Skewb (puzzle type)

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Mefferts skewb.jpg
Skewb into a solved position
Alternative names: Pyraminx Cube
Shape: Cube
Internal Mechanism: Pyraminx
Inventor: Tony Durham
Produced by: Mèffert
Twisty Puzzles museum link: PKEY658
Jaap's puzzle page link: skewb

The Skewb (originally named the Pyraminx Cube) is a twistable puzzle in the shape of a cube that is cut diagonally 2 times along each of 4 axes. It is a cube-shaped puzzle. It consists of 6 center pieces and 8 corner pieces (four of which are attached to the central core). Unlike the Rubik's cube, which turns around faces, the Skewb turns around axes that go through its corners. It is a deep-cut puzzle - ie. each cut goes through the absolute center of the puzzle, and exactly half of the puzzle changes with each turn.

This puzzle was originally called the Pyraminx Cube by Uwe Meffert, but Douglas Hofstadter suggested the name "Skewb", and it has been called that ever since.

Skewb states

Scrambled skewb state

Previous step

  • Scrambling from solved skewb state

Next steps

  • Solve the first layer to have the First layer skewb state.
  • Solve the first face to have the First face skewb state.
  • Create a Petrus Block to have the Petrus Block skewb state.
  • Match one center with one corner to have the 1 center + 1 adjacent corner skewb state.
  • Permute 1st layer corners next to have the 1 center + 4 permuted adjacent corners skewb state.
  • Match 1 center and 2 adjacent corners to have the 1 Roux Block skewb state.
  • Create a Petrus block (2 corners and 2 centers between them) to have the Petrus block skewb state.
  • Solve the 3 top corners to have the 3 top corners skewb state.
  • Solve as a Pyraminx to have the Pyraminx solved skewb state.
  • Use the god's algorithm (R r' R' r x2 R r' R' r) to have the Solved skewb state.

Solved skewb state

The solved skewb state is when all the corner pieces and center pieces are correctly oriented and permuted, which makes all sides have only one uniform color.

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