1. dracine

    Long Overdue Update for Dan's Cubing Cheat Sheet App! => New Offline Experience & Print Stylesheets (to PDF) LATEST UPDATE Long overdue update! The site popularity is growing, and many of you shared meaningful feedback in the last 2 years. Thank you for your continuous engagement and sharing areas of improvements that matters to you. Let's take a look at the latest...
  2. HugaCuba

    SkewbSkills: offline Tool to practice Skewb L2L Algs and First Layer

    For those of you that are interested in practicing the first layer on skewb or learning / drilling NS or Advanced algs for the last two layers, I created an offline tool (.exe) to help with that: SkewbSkills. It features a timer and you can select whatever types of algs you want to practice, or...
  3. B

    Megaminx Alg Sets

    Out of curiosity I was thinking about if megaminx had a bunch of alg sets like 3x3x3 since they are relatively similar to solve. During my research I could only find full oll almost full pll(still in progress) ell and cll for 3 cycle corners. Why has megaminx not developed a bunch like 3x3x3...
  4. C

    Does this OLL 4x4 method exist

    Some days ago I found a shourcut in a 4x4 OLL. The alg is simple:Rw U2 Rw' Lw' U2 Lw Rw U2 Rw2 U2 Rw2 F2 Rw. I found out that a simmilar method exists for when you have parity, but my question is: does this method completly exist? A new way of doing 4x4 OLL. I know sunes will stay sunes, but dot...
  5. jranthony98

    App Development

    I am currently developing an all around solving algorithmic app. I find that there is no single app with all know algorithms, and all methods easily accessible. I was wondering if anyone would like to contribute possible app names, art, and other ideas.
  6. Calode


    I feel like there's a trigger that hasn't gotten much love: R U R' F'. This trigger can be done fairly fast. Because of that, decided to play around with it, a lot. What I've found quite a few cool algs that can be done by conjugating stuff with this trigger which I'll be calling "yay" and it's...
  7. KenBrace

    Learning Full ZBLL - My Journey

    Folks, I have decided to embark on possibly the most difficult speed cubing accomplishment out there. I'm going to learn full ZBLL. My goal is to learn at least one algorithm per day on average. At this rate it'll take me 1 - 2 years to learn the whole bit. I've got 493 algorithms...
  8. C

    How do Rubik's Cube algorithms work?

    Solving the first two layers of a Rubik's Cube is very intuitive. One can watch the algorithms in action and see exactly why they work. However, when using known algorithms to solve the third layer of a Rubik's Cube, they seem to just work by magic, with no explanation. Is there a way to explain...
  9. W

    Sune timer (Android) -- Major Update

    Hey everyone, Two years ago - I launched Sune timer right here on forums. Throwback to that: Since then, I've become a significantly better programmer. This...
  10. Parity Case

    New PLL guide, with algorithms and performance notes for all 84 angles

    Last night, I finished putting together a downloadable PLL guide, with algorithms and performance notes for all 84 angles. It's a PDF containing internal hyperlinks for nonlinear use. The algs I curated are a combination of: (a) algs I've come up with, either on my own or by using Cube...
  11. molarmanful

    COLL's that I found by hand

    Yes, I have done it! I have found every non-Sune/antiSune COLL by hand, with no computer! I have the algorithms here. I also have included my recognition method, which I also figured out myself. Enjoy! I will include access to playback soon.
  12. S

    3 color 3x3x3 algorithm thread

    the 3 color 3x3x3 that has yellow opposite yellow, red opposite red, blue opposite blue can be solved using a different set of algorithms. I did not find a thread for this so I made one. there are 4 of each edge. there are 3 unique edge color combinations. there are 4 of each corner piece. there...
  13. C

    Fan Pyraminx algorithms?

    Please help me find the Fan Pyraminx algorithms. I can not find them anywhere. Google searches won't help me. PLEEAAASSSEEE
  14. JonathanH

    1LLL/OLLCP-EP algorithms

    1LLL/OLLCPEP algorithms Lately I've been generating a lot of algorithms, not so much for practical use, but rather just for the fun of it. I decided with Robert Yau to generate the whole LL-set for a bad OLLCP case (12 algs) mainly because I was bored and had winter break. This was...
  15. J

    How does one figure out how to solve a puzzle?

    I am new to cubing in general. Most of the cubes I own solve like a 3 x 3 or something pretty similar. The only cube I have that has a fairly different structure is the Skewb. I did use a tutorial to start solving the 3 x 3 puzzles. After that, I started making my own algorithms in the form of...
  16. J

    Megaminx last layer help needed!

    Alright, here's the situation. I have solved the entire puzzle, save the last row of the upper faces. All my corner/edge pairs are made and the top face is complete, as well. If the picture attached correctly, then you see what I'm talking about. As you can see, one pair is correctly aligned and...
  17. J

    New Cuber

    Hey Guys! I'm a new cuber and currently learning CFOP. Any advice to learn all of the algorithms or oll and pll? Also I'm looking to get a new 3x3 cube what should I get with a pb of 40 sec? Thanks!
  18. R

    U perm as a commutator/conjugate

    Hi all, as a maths lover I recently picked up the Rubik's cube and thoroughly enjoyed the online teachings and maths surrounding the puzzle. I've been writing down the beginner's algorithms as commutators/conjugates for interest sake and to aid my memory. However the U perm anti clockwise ->...
  19. thatboyahcubah

    How many algorithms can you memorize effectively per day?

    So, I'm not sure if there's a post about this yet (searched but didn't find), if there is, apologies, but how many algorithms can you personally memorize per day? And retain the algs. If you're wondering why I'm asking, I've decided to choose to choose "a fate worse than death" and begin...