29.36 [16:47.57]video, postSouth Africa
38Nikita Ovsyannikov33:12.01 [17:30.17]postRussia
39Justin Kelm33:19.11 [17:40.29]-United States
40Evan Brown33:23.56 [20:16.00]-United States
41Ben Ridley33:40.11 [15:36.83]video, postUnited Kingdom
42Kevin Matthews37:16.43 [19:30.00]video, postCanada
43Oliver Wheat38:13.74 [21:18.67]video, postUnited Kingdom
44Shantanu Modak39:22.00postSingapore
45Daniel Sheppard39:42.06 [19:42.69]-United Kingdom
46Lorenzo Mauro40:16.48 [25:36.21]video, postItaly
47Qirun Zhong40:33.46 [24:00.00]videoChina
48Janne Lehtimäki42:01.04 [21:25.11]-Finland
49Carter Kucala44:08.00 [30:02.00]video, postUnited States
50Naoto Shinagawa44:54.16postJapan
51Sydney Weaver48:01.52 [24:54.00]videoUnited States
52Sukesh Kumar49:25.19 [25:35.64]postIndia
53Dennis Strehlau49:33.00 [30:00.00]videoGermany
54Ryan Eckersley49:56.29 [34:10.00]video, postUnited Kingdom
55Brandon Mikel49:59.66 [22:13.00]videoUnited States
56Corey Sakowski50:36.93 [28:00.00]-United States
57Takayuki Tanaka54:22.38 [30:32.00]postJapan
58Raymond Goslow56:31.30-United States
59Wilfrid Py1:02:26.00 [30:30.00]postFrance
60Nick Vu1:04:05.43-United States
61Yikang Xie1:05:59.38 [32:31.00]video, postChina
62Dan Sarnelli1:10:14.06 [47:54.00]videoUnited States
63Brock Hamann1:11:11.98 [50:50.00]videoAustralia
64James Molloy1:12:54.00-United Kingdom
65Alex Boyle1:14:17.00 [37:28.00]video, postAustralia
66Syougo Kamo1:14:41.00 [36:52.00]postJapan
67Gianluca Placenti1:27:51.95videoItaly
68Qun Feng Tan1:29:00.00 [46:00.00]video, postMalaysia
69Bradley Sampson1:29:52.50 [1:00:24.00]video, postUnited States
70Cyril Barigand1:35:07.00 [1:13:50.00]-Belgium
71Sean Hartman1:35:26.59 [1:11:46.00]video, postUnited States
72Emanuel Rheinert1:40:00.00 [1:10:00.00]-Germany
73Shunsuke Wada1:46:42.43postJapan
74Bill Hammill1:56:45.00 [1:26.00]video, postUnited Kingdom
75Michael Azarenko2:10:00.00 [1:14:00.00]videoRussia
76Istvan Kocza2:26:19.00 [1:45:48.00]-Hungary
77Marcio SouzaUnknownvideoBrazil
77Phil Elliott Jr.UnknownvideoUnited States

