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Will dyeing a cube black ruin its performance?


Aug 9, 2015
I have an amazing Aolong V2 that has silky smooth turning, a light crispy feel, and turns REALLY fast. Annoyingly though, when I got it I had to get it in white, because black was out of stock.

For reference to what my cube is like, see this video of Drew Bradds using his Aolong V2, mine is just like his: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amv6YoPH8wI

I bought 2 black Aolong V2s afterwards, one after the other, and both had stupidly hard plastic, the pieces felt hollow like a Weilong, and they had a horrible grindy crunchy feel. Either I'm just unlucky, Moyu makes really inconsistent cubes, or they have changed the way that Aolong V2s are made.
My only option left is to stain my white Aolong V2 black, but I am worried this will ruin it, because I have seen a video of CrazyBadCuber staining a stickerless zanchi black, and it altered the performance and feel of it.
I am worried that staining the plastic black will ruin my white Aolong V2

Does anyone know a method of dyeing a cube that is proven to not alter the feel or performance?

If so, PLEASE share it with me, it would be greatly appreciated




Jan 9, 2011
I agree with forcefulness, but if you really did want to I guess you could test it on some similar plastic pieces and see the change in friction. It depends on what type of dye you use.