1. IBACubing

    TheARBPerm: 5 Worst Things About Cubing

    This is a funny video I made on the 5 worst parts of cubing. My favroute one is about people buying you rubiks brands. Oh well have a look and pls Sub60cribe!
  2. CriticalCubing

    Some solves with the Aolong GT

    Here are some solves that I got on cam using the Aolong GT. All done in one single session.
  3. A

    Will dyeing a cube black ruin its performance?

    I have an amazing Aolong V2 that has silky smooth turning, a light crispy feel, and turns REALLY fast. Annoyingly though, when I got it I had to get it in white, because black was out of stock. For reference to what my cube is like, see this video of Drew Bradds using his Aolong V2, mine is...
  4. Dyys

    Bring Back the Aolong Version 1!

    Hello everyone, I just created a petition to get Moyu to bring the aolong back into mass production. After all, feliks never used the v2 and the two versions are completely different. The demand still seems to be high for these cubes. Here's the link for those interested...
  5. slinky773

    [Unofficial] 11.616 3x3 Ao5

    I've been getting better.
  6. I

    MoYu HuaLong vs. MoYu AoLong v2

    Hello I am looking for a new speed cube I have been wanting a new Moyu for a while now but which is better? I noticed that Moyu released a new cube the HuaLong and almost every one has liked it but is it better than the Aolong v2?!?! Answer thoes questions and with it put the lube that...
  7. natezach728

    [Official] 9.55 3x3 Average (OCPM 2015)

    Counting times were all 9.5 <3
  8. natezach728

    [Unofficial] 5.868 3x3 Single (OLL skip)

    Really want to know the TPS of the J perm. Idk how to count them though :/
  9. DarioRubik

    [Spanish NR] 7.61 3x3 average + 6.58 Single - Dario Roa

    Finally got a sub-8 average in comp! Also, in the last three solves I zommed in slightly and then added the timer on the top. Tell me if you like it better than leaving it as is (just like the first two solves). Got the single in the first round too (though this can easily be...
  10. natezach728

    [Unofficial] 8.965 3x3 avg12

    PB Weilong v1
  11. rjcaste

    Moyu Aolong Center Cap Popping

    I've had a new Moyu Aolong since Christmas and the center caps are starting to pop whenever I turn too fast. It's pretty annoying. All I've done to the cube is lube and tension. This issue commonly occured with my Moyu Weilong I had previous to this cube, and started to happen about a month or 2...
  12. D

    My Moyu AoLong is very slow

    Hi, a week ago i got a AoLong, i have watched a lot of reviews on the AoLong and so i thing i'm doing something wrong. Its a AoLong v2 new Version (so the new Plastic that shut be faster then the old v2). I did a few hundred solves, lubed it with silicon spay (same i used on all my other...
  13. P

    Is there any online store that still sells the Aolong V1?

    I really want to get it and I can't find any store that sells it still. I don't want the mini version and also I did look into lubixcube's site, but their shipping costs just as much as the Aolong itself so I really don't want to spend that much on a cube.
  14. natezach728

    [Unofficial] 3x3 : 6.09 Single

    Sorry for bad quality :P
  15. MrMan

    Aolong center cap issue

    Hello, I had quite some center cap pops recently on my Aolong V2, has anyone noticed it? And have someone a solution for it ?
  16. AmazingCuber

    MoYu AoLong v2 [new batch/enhanced] Review

    MoYu has released a new flagship 3x3 – the new batch MoYu AoLong v2. It has a new plastic and should supposedly fix the problems of the v1, while avoiding the issuers of the original v2. Let's look beneath all the version numbers and uncover what this new model really has to offer. Hint: it's...
  17. plusCubed

    MoYu 2x2-4x4 Unboxing: LingPo, AoLong, AoSu

    Unboxing of MoYu's latest 2x2-4x4 lineup. It's been a few days since filming that, and so far I'm loving the cubes, especially the AoSu. All feedback is appreciated!
  18. DarioRubik

    [Unofficial] 7.58 3x3 ao5

    My best average on tape so far. Hope you guys enjoy this one!
  19. Sridollaz

    [Review] Moyu Aolong 3x3x3 - Version 1

    This thread is for reviews of the Moyu Aolong. You can vote in the poll above, but please only vote if you own this particular puzzle. When posting your review, please follow a template similar to this: Where the puzzle was purchased: When the puzzle was purchased: Thoughts on the puzzle...
  20. Michael Womack

    Moyu Weilong v3? Moyu AoLong

    I found this pic on facebook today. IDK on the info about it other than the pic. This cube reminds me of the AoSu. If anyone else has more info about this 3x3 feel free to say it.