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Skyler Variation (SV)

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Mar 23, 2011
Berkeley CA
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I leave this discussion; for me, it's not worth learning the 180 cases.
I totally understand and that is I think this methods biggest downfall.

Not necessarily. I would say that learning OLLCP would actually be easier, because if you can recognise CP, then you can add them into your normall OLL solves slowly over time, which is less effort.
Also, I don't use hyperorientations for COLL recog. And edge permutation is irrelevant in COLL, since you do EPLL afterwards anyway.
I can actually recog COLL cases faster than some PLL cases and about half OLL cases.
Cool, I was thinking about regular COLL where you had to recog 42 different corner permutations plus 57 Edge/ corner orientations which is a lot of time and more difficult than just recognizing edge orientations.
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