1. C

    Fan Pyraminx algorithms?

    Please help me find the Fan Pyraminx algorithms. I can not find them anywhere. Google searches won't help me. PLEEAAASSSEEE
  2. JonathanH

    1LLL/OLLCP-EP algorithms

    1LLL/OLLCPEP algorithms Lately I've been generating a lot of algorithms, not so much for practical use, but rather just for the fun of it. I decided with Robert Yau to generate the whole LL-set for a bad OLLCP case (12 algs) mainly because I was bored and had winter break. This was...
  3. J

    How does one figure out how to solve a puzzle?

    I am new to cubing in general. Most of the cubes I own solve like a 3 x 3 or something pretty similar. The only cube I have that has a fairly different structure is the Skewb. I did use a tutorial to start solving the 3 x 3 puzzles. After that, I started making my own algorithms in the form of...
  4. J

    Megaminx last layer help needed!

    Alright, here's the situation. I have solved the entire puzzle, save the last row of the upper faces. All my corner/edge pairs are made and the top face is complete, as well. If the picture attached correctly, then you see what I'm talking about. As you can see, one pair is correctly aligned and...
  5. J

    New Cuber

    Hey Guys! I'm a new cuber and currently learning CFOP. Any advice to learn all of the algorithms or oll and pll? Also I'm looking to get a new 3x3 cube what should I get with a pb of 40 sec? Thanks!
  6. R

    U perm as a commutator/conjugate

    Hi all, as a maths lover I recently picked up the Rubik's cube and thoroughly enjoyed the online teachings and maths surrounding the puzzle. I've been writing down the beginner's algorithms as commutators/conjugates for interest sake and to aid my memory. However the U perm anti clockwise ->...
  7. thatboyahcubah

    How many algorithms can you memorize effectively per day?

    So, I'm not sure if there's a post about this yet (searched but didn't find), if there is, apologies, but how many algorithms can you personally memorize per day? And retain the algs. If you're wondering why I'm asking, I've decided to choose to choose "a fate worse than death" and begin...
  8. antoineccantin

    Antoine Cantin's cubing site (OH algs, 2GLL and more) My site has been up for a while, but today I made some changes, added some stuff and decided to finally officially announce it. The notable feature is a small alg database including: OH PLL 2 look OH OLL Full OH OLL OH COLL Feet PLL OH and 2H...
  9. M

    What to Learn after full OLL?

    Alright so I'm finishing up with the oll algs so now I don't know what to spend my time on (besides the obvious f2l improvement) anyway I know full OLL and PLL and I'm color neutral so I'm just wondering whats the most important thing right now. P.S I average 18-20 if that helps at all...
  10. ThomasJE

    4LLL Tutorial

    Hi, Back about one year ago, I learned 4LLL. But there wasn't a guide that could tell me what to do; just the algs. So, I decided that I would make a tutorial that would help others like me to take a step towards improving their times. And what a coincidence it's Christmas today :D So...
  11. K

    Request - Fridrich Setup Algorithms

    Sorry if this question has been answered already, but I have searched all over the forums, wiki and popular cubing websites. I want to learn Fridrich F2L, OLL and PLL algorithmically. But, to practice each algorithm, I need the setup formulae for each of the cases. Dan's cubestation had them...
  12. luhdi

    Original PLL video: algorithms and fingertricks

    With this video You can choose which PLL you want to see just by clicking on it. When you are on the video of one PLL you can click on "back to the Homepage" to watch other PLLs. If you want to see it directly on youtube :
  13. G

    Do we have a List of 3x3x3 (Programming) Algorithms?

    Hi I am not sure where to post this so I am posting it here. Do we have a list of 3x3x3 (programming) Algorithms. I explicitly cited 'Programming' because this could be easily misunderstood as a collection of 3x3x3 move notations. For example, sorting has different algorithms. We do have bubble...
  14. brandbest1

    [video] Square-1 Walkthrough Solves

  15. Aaronus23

    [Help Thread] ZBLL discussion

    I'm trying to lear ZBLL but the recog is just terrible... and I'm not sure if the alg database is really a good place for learning ZBLL algs. Sugestions?
  16. C

    Rubik's cube F2L solver

    Here is my lastest program. It is a Rubik's cube program that solves the first two layers using the F2L method. You can turn the cube in 3D and move faces using F, U, L, B, D, R, with Shift and Alt. Also you can use M, E, S for slice moves, and x,y,z to rotate the cube with the keyboard...
  17. brandbest1

    [video] Square-1 Edge Permutation Tutorial

  18. ThomasJE

    2x2x2 Algorithms

    I'm not sure whether this belongs in the OAQT or another sub-forum, so mods feel free to move this. I currently use the Y perm for the adjacent corner swap (UFR + UBL) PLL for Ortega. So, I decided to find the optimal alg(s) for this case using this alg generator. Turns out the optimal number...
  19. zzomtceo

    Challenge: What does this algorithm mean?

  20. AbstractAlg

    TuRBo through commutators (corners)

    TuRBo through commutators.xls (ms office excel table uploaded on mediafire) For all the people who would like not just to learn TuRBo algorithms, but understand their commutator foundations. Table has these columns: sticker cycle, algorithm, form of commutator, comment, type of...