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WCA events ranked from most to least boring


Premium Member
Nov 15, 2019
16: Clock. Never tried, never will

Tried once, had no fun, probably will never try it again:
15: Pyraminx.
14: Skewb.
13: OH.
12: 2x2.

Tried once, had fun as a riddle to solve, but I don't find it appealing as a speed event
11: Square-1

Never tried, but I can see myself enjoying:
10: 5BLD. I can imagine it being very satisfying
9: 4BLD.
8: FMC. I like the concept so I might give it a shot at some point.
7: 7x7, 6x6: I see how they could be appealing but they are too time consuming to even solve them casually let alone do deliberate practice

Events I might try again
6: 5x5. I see the appeal but it's too big
5: 4x4. I see the appeal but parity
4: Megaminx. being a CFOP solver I really enjoy F2L, so Megaminx would be cool if not for the LL

Events I enjoy and practice:
3: Multi-BLD
2: 3BLD

The event:
1: 3x3


Jan 9, 2014
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17- 2x2, only 10kish possibilities, even less than 5-style edges, smh such a small set 2x2 has. Not worth it.
16- Square-1, I am really bad in fingertricking this puzzle.
15- Skewb, nice corner turning, but too less possibilities to get me interested.
14 - 7x7, cant do long sessions with this puzzle without getting tired.
13- 6x6 too many pieces, fear of misturning always there while turning even the flagship 6x6s.
12- Pyra, If master pyra was an event it would rank higher. Pyra has too less possibilities to interest me.
11 - Mega, cool event but really bad in fingertricking this puzzle.
10- Clock, no comments, hardware is good now though, can get tons of PRs once comps come back.
9- FMC, really nice event but seeing the single digit integer score is boring metric of evaluation.
8 - OH, Roux OH is super satisfying to do, I somehow keep improving in this event so I like it more
7- 4x4, cool puzzle fun to solve
6- 5x5, one of the fun sighted events that I like to do both casually and seriously.
5- 3BLD, fun event finishes quite fast though so gets too nervy. I prefer bigBLD and MBLD
4 - 3x3, this event ranks highly because I get to be method neutral in it. Also super easy to do an ao100 without getting tired.
3 - 4BLD ,Solid event, easier to turn a bit faster compared to 5BLD. Also 1-passing is easier, but I prefer 5BLD as I like ~23 letter quads memo chunk.
2- 5BLD ,5 piece types and 5 cool buffers to trace from. I like this event a lot. This event also has given me a few records.
1 - MBLD, Letter quads, UF5, full floating, one passing, full parity, nested mind palace. Lot of stuff to innovate in this event and super fun to improve on. Although I am not world class in this event, this event turns me on a lot.
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