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Apr 6, 2011
Iowa, USA
US Nationals 2016 to Be Held In Wanamingo, MN

The US Nationals 2016 organization team has announced that the US National Rubik's Cube Championship 2016 will be held in Wanamingo, Minnesota. The competition will be held July 29th-31st and will take place in the Kenyon-Wanamingo Elementary School cafeteria. All 18 WCA sanctioned events will be held at the competition. The Carrot has interviewed a US Nationals organizer in hopes to clear up the decision to choose such a seemingly remote competition venue.

"Last year we held US Nationals 2015 on an island, in a state that's never held a WCA competition, and where travel/hotel expenses were relatively high. I can assure you though that the assumption that we held it on Hilton Head Island, SC in an attempt to lower the number of competitors is totally untrue. This year, however; we are holding US Nationals in a town with a population of 1,086 according to the 2010 US Census. We are not only holding it here in an effort to reduce turn-out, but we physically can't hold more than 200 people inside of the Kenyon-Wanamingo cafeteria due to fire marshall code. We will be imposing a 75 competitor limit on US Nationals this year." - Kian Barry

The 75 competitor limit on US Nationals 2016 is quite unheard of. As a comparison, the World Championships 2015 had a 500 competitor limit and US Nationals 2015 had 449 competitors. The 75 competitor limit will not only cut down on 3x3 participants, but it could be likely that not all events will be held if there is not enough interest. The Carrot urges serious Rubik's Cube competitors to register early, as the competitor spots will soon fill up. Rumor has it that Ms. Sabrowsky's 4th grade class of Kenyon-Wanamingo has been practicing their Rubik's Cube skills and is likely to enter the entire 25 student class into the competition.

Some speedcubers are doubting the legitimacy of the announcement of US Nationals 2016 due to possibly misleading clues towards the location. Kian Barry, US Nationals Organizer and The Carrot interviewee posted 7 clues as to where the location will be held. The clues were:

Clue #1 (12/17) - Nationals will be hosted in the contiguous United States. No McMurdo Station... this year.

Clue #2 (12/18) - US Nationals 2016 will not be held in a state capital.

Clue #3 (12/19) - US Nationals 2016 will be held in a state that was admitted to the US in the 19th century.

Clue #4 (12/20) - US Nationals 2016 will be held in a city that is home to at least one Big Four (NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL) team.

Clue #5 (12/21) - US Nationals 2016 will be held in a city that has held at least one tournament in 2015.

Clue #6 (12/22) - US Nationals 2016 will not share a city with any version of Shamu.

Clue #7 (12/22) - US Nationals 2016 will be held in a state that hasn't hosted US Nationals before.

Reading this, all roads may lead to Minnesota, but not to the home of the Kenyon-Wanamingo Knights. It just so happens that at this time Wanamingo does not have a Big Four sports team or has held a tournament in 2015. The Carrot went undercover in the land of 10,000 lakes and came up with some answers. According to the Wanamingo Messenger there have been talks of obtaining an NHL Hockey team called the Wanamingo Walkers. The team hopes to become admitted to the NHL on July 28th, 2016, just one day before the US National competition. This knowledge renders the little charm of Goodhue county acceptable as a venue under Kian's first four clues.

Wanamingo may be the next home of a Big Four team, but there has not been a WCA competition there in 2015...yet! Speaking to veteran Minnesota organizer Walker Welch, there are plans to host an FMC mean of 3 competition on December 31st, 2015. The competition has not been announced on the WCA website at this time. This clearly violates 8a4 of the regulations which states that a competition must "Be announced on the WCA website at least two weeks before the beginning of the competition." Walker's reasoning for announcing the competition so late was to deter Walker's FMC rival, Ryan DeLine, from attending the tournament. "Ryan is obviously a better FMCer and I can't let him beat me like he did at Minnesota Cube Melt 2015.", said Walker. The WCA Board has given the FMC only competition the green-light in efforts to have a successful practice competition in Wanamingo before US Nationals 2016 next summer.

The writers here at The Carrot wish all 75 competitors of US Nationals 2016 good luck and congratulations on all your upcoming achievements. We look forward to seeing you at JB's Tavern after the awards ceremony.
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Dec 20, 2016
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I know it's been over two years but I don't see a problem with bumping this.

15th anniversary events list update

As we come close to celebrating the 15th anniversary of the WCA, we have come to notice a slight problem that may have escaped your attention. It involves 3 WCA events, 2x2, pyraminx and skewb, not the fact that they are too easy and can be solved too quickly but something more obscure.

All three events share one thing in common, they all have less than 4,000,000 combinations (excluding pyraminx tips) Last year there were 3000 different scrambles used for each of those events amd this adds up over the years as over 20,000 different scrambles have been used for each event. There is a quickly growing likelyhood that scrambles will be repeated and that may mean people with very good memories remember the solution from last time.

after analysis of all tnoodle scrambles for each of the events, it has been discovered that this has already happened, for pyraminx twice in 2009/2017 and 2013/2016, for 2x2 once in 2014/2018 and worryingly in skewb as well in the same year (2017).

In order to prevent the same Cuber getting a repeat scramble, 2x2, pyraminx and skewb will no longer be recognised as WCA events as of 1st July 2018, we aologise to people who regularly compete in those events but it is necessary to prevent further problems arising. Suggestions are being taken for new events to replace them.