7x7x7 blindfolded ranking
#NameTime [memo]LinksCountry
1Graham Siggins11:34.71 [6:57.75]video, postUnited States
2Tom Nelson14:59.74 [6:52.16]video, postNew Zealand
3Roman Strakhov15:36.53 [7:05.15]video, postRussia
4Cale Schoon19:00.36 [10:20.00]video, postUnited States
5Enoch Gray19:28.69 [10:27.00]video, postUnited States
6William Phommaha31:00.08 [14:17.81]postFrance
7Arrik Leman31:12.40 [14:37.58]-United States
8Nevins Chan Pak Hoong32:28.32 [20:39.91]postMalaysia
9Oleg Gritsenko32:53.42 [17:32.00]videoRussia
10Oliver Frost33:29.08 [17:36.00]videoUnited Kingdom
11Mike Hughey33:42.81 [18:35.64]postUnited States
12Yuki Yamamoto34:05.57postJapan
13Gregory Alekseev35:02.73 [19:34.31]video, postRussia
14DongJae Lee35:50.87 [17:59.37]video, postKorea, Republic of
15Rodson Lingad43:14.41 [25:54.43]postPhilippines
16Victor Tang Yao Jun43:59.00 [18:40.00]video, postHong Kong
17Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar45:32.76 [25:50.00]videoIndia
18Ville Seppanen46:16.27 [20:19.78]-Finland
19Mats Bergsten50:37.00 [31:06.00]postSweden
20Hanns Hub50:51.22 [27:22.27]video, postGermany
21Phil Elliott Jr.54:00.00 [28:00.00]videoUnited States
21Matteo Chancerel54:00.00 [26:00.00]postFrance
23Takayuki Tanaka58:10.16 [35:01.00]video, postJapan
24Chris Hardwick1:00:14.63 [33:00.00]-United States
25Kevin Matthews1:00:39.50 [30:44.00]video, postCanada
26Daniel Sheppard1:01:29.00-United Kingdom
27Shivam Bansal1:03:30.00 [38:44.00]postIndia
28Yikang Xie1:03:36.00 [29:50.00]postChina
29Liliya Kamaltdinova1:05:59.14 [42:43.21]videoRussia
30Brandon Mikel1:06:53.75 [35:45.00]videoUnited States
31Witali Bułatow1:12:10.05 [35:38.67]videoPoland
32Michael Azarenko1:29:30.00 [47:20.00]videoRussia
33Andrey Ivanov1:31:16.66 [40:00.00]-Russia
34Alex Boyle1:34:53.00 [45:58.00]video, postAustralia
35Jae Hyun Jeong1:45:25.00 [58:41.00]video, postKorea, Republic of
36Evan Brown1:54:17.80 [1:14:32.65]videoUnited States
37Syougo Kamo1:56:07.41 [56:35.00]postJapan
38Bryson Azzopardi2:26:01.00videoAustralia
39Qun Feng Tan2:35:00.00 [1:36:00.00]video, postMalaysia
40Zane Carney2:46:40.00 [1:35:00.00]-Australia
41Lucas Wesche2:54:00.00 [2:00:00.00]-Germany
42Wilfrid Py3:11:15.00 [1:36:00.00]video, postFrance
43Istvan Kocza3:43:39.00 [2:30:28.00]-Hungary
44John Carter4:17:00.00 [3:30:00.00]video, postUnited Kingdom
45Linus Engberg5:38:00.00 [5:00:00.00]videoSweden
46Jan Bentlage48:40:00.00 [48:00:00.00]-Germany
47Ben Whitmore240:56:43.92 [240:00:00.00]videoUnited Kingdom
48Dan SarnelliUnknownvideoUnited States
48Marcio SouzaUnknownvideoBrazil

8x8x8 blindfolded ranking
#NameTime [memo]LinksCountry
1Graham Siggins31:51.31 [14:55.78]video, postUnited States
2Cale Schoon38:15.75 [19:36.00]video, postUnited States
3Enoch Gray45:08.16 [19:08.00]video, postUnited States
4Roman Strakhov52:29.24 [24:27.00]videoRussia
5Mike Hughey1:17:38.25 [40:10.00]videoUnited States
6Michael Azarenko1:33:05.00 [44:10.00]videoRussia
7Hanns Hub1:54:38.20 [1:06:15.00]video, postGermany
8Oleg Gritsenko2:08:51.00 [59:22.00]videoRussia
9John Carter5:15:00.00 [4:00:00.00]video, postUnited Kingdom
10Wilfrid Py5:15:30.00 [2:37:20.00]video, postFrance

9x9x9 blindfolded ranking
#NameTime [memo]LinksCountry
1Graham Siggins44:09.89 [23:42.92]video, postUnited States
2Enoch Gray1:02:07.04 [31:03.00]video, postUnited States
3Cale Schoon1:19:46.66 [37:02.00]video, postUnited States
4Roman Strakhov1:45:19.61 [51:28.62]video, postRussia
5Michael Azarenko2:10:19.00 [1:14:47.00]video, postRussia
6Matteo Chancerel2:41:00.00 [1:24:00.00]video, postFrance
7John Carter6:42:00.00 [5:00:00.00]video, postUnited Kingdom

Megaminx blindfolded ranking
#NameTime [memo]LinksCountry
1Enoch Gray7:22.31 [3:23.00]video, postUnited States
2Hanns Hub13:55.95 [6:30.00]video, postGermany
3Seungju Choi15:41.41 [8:29.94]video, postKorea, Republic of
4Liliya Kamaltdinova16:17.01 [8:55.18]video, postRussia
5Matthew Sheerin17:50.07 [10:29.13]videoUnited Kingdom
6Graham Siggins18:53.59 [11:09.09]video, postUnited States
7Tomoyuki Hiraide19:19.07 [10:03.00]video, postJapan
8Istvan Kocza22:45.96 [12:38.00]-Hungary
9Mike Hughey24:20.70 [12:35.00]-United States
10Ryosuke Mondo24:38.56 [16:00.00]videoJapan
11Tommy Cherry29:59.21 [14:50.11]video, postUnited States
12Samuele Gulino35:10.00 [21:38.00]video, postItaly
13Emma Cadet36:15.24 [17:12.74]postFrance
14Cale Schoon36:27.00 [25:18.00]video, postUnited States
15Grzegorz Jałocha36:37.62 [18:08.00]videoPoland
16Mats Bergsten44:15.60 [28:18.00]videoSweden
17Roman Strakhov45:29.81 [24:52.62]video, postRussia
18Ahmed Hesham53:12.44 [28:21.14]-Egypt
19Yikang Xie53:43.00 [21:00.00]video, postChina
20Arrik Leman54:51.29 [33:00.00]-United States
21Oliver Grace57:51.77 [30:51.49]video, postIreland
22Qun Feng Tan58:00.00 [29:00.00]video, postMalaysia
23Christopher Brownlee1:02:28.01-United States
24James Storey1:21:24.54 [41:29.43]video, postCanada
25Dan Sarnelli1:30:00.32 [56:20.00]videoUnited States
26DongJae Lee1:45:54.76 [1:07:46.00]video, postKorea, Republic of
27Stefan Pochmann5:13:00.00-Germany

