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Upcoming puzzles

Jan 15, 2019
Hong Kong
New cubes from kungfu!

kungfu pyraminx

kungfu skewb
kungfu skewb

KungFu company produces budget puzzles. It turns out that they have very good, despite the fact that the company is not so popular. The cubes of this company almost always stand in the same row with the best budget and adequately keep on the market.


KungFu Skewb is a good budget skewb. Its interesting feature is the round grooves on the central elements, thanks to which you can confidently hold on to the sub-skull during assembly. The surface is made of matte colored plastic with a pleasant color scheme. This model is available only in colored plastic.

The internal structure of the puzzle at a decent level. It is very similar to the structures of high-end skewbs, so it turns very nicely. Since the model is budget, they decided not to do it with magnets. Nevertheless, as on any budget skewb, there are ball bearings that ensure the skewb to click in position.


kungfu pyraminx

KungFu is not the most popular company that does not have top models available. Nevertheless, they monitor the quality of their products and produce good budget.


Not so long ago came out a very good pyraminx for beginner speedcubers. This model does not take a lot of money from you, because it is in the lowest price point. As for their first pyraminx, it is quite good.

The features of the KungFu Pyraminx the not the most outstanding. It makes no sense to compare it with the top models. But still, it meets all the basic requirements for speed puzzles.

The structure of this pyramid is quite typical. On the inner sides of the elements there are tracks that reduce friction, making the puzzle faster and more suitable for speed cubing. In addition, as other budget pyraminx, there are ball bearings that ensure the skewb to click in position.


Above are the only 2 reviews about the new KungFu puzzles I have seen on the net.
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May 29, 2019
Just got the Valk 4 yesterday. Super smooth. Anyone have any idea when the QiYi Sail W will be out? Looks like a fun cube to try.
Feb 16, 2018
Thread starter #437
MoYu GuoGuan EDM (release in June).

reviews in Russian

and in English

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