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SkewbSkills: offline / online Tool to practice Skewb L2L Algs and First Layer


Aug 30, 2014
Morbach, Germany
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For those of you that are interested in practicing the first layer on skewb or learning / drilling NS or Advanced algs for the last two layers, I created an offline tool (.exe) to help with that: SkewbSkills. It features a timer and you can select whatever types of algs you want to practice, or how many moves the scramble for the first layer shall consist of. You can also check / uncheck whether you want to become colour neutral and work on every colour (and not only on white, for example).


I'm a complete beginner in programming, and my experiences with other platforms than windows are close to zero. Therefore, the only way to use it is by unzipping the folder and starting the .exe (no problem on windows, but of course you need some third-party application on other platforms). But the code and every file is publicly available, so if you want to use the program anywhere else than on windows, using a python interpreter is another option. You can download the repository here.

For those of you that only want to download the program with its files, simply grab your latest version here. This page also gives instructions on how to use your own scramble sequences for the alg trainer, how to use the application and how to update to the latest version.

If you have further questions, want to request a feature, or give some python / pyqt advice, this would be very helpful.

Best regards and happy skewb practice,
HugaCuba (Annika Stein)

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