Hardcore BLD Rankings
EventNameTime [memo]LinksCountry
11x11x11 blindfoldedEnoch Gray2:35:45.57 [1:13:45.00]video, postUnited States
Kilominx-Gigaminx relayEnoch Gray2:37:58.15 [1:28:30.00]video, postUnited States
10x10x10 blindfoldedEnoch Gray1:32:28.89 [44:50.00]video, postUnited States
gigaminxEnoch Gray1:09:48.42 [36:15.00]video, postUnited States
gigaminxHanns Hub7:35:00.00 [6:03:21.00]video, postGermany
2-8 relayCale Schoon2:20:16.00video, postUnited States
square-1 MBLD 10/10Mike Hughey1:30:24.54 [54:12.00]video, postUnited States
master kilominxEnoch Gray46:15.65 [23:43.00]video, postUnited States
master kilominxHanns Hub2:13:21.50 [1:20:55.00]video, postGermany
2-7 relayGraham Siggins40:29.61 [26:29.68]video, postUnited States
2-7 relayCale Schoon51:43.49 [30:43.00]video, postUnited States
2-7 relayEnoch Gray57:11.28 [31:53.00]video, postUnited States
2-7 relayYuki Yamamoto1:32:27.47 [53:24.00]video, postJapan
2-7 relayDongJae Lee1:38:34.00 [59:15.00]video, postKorea, Republic of
2-7 relayRoman Strakhov2:26:01.99 [1:50:00.00]video, postRussia
2-7 relaySyougo Kamo3:54:27.00 [2:24:54.00]postJapan
Mini GuildfordEnoch Gray54:58.28 [32:16.00]video, postUnited States
pyraminx crystalEnoch Gray18:47.50 [6:58.00]video, postUnited States
pyraminx crystalHanns Hub28:42.95 [12:05.00]video, postGermany
pyraminx crystalIstvan Kocza39:42.19 [19:24.00]postHungary
pyraminx crystalYikang Xie57:03.01 [17:07.00]video, postChina
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Jul 12, 2012
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I believe Dan Sarnelli has an 8BLD? Sorry if I butchered the spelling of his name.
Sent from my MT11i using Tapatalk 2
Apr 23, 2010
Scotland, UK
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must do 7BLD...must do 7BLD...

You can borrow one at a comp and try? I have a spare white V7 you can borrow at Cambridge and give back to me next time we meet, a black SS8 if you want to try 8BLD, and a black SS7 you can borrow for the weekend.

Once exams finish (my last one is tomorrow) I'll be trying to get my name on these lists.


Premium Member
Apr 5, 2006
Orlando, Florida
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I can't wait for Roman Strakhov to finally do the 9BLD, he's damn close.

I am also very excited for this! Is Mike attempting this also? I remember a debate about this a while ago (knockoffs and such) and I don't know the current status of this as I've been out of the loop for a while. Hopefully I'm not sparking up a flame war in this thread, I'm just curious.


Forever Slow
Feb 6, 2010
Vlaams-Brabant (Belgium)
This thread makes me want to try 6BLD.

I bought it quite some time ago (with 4x4 and 5x5) especially for BLD solving but have never used it.
Just tried some center comms on it and I learned this will be a huge endeavour.

I think it will take a while before I get used to all these different types of centers. Just trying to spot where they need to go makes my brain hurt.

Challenge accepted :)


Feb 3, 2011
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Why don't they make 6,7,8,9 BLD official events?

Look at the list! There are around 20 people in the world, who solved a 6x6x6 blindfolded. It doesn't make sence to add a new event, if there are this less competitors.
Other reasons: the solves take much longer than any other events and the success rates are terrible.